On the US Democratic Party


Ozodi Osuji

     In contemporary American politics, it is out of the question for Republicans to join Democrats in a bipartisan manner to pass Democrats’ Bills, such as Biden’s $3.5 trillion dollars social policies Bill and $1.5 trillion dollars infrastructure construction Bill. So, the debate in Congress boils down to debate among Democrats only; Republicans took themselves out of the debate (they will come back to make sure that spending on defense issues pass without much debate and to kill any Bill to tax the rich).

    Bills introduced by Republicans, especially if they have to do with reducing taxes for the 1% super rich that own America, has all Republican Congress members immediately support them, and are opposed by some Democrats; with support from united Republican caucus such Bills quickly pass through Congress and become law; an example was President Trump’s Bill cutting taxes for the rich while pretending to have cut taxes for all Americans.

      For months now, Democrats cannot agree on these two Biden Bills in Congress. They have divided themselves to what they call Progressives, Moderates and Bernie Sanders Socialists and tear each other up.

     Traditionally, Democrats have members that are as conservative, if not more so than Republicans. These are called blue dogs caucus democrats, they come mostly from the deep South where many of their constituents are conservative whites who are like conservative Republicans. They support high defense budgets and are social and economic conservatives.

     The question is this, why don’t these different ideologues, such as Manchin of West Virginia and Sinema of Arizona, leave the Democratic party and join Republicans and why cannot social democrats like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who are socialists leave and form a social democratic party, as in Europe?

     The reason is because the two political parties rigged the political system so that it is near impossible to start a third party. To start a party, you must go to all states and obtain a certain number of signatures before elections for the states to even register you to participate at elections; unable to do so, social democrats and Greens (Greens support protecting the environment), for example, resign themselves to caucusing with the Democratic Party, a party that is increasingly only different from the Republican party in name only.

     America needs, at least, three political parties: a conservative party, a liberal party and a robust social democratic party. This must happen for there to be real democracy in the USA.

      Right now, what we have is really one political party, the American nationalist party, with a right (Republican) and left (Democratic) wing to it.

      What exists in the USA is sham democracy, or as some people choose to call it, a velvet conservative dictatorship.

    Generally, Republicans pass mean spirited laws that marginalize minorities and Democrats ameliorate them but otherwise leave them in place. For example, Republican Trump, with executive order, stopped certain immigrants from Africa from coming to the USA. Democrat Biden has not altered that executive order and it will become part of the lay of the land.

     Republican controlled states have passed laws disenfranchising black folks; Democrats will take them to courts and over time remove the more vicious and egregious parts of those laws but otherwise their policies of reducing black folks’ participation in American politics remain almost intact. Given the almost fifty-fifty Republican and Democrats representation in Congress, Congress would not be able to pass a voting rights law to stop the states from doing what they are doing.

     Texas has just drawn a new redistricting that is so gerrymandered that even current black members of Congress are gerrymandered out and would have to see if they can qualify in the new districts where black folks have been deliberately made minority to prevent the election of black candidates to Congress. And this process will happen in other Republican controlled states hence reducing the number of black folks in Congress.

    The country’s political culture requires that one party passes racist laws, and the other party somewhat cleans them up, making sure that racism remains the country’s dominant political ideology!

Ozodi Osuji

October 28, 2021

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