This piece says that what one believes about reality determines how one experiences reality; it says that one’s belief system determines where one is at. We are always in one place, in God and his heaven and while there develop beliefs and our beliefs place us where we currently are; if we change our beliefs we find ourselves in other places and, ultimately, when we give up making beliefs we reawaken to where we always are while making beliefs and translating them to seeming realities, to dreams. We are always in God/heaven while dreaming that we are outside it.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

There are infinite universes. Where we currently are is one of those universes. Each universe is a belief system. Thus, there are infinite belief systems.
The individual goes to the universe whose belief system accords with his current beliefs about reality. When the individual thinks that he is dead all that happens is that he goes through a field of darkness and emerges in a field of light where he sees a world pretty much like the one we live at; he sees people, animals, trees, everything in our world except that their forms are made of pure light, not dense matter as is our bodies; he still feels as if he is in body and is his old self, his personality and all is still the same. While in that place of light his belief system, if you like, his wishes determines where next he goes. If he is addicted to earthly things, if he still wishes to experience himself in body and experience bodily things he, as it were, goes to sleep and is born on earth and experiences earth life without remembering his past lives and his brief sojourn in the place of light. He goes through life on earth and dies and returns to the place of light and if still fascinated by earth returns to earth.
Some people have gone through planet earth a thousand or more times; some come through a couple of times and have had enough of it and move to other realms of being, and to other universes.
While in each of the infinite universes everything in it seem real but like earth are just dream states. The individual’s dreams made each universe possible for him. His real self is pure light without form, light that is total intelligence.
Our true self is part of universal light that has no beginning and no end, a light that is everywhere. If you must describe that eternal light in earthly categories, then see it thus: each of us is a unit of that light (a particle of it). However, you must be very careful in employing earthly categories in explaining heaven and God for our earth assumes separation, space, time and matter and energy. In heaven, in God there is no other person. There is only one self, God. That one self is all of us, literally. One God manifests in his infinite children; all the children are him, and he them. There is no space or gap indicating where God ends and his son and sons begin. All share one self and one mind.
Because there is only one self and one mind in God and heaven there are no other people to see; there are no seers and seen, no subject and object, no person that is not you for you to see him (there is no body, no forms so there is no such thing as male or female). God and his heaven is one; they are united.
Where things are united there is no conflict, hence heaven is perfect peace and joy; heaven is absolute bliss.
We find heaven’s sameness, equality and peacefulness boring and seek alternatives to it hence separate from it and visit one of the dream infinite universes to experience whatever particular life style it offers us. We are thrill seeking folks and go from one thrilling situation to another, from one universe to another and occasionally returning, albeit briefly, to our home: God/heaven (I call it unified spirit state).
Is this fiction or truth? I am not invested in getting your approval; I could care less whether you approve what I say or not. In fact, I dropped out of academia because I was not interested in getting my so-called peers approval; I left to go write what I know is the truth without adapting it to what my so-called peers would approve.
In so far that I need to proffer proof that what I said above is true then consider this experience I had when my mother died.
If a human being could be an angel my mother is it. I don’t think that she has any fault (and I am an extremely critical person; in childhood I posited ideal self and its ideal standards and use them to judge people and invariably find mere mortals not living up to my ideal standards; if my mother had any imperfection I would have been the first to observe it…my father is very critical; he is a replica of me, or better put, I am a replica of him). I did not ever see her raise her voice at any of her children or at any one. Her life was devoted to working hard and supporting folks. Our house at Lagos was literally a hotel where folks from our area (Owerri) come to stay, get fed, found a job for and move on to independent living. Throughout my growing up days there was never a time there were not, at least, three persons from our area living with us, being fed. They were helped to either go to school or go obtain some vocational skill and after a couple of years move out. All these were done freely. Mother gladly fed the folks and when father complained that his house is like a zoo mother would quietly tell him that we are here to help one another. Simply stated, she was an angel in human form.
