On self consciousness and pursuit of idealism


Ozodi Osuji

     I used to be extremely conscious of my body. My body is very problematic and easily feels pained and is weak.

    As a child, I used to feel like every person is looking at my body and seeing how weak it is and not liking it, so, I tried to make my body strong via sports (I ran and did all kinds of sporty things to make my body seem athletic).

    In adulthood, I asked me, why am I body self-conscious and what good is that doing me? If all I am is my body and since body will die, decay and is food for worms, then I am nothing. If all I am doing is trying to be body beautiful, body that will die then I am wasting my time and energy, for even if I am a strong body, I am still nothing.

    I must be something besides my body to have worth. So, what is it that I could be and have value and worth?

     If I am part of universal spirit that is eternal, permanent and changeless then I have worth but if all that I am is my body, I am nothing.

      Thus, I resolved to no longer give in to my ego’s desire for me to pay excessive attention to my body, aka self-consciousness.

     My ego mind wanted me to concentrate on my body for it wants me to see me as body, that which would die hence it wanted me to see me as nothing. This goal of the ego for me and for all people is, of course, disguised, instead, it gives us the impression that in having grandiose ego and beautiful body we have tremendous worth.

     It is when I overlook my ego and body and see me as spirit that I have worth; thus, I ignored my body’s quest for me to constantly pay attention to it and these days emphasize mostly my spirit self, which is part of God’s unified spirit self (I am a son of God who is part of God; God and his son are one unified self).

      In God I have total worth but in ego and body (body is the house of the ego separated self, our false self) I have no worth.

    This does not mean that one should not pay attention to one’s body; you must pay attention to your body, eat well and exercise your body and accept and respect your body but you must accept that no matter what you do to your body that body does not give you worth and that what gives you worth is your acceptance of your real self, spirit self.

     Western secular psychologists emphasize only the ego and body and get folks to admire their ego separated selves and bodies and develop body worshipping lifestyles, and become narcissistic, insane.


     Another stupid quest that I used to have was the pursuit of ego idealism. I see me and the world as it is and say that they stink and I use my imagination to imagine an idealized version of me, people and the world and then seek that idealized self, people and world and in the meantime do nothing to adapt to my realities and the realities of the world as they are, and since ideals are not real and not attainable, I end up poor.

   I am poor because of my refusal to adapt to reality on its terms but seek ideals.

    Reality can be sought from science and technology or business and politics, from anything but desire to change you, people and society and things and make them better.

    You must deal with the real you, your body and people and other people’s bodies and society as they are not as they should be, you should not take flight to the Lalaland called idealism. This pattern of living is called realism.

     Being realistic leads to happiness and peace and to wealth, if that is what you desire (to make money, you must have a good or service that other people desire, demand to buy and sell it to them).

    Being idealistic, on the other hand, leads to poverty and waste of one’s time, energy and intellect; in idealism, you are lost in living in imagination, not reality.

    For me, complete self-acceptance lies in accepting me at both the secular and spiritual levels.


Much of Western Psychology, which I have extraordinary understanding of, is mostly useless and does not heal folks; if you want to improve yourself, please pay attention to both secular and spiritual psychology. My existential function, why I came to this world, is to replace the egoistic vituperation called Western Psychology, which was foisted on the world, with a realistic secular and spiritual psychology. Buy my books and begin to be educated on secular and spiritual psychology.

Ozodi Osuji

January 30, 2022

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