On the Uju Anya affair


Deconstructing and reconstructing this woman’s anti-social pattern of thinking.

Ozodi Osuji

     The First Amendment to the United States Constitution, among other things, gives all Americans freedom to speak their minds. However, freedom is a double-edged sword; it is not a right to say whatever enters your mouth without checking to make sure that it would have positive or negative social consequences. Freedom is not a license to be anti-social in one’s behavior.

      For example, whereas you have a right to yell fire but if you are in a crowded theatre, your life experience ought to have taught you that people tend to panic and try to escape if you yell fire in a crowded  enclosure, so, if you yelled fire in a theatre and people try to escape and some are trampled to death you are responsible for their death. You have committed murder, and society has a right to try you as a murderer, and if found guilty by a court of law sends you to prison.

      The issue here is not whether the individual that goes by the name of Uju Anya has the freedom and right to express her thoughts or not, she has that right, but she ought to exercise prudence in how she exercises her freedom of speech.

     The English have just lost their beloved queen. They feel personally grieved by the death of their gentle queen.

     Given the sense of loss that English people, all over the world, feel at the demise of their Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11, common sense and good judgment tells all of us that it is inappropriate to yell that she is a murderer and should die from excruciating pain.

     Such a statement is not even tolerable from a teenager (age thirteen and above) talk more a supposed adult who apparently is a university professor.

     A woman who said what Uju Anya said is emotionally no more than eight years old. She is developmentally arrested at a child’s level of emotional development. She is a child in an adult’s body.

     I do not know who this creature is, but I dare say that if you examine her life, that she probably has  oppositional defiant attitude to social norms, that she is  opposing social conventions; she probably has a belief that it makes her seem powerful by flaunting natural and social norms of behaviors; she is probably one of those creatures who do whatever they feel inclined to do, with no boundaries.

      Like most oppositional defiant rebels, she is a fearful coward, and not courageous; courage does not mean saying whatever you feel like saying and or doing whatever you feel like doing but doing what you believe is good for the health of society.

     Like such childishly rebellious creatures, she probably has a self-centered, narcissistic, and histrionic and anti-social personality structure; she probably believes that the entire world should be paying attention to her ego. She is probably a drama queen acting out her hysterical inclinations to get social attention.

     Apparently, she sees herself as being in a fishbowl and the entire world ought to be paying attention to her hysterics. This time she has gone too far, stepped outside the line and must receive drastic consequences for her behavior.

     She is immature and lacking in social decorum.   In civilized society we all must self-censor and say only what serves social interest and public good. This woman did not serve public good by wishing the beloved queen of the English world to die from excruciating pain.

     If she was an adult and identified with her fellow women, she would not have said the heartless thing that she said.

      Apparently, the feminist movement, that many immature women hide in, have given her permission to be a wild thing. If she must be a wild woman, she ought to not be around civilized persons. Civilized persons exercise good judgment in their utterances.


      I am from what is categorized as the third world. I have read the literature on colonialism and neocolonialism. As such, I am aware of what Europe supposedly did to African countries.

     What it boils down to is the belief that Europeans came to Africa and kidnapped Africans and used them as slaves in the Americas and subsequently colonized Africa and at the end of formal colonialism engage in neocolonialism, which entails carting the raw materials of African countries to Europe and manufacturing them and selling the finished goods, at exorbitant prices, to Africans, thus allegedly impoverishing Africans.

     For example, they supposedly buy cocoa from Ghana at low prices, take it to Europe and manufacture it into chocolates, and sell the chocolates at high prices to Africans so that cocoa farmers in Ghana cannot afford to buy them.

     It is said that European countries (the metropolis) corral the ruling classes of Africa (compradors), bribe them so that they are in cahoots with them as they literally steal African goods. Thus, presumably, Europe enriches itself and makes Africans poor.

     The modernization literature teaches about how Europe screws African countries. It gives Africans the permission to blame Europe for all that is wrong with Africa. But is this blaming game always justified?