When I was told that she died, I could not believe that that saintly woman is dead (the Catholic Church ought to immediately elevate her to sainthood, Saint Teresa of Owerri). I simply could not accept that mom is dead and for the first time in my life experienced what one might call clinical depression. I literally wanted to join her wherever she is. It is in this frame of mind that I had the following experience.
I was teaching at the University of Alaska, Anchorage but did not live in Anchorage itself. I lived many miles from the city. I was recently divorced and lived with my then girlfriend, Monika (her real name), a German. She knew that I was distressed by my mother’s death and was almost always around me to make sure that I was okay. One Sunday morning I was laying on a couch in my home office and Monika was sitting on a chair talking to me. I did not have much energy to engage her in conversation (she is a psychologist for the local school district and is extremely cerebral…no one can be around me who is not intellectual, is superior IQ type that can talk about most subjects with depth of knowledge). Monika went on and on talking about what psychologists talk about. She does mainly Intelligence testing of school kids so she was droning on and on about the reliability and validity of certain tests she administered students. I heard her go on and on but was not responding to her.
Suddenly, I felt totally quiet; my mind felt peaceful. The next thing that I know was that I was out of my body. I was up by the ceiling and looking down at my body on the couch and Monika talking away. I had never had (what I now know as out of body experience before). I looked up and saw total darkness. It was pitch black. At the top of that black field was a tiny point of light, not even the size of a pin’s head. I was fascinated by it. I decided to investigate it. I literally flew at a speed that I would consider faster than the speed of light. As I approached the light it became larger and larger, and just before I entered it I felt that someone was holding my hand (oh, yes, I still felt like I had my body and personality).
The person holding my hand (my mother) asked me whether I really want to come to their world; she told me that I have three children and must take good care of them as she and dad took care of us, that to abandon ones children is unacceptable to her. She did all the talking (in real life, mother seldom talked; she was a quiet woman who showed you what she thought by loving you rather than talking about love; here, it was not like she was opening her mouth and jabbering away; it was more like I was reading her mind and she was reading my mind; we knew what was in each other’s mind).
We entered the light and I saw people, animals, and trees just like in our world. They were in light forms. They were extremely beautiful, so beautiful that there is nothing on earth that you could compare them to. My father looked like he was about thirty five (even though he died at age eighty).
I reflected on mother telling me about not abandoning my children by staying in her new world and felt guilty staying where she was. The moment the desire to return to my children entered my mind I was immediately back into my earthly body. The thought produced my return to my physical body (our thinking determines what happens to us and where we are).
As I reawakened into my body I noticed that Monika was bent over me, shaking my body; she said that she thought that I had drifted off to sleep and wanted to arouse me; indeed, she said that at some point I was so calm that she felt that I was dead and was about to call 911 when life returned into my body (when I reentered it).
I told Monika what just transpired and being a skeptical atheist she said that I must have had an interesting dream. I was a bit offended by her comment and insisted that it was not a dream. She then said that perhaps I had taken some mind altering drugs that made a part of my brain to produce such an unusual dream. I have a tendency to anger, especially when I am doubted so I loudly reminded her that she is the one who smoked cigarettes, drank coffee and occasionally drank beer and that I did not smoke, drink coffee or tea, I did not drink alcohol and do not know what illicit drugs look like (during my undergraduate student days I lived in the dormitory and kids used to smoke marijuana and I tried it, may be twice and gave it up and since then have not seen it). Anyway, I vociferously told Monika that I resented her innuendos that drugs produced the vision. Finally she said: well, Zod, you need to make an appointment with a neurologist to see if you are developing brain tumor that could have produced such vivid dream. At that point I said: Monika I think it is better you left me alone to process my thought by myself, and she left. I got up and went to my computer and typed the episode (in detail, not in the abridged form I narrated above).
I had other OBE experiences. I had so many of what folks call spiritual experiences that at one point I decided that it was interfering with my work and made a decision to refocus to the affairs of this world.
