On the human tragedy


Ozodi Osuji

The tragedy of human beings is that their personalities are formed during the first six years of their lives when other people do not know what is going on in their minds. Thereafter, where there are problematic personalities and behavior patterns, the helpers, psychologists, come along and try to do what they call psychotherapy.
Before anyone should become a psychotherapist, he or she should have analyzed his life, and understood himself (Psychoanalysts used to do a bit of that except that they used Sigmund Freud’s voodoo level understanding of the ego conscious and unconscious mind to do so hence were not really analyzed, Alfred Adler and Karen Horney’s psychoanalysis were realistic and useful) and based on that self-understanding then try to understand other people and help them to understand themselves and, hopefully, change themselves.
Consider a child born with a problematic body that gives her loads of pain and irritation (her body traumatized her); she feels attacked by nature and uses her mind to construct a self-concept that she ought to become powerful in order to be able to overcome the onslaught of irritating things on her body (all this happened before she was six years old). From there on she embarked on building a grandiose self-concept and gradually believes in her self-construct and becomes delusional since she is not her wished for powerful self.
She uses her mind to come up with how everything could be ideal, and perfect, how her parents’ ought to be ideal, how her schoolteachers should be ideal; to her adults do not know what is good for anyone; she developed opposition defiance disorder and left home and dropped out of school and got pregnant with the hope of producing ideal children.
Of course, she cannot produce ideal children because she is pursuing ideals and is motivated by power and wants to tell her children what to do so they all rebelled against her and left her to go live with their grandparents, those she considered idiots.
Now suppose that someone understood what was going on during her first six years and helped her to not embark on the path of delusion disorder would she have been helped? Yes. But who understood what was going on in her mind? Nobody. Even if you now understand her mental processes, she is now convinced that her ideals are realty when they are fantasy, and she is not likely going to listen to you.
It is as if nature wants people to develop psychological problems and spend the rest of their lives making a holy mess of their lives.
If in doubt look at American politicians; from the President to senators, congressmen, governors, and local politicians what you see are literal idiots who take their stupidity as governing the human polity and, of course, keep on making messes of governing.
Perhaps, if they were understood during the first six years of their lives and helped, they would have become rational adults who governed well not the idiots in American politics that they currently are.
It seems like mostly imbecilic Americans go into American politics; highly intelligent Americans study physics, chemistry, and biology; above average Americans study technology and become rich folks like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates.
The intelligent American learned that television offers stupid news and does not watch news on TV; perhaps, he watches science presentations on TV.
In other countries, such as in Africa, literally mad men are in politics and, of course, cannot govern well.
It seems that nature wants people to live tragic lives hence nobody understands and helps them during the first six years of their lives when their personalities and behavior patterns are formed. It is only when they have formed their personalities, many developing personality disorders and about two percent developing psychosis (have bizarre delusions and hallucinate) that mental health professionals finally intervene in their lives; and what do they do for them? These days they mostly give them medications that destroy their livers, kidneys, and nervous systems but do not really heal any one…beyond masking the symptoms of mental disorders. Have you seen anyone healed by psychiatric medications?
Mental disorders (such as schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and delusion disorder, anxiety disorders) and personality disorders (paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, narcissistic, histrionic, borderline, anti-social, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive, passive- aggressive) were caused by complex interactions of medical issues, social issues, and existential issues; no one really has understood their genesis, talk more curing them.
Human lives are tragic, and, of course, also comedic. I suppose this is why great literature must combine tragedy and comedy to have a fuller understanding of the weird creatures called human beings, beings who, as Shakespeare pointed out in his greatest play, Hamlet, in thinking are like the gods and in body are brainless animals!


I got up this morning and the above ideas entered my mind; I went to my computer and typed them in twenty minutes flat. If you find issues with the ideas, please improve them. I do not mind if you thereafter publish them as your ideas!

Ozodi Osuji
January 14, 2023

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