     I understand that the Uju Anya woman tends to rave and rant against Britain, see her as a colonial power who colonized her people and during the Nigerian Civil war supported Nigeria as Nigeria killed many Igbos. She apparently has the impression that the Queen, as the head of the British government, was directly responsible for selling arms to Nigeria and with which they killed Igbos.

      Apparently, she has zero understanding of the nature of the British government. The queen only performs ceremonial functions and does not participate in making British domestic or foreign policies. She played no role in British colonialism and selling arms to Nigeria. She probably offered salutary advice to her Prime ministers that led them to end colonialism.

    Winston Churchill, for example, wanted colonialism to persist. Why did he change his mind when Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1952? I do not know.

    However, the relevant point here is that she was not responsible for whatever the British government did; blaming her for what Harold Wilson did, selling arms to Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war, shows monumental ignorance, an unacceptable level of ignorance in a college professor.

      Colonialism, despite this woman’s rant, did some good for Nigerians. The British gave Nigeria good schools. Nigerian leaders do not value education and steal most of the money that they could have spent on education, hence Nigerian education has collapsed.

      In Nigeria elementary and secondary school teachers sometimes go for a year without their wages paid them. The politicians steal most of the money and nothing gets done in Nigeria.

     As we talk, university teachers in Nigeria have been on strike for almost a year because they are paid pittance (about $300 a month) while the political class pay themselves rather outrageously huge sums.

     Members of the Nigerian National Assembly get paid over a million US dollars annually, given cars, houses, and constituency allowances, while civil servants are seldom paid on time. Nigeria is corruption haven, and we all know it.

      Africans are corrupt hence unable to govern their human polities well; their countries are the poverty capitals of the world. Instead of trying to govern their countries correctly, they accuse Europeans of responsibility for their poverty; they get their poor suffering masses to believe that Europeans are responsible for their poverty and blame them while carting their people’s moneys to their personal uses.

     They tell us that Europeans kidnapped Africans and sold them into slavery in the Americas. Really? Before the discovery of quinine in the mid-1800s, Europeans did not dare enter into  interior Africa; if they did they died from mosquito bites; they parked their ships at the West African seashores and Africans in the hinterland captured their people and marched them to the seaports and sold them to Europeans (see Olaudah Equiano, the Interesting Narrative…a history of how his people captured him and his sister and marched them to the coast and sold them to European enslavers at the coast, who brought  them to the West Indies, and subsequently to Virginia).

      This does not mean that Europeans were innocent in the sordid business of selling and buying human beings; both Europeans and Africans participated in the odious behavior of enslaving human beings.

      It should also be noted that Africans sold themselves to Arabs. Indeed, even Mohammed had slaves and that was in the sixth century of our common era.

     Africans have been selling themselves for centuries. I bet you that when Europeans were still living in caves, Africans were capturing and selling their people to African big men and to whoever wanted to buy them.  

     Africans are culprit in slavery and ought to quit the infantile behavior of only blaming Europeans for it while not blaming Arabs and themselves for it.

     In the meantime, Africans, such as the woman in question, run around blaming only white folks for all that is wrong with Africa. Apparently, this extremely immature woman filled her head with the nonsense that Europeans, especially the British, are responsible for her country’s current economic woes and on that basis wished the queen would die a painful death.

      In her infantile mind, she probably felt that she is justified in wishing those she perceives as her people’s oppressors to die (does she also wish Arabs to die, wish Africans who had slaves to die painful deaths?).

    What this heartless woman said is probably predicated on her rebellious attitude towards social organization.    


     I am aware that many Africans would say what this unfortunate woman said. They would do so for similar reasons. They see Europeans as responsible for their plight.

     Africans are suffering enormously and cast around looking for causal explanation as to why they suffer. They blame it on Europe’s 500 years racist relationship with Africans. They have some legitimate points, but they over state their points.