OBE and other experiences convinced me that there is life after death (unless they are hallucinations). Monika believes that OBE (out of body experience) and NDE (near death experience) are forms of visual hallucination (when folks are about to die, some psychologists believe, that their brains produce some chemical reactions that elicit the so-called NDE to make dying pleasant for them; that is, NDE is not real). Is she right? I have over twenty- five years of experience treating psychotics and know as much about mental disorders as any human being could know. I know that in psychosis the psychotic’s thinking does not make sense (hence the formal name for madness is thought disorder). I evaluated my thinking and behavior to see if there are illogical aspects to them and could not find any. I do not believe that any mental health professional would judge my thinking irrational. If anything I am considered pure reason on wheels, reason in locomotion.
At any rate, to avoid further arguments with Monika (she kept trying to convince me that I was seeing what is not there) I decided that we are all free to have our opinions on reality and I am not in the least interested in changing her opinion; what is true is true regardless of what we currently think of it.
I told Monika (and tell you the same thing), if you want to experience other worlds and ultimately experience God’s formless beatific light then do what God through our senior brother, Jesus Christ (and the Holy Spirit) asked you to do.
God is love and his children are love. Love yourself; love all people and love whatever your conception of God is (if you are of average intelligence you probably see God as a person, sort of like your father but if you are above average in intelligence you cannot accept the idea of God as a person; if you are gifted, that is, have IQ of over 132, you will see God as an impersonal force that produced all of us).
God is love so to be near him you must love all his creation. Since some people do harm you and you do harm other people you find it difficult to love people.
On earth where we do harm one another, Jesus and the Holy Spirit define love as including forgiveness for those who hurt you. Look at a person who harmed you and forgive him or her and you have loved him or her. When you forgive all, that is, have loved all you experience inner peace that as Saint Paul said, no human ego understanding can understand. Forgive and know peace.
If you are Igbo and feel that Hausas and Yorubas harmed Igbos by killing Igbos and you are totally angry at them (as I was when they killed my senior brother, Chukwuemeka, Eugene during the war) look Hausas and Yorubas in the face and tell them that you forgive them. Do it and know the peace of God that passes human understanding.
No one comes to God bearing grievances in his mind; the gate of heaven is shut to those seeking vengeance against some children of God. You must forgive all, that is, love all to come to your creator.
Forgiving the past does not mean tolerating injustice in the present. In the present you must join forces with the Holy Spirit and his foremost disciple, Jesus Christ, and teach the world to become a love affirming place; the world must become a place where the will of God, which is love for all, is done.
We must work to replace the kingdom of man, the ego (separation, hate), with the kingdom of God (union and love). We must seek justice for all.
Forgive the past and correct the present; in real terms this means forgive what was done to you in the past but in present work to make Nigeria a place where the politicians are not criminals, to transform that shithouse into a decent place where all children of God work for the good of all children of God.


This essay says that our thinking and beliefs determine where we are, determine what universe we are in and in our current universe determine where we are in space, time and matter/energy; our thoughts produce the world we experience.
The infinite universes are the out picturing of the thoughts in our collective minds. We think in images and project those images out and see them as the external world we see. We do this at night when we sleep and dream and our thinking (now unconscious to us) produce the world and everything we see in our dreams. Our day world is also a world produced by our collective thinking and minds.
How our minds produce the various universes and where we are on earth no one on earth has quite understood (though quantum mechanics is hinting at it when it says that the observer affects the outcome of his experiment). The phenomenon ought to be heuristic and some smart persons ought to devote their lives researching it and trying to elucidate it.
As for me, I know what I experienced; from such experiences I reached the conclusion that there is life after death and that God exists and that heaven is real. I am, unfortunately, going to disappoint you if you think that my conception of God and heaven is like what they taught you in your Christian, Islamic and other religions. No, the idea of God and his heaven that I have does not fit extant religions childish views on those subjects.
If you seek fuller understanding of this subject please read some of my longer articles and, better still, read some of my books (those dealing with metaphysical subjects…the secular ones could give you the impression that I am a hardnosed empiricist who does not believe in religion’s apparent mumbo-jumbo).


Ozodi Thomas Osuji
March 31, 2012

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