On the problem of tithes in Nigerian churches


      Where did Jesus Christ ask his followers to pay tithe to him? Nowhere. I have read the four gospels, Acts, and Paul’s letters more times than I care to remember. Nowhere is it said that church goers should pay tithes to their pastors.

      Jesus, in the loafs and fishes’ parable, fed the people; he did not ask the people to feed him. In Nigeria, the church has devolved to the people feeding their pastors.

     Church goers are told to pay tithes and the ministers use that money to live high on a hug.

     In the Old Testament (which Jesus came to replace with the New Testament) Jews were told to pay tithe (no more than 10% of their income). That tithe was a form of tax with which Jews, a religious community, paid for their social services. Tithes were not meant for individual Jews, although the high priest and his assistants, Levites, were paid from tithes.

      The relevant point is that tithes were never meant for any hustler who established a church and hoodwink people to come listen to his idiosyncratic interpretation of the bible.

     No pastors should be licensed to preach unless he has, at least, a bachelor’s degree in theology from a recognized university. The government must regulate these people and make sure that they do not fleece the people.

      There are no Christians in the USA. American Christians worship Satan and that is what Nigerians have copied and are now worshipping Satan.

     If Americans were Christians, would they have slavery and racial discrimination?

     Would they not do what Jesus told them to do in the parable of the Good Samaritan? He told his followers to provide all people with health care.

     So-called Christian America does not provide all Americans with health care. Instead, they vote for Republicans who want to spend the entire budget on the military and use that military to oppress the Africans who do not even know that they are screwed by those they are imitating.

     The amazing thing is that people go to these Nigerians churches run by charlatans who call themselves ministers of God; those pastors are there to make money and do not care for their church members.

     Why would a rational person go to these newfangled Nigerian so-called Christian churches, what do they get from them?

       Fear of death and need to have a God to give them eternal life when they die on earth. In the meantime, on earth that God does not help them.

      God is our mental and social construct; if he exists, I suspect that he exists, we do not know what he is.

      Nigerian Christians are ignorant and that is why they allow the wolves in sheep uniforms called pastors to fleece them, to separate them from their monies.

     We should not pity these people who allow unscrupulous pastors to take them to cleaners, what were they drinking and smoking to give their money to criminal pastors?

    Or we should have compassion for them? I have compassion for them and that is why I bothered to write this little blob on their incredible behavior of giving their monies to psychopaths calling themselves ministers of God.

      Do not tithe pastors and if you must tithe it must be collected by a separate committee and the money used for church programs, not to provide the minister with expensive houses, cars and jet planes.

Ozodi Osuji

November 23, 2021

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