      In my view, they believe that the white man ought to be taking care of them, pretty much as parents ought to be taking care of their children; feeling that they are not taken care of by white folks, they feel abandoned by them, as uncared for children feel abandoned by their uncaring parents. They exhibit anger at white folks for abandoning them.

    I understand what is going on. But the truth is that this world is a jungle where all animals struggle for survival and the strong survive and the weak suffer, get used by the strong and or die off.

     Europeans do not owe Africans survival; it is for Africans to struggle and do what they must do to survive. If they depend on Europeans to help them, well, they are not going to get that help. They must do what folks like me do.

    I do not expect white folks to help me; they owe me nothing. It is not their duty to support me. It is my duty to help me or die.

     Am I angry at white folks because of racism, their tendency to discriminate against black folks, give less qualified white folks jobs and ignore qualified black Americans? Sometimes, I am irritated at them but when I put on my adult thinking hat, I remind me that they do not owe me anything in life. It is for me to do what I got to do to survive.

     Africans must take care of their business and quit looking for scapegoats to blame for their perpetual poverty. With good leadership, such as what Lee Kuan Yew, the former prime minister of Singapore, provided for Singapore, Africa can be developed in three decades.

    President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is doing it and is on his way to modernizing his little Country.

    Big for nothing countries like Nigeria know only how to steal from their people and never dedicating their bloated lives to working hard to develop their people; the people are misled into blaming their dreadful fate on white folks, such as the immature Uju Anya did. This got to stop.

     Africans must roll up their sleeves and commit their lives to modernizing their currently benighted continent and must do it now.


      Africans who behave as I do, not blame Europe for their problems and instead blame Africans for them, are generally misperceived and called Uncle Toms; we are accused of been in the pay roll of the colonial masters. Well, I do not take anything that the supposed colonial masters give to me. I feel insulted being given something by so-called colonial masters.

      I am a free soul, an Osuji-Njoku, a family that traditionally were their people’s warriors; I do not tolerate nonsense from anyone, certainly not from white folks. I know that many of them are racist, but I also know that they do not owe me anything in life, so I do not allow their racism to bother me.

     The Roman stoic philosopher, Epictetus, said that it is not what is happening out there that causes one’s problems but how one thinks about them. The same issue can make one angry or sad or fearful and anxious or not elicit any affects in one or dispose one to see it as an opportunity to overcome it.

     Africans should not allow white racism to mislead them into being mere complainers about what white folks did to them but refuse to do what improves their people’s lives. They must get on with the business of modernizing Africa and bringing it to the level of the Asian tigers and do it now.

     They no longer need excuses as to why they are forever poor; they must stop producing folks like the woman whose disgraceful and inhuman behavior prompted this write up.

     That woman has lost the capacity to have sympathy and compassion for her fellow human beings and is now an anti-social personality disordered person, if not an outright sociopath and psychopath, a person without sympathy for other people, a person who does not feel remorse from anti-social behaviors and enjoys other people’s suffering; she  probably derived pleasure from the suffering of her majesty, queen Elizabeth; she has become what she claims to hate, hateful like white supremacists.

    She needs to be in long term psychotherapy to deconstruct and reconstruct her confused psyche. Hopefully, this essay helps her reconfigure her anti-social patterns of thinking, her rationalizations for evil; she needs to start threading on the just path.

      Evil, racism, does not call for evil response, but for correction of it. We correct racism by showing racists loving behaviors, not by joining them in their unproductive hateful behaviors, as the woman in question did; she descended to living like savages who have no sympathy for even dying human beings.

     I hate her behavior but love the soul in her; I wish that she lives more from her soul, which like all people’s souls, is loving.

     Maturity is manifested in forgiving and loving behaviors; immaturity is shown in hateful and unforgiving behaviors.

       We must forgive the past, including slavery and racism, and build a loving present and future world where no one is dealt with by race but as a human being worthy of love, justice, and fairness.

Ozodi Osuji

September 9, 2022

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