On Political Resumes

Below is what Oluyemi Osinbajo’s (and Peter Obi’s) Resume should look like, not the impressionistic garbage he/they posted on social media.



Als, Rock, Vice President’s Quarters

Abuja, Nigeria

(Add email and phone number)

Goals and Objectives:

I plan to use experiences which I garnered from performing a variety of functions, such as being the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor of law, University of Lagos, Attorney General, Lagos State and similar governmental and non-governmental positions to perform the duties of the President of Nigeria. My background and work experience prepared me to perform this ultimate political function for Nigeria.

Nigeria is a multiethnic country and has unique challenges in governing it. I have worked at the academic setting teaching students from all over Nigeria, worked for the state of Lagos enforcing its laws and worked as the vice president of the Federation of Nigeria. These positions offered me unique insights into the challenges facing Nigeria and how to address them.

 I am ready to take the ball and run with it from the first day that I become the President. I will not have much learning curve to undertake compared to those who have not had my mix of teaching and governmental functions.

 Nigeria is a developing country; it requires persons who are willing to do whatever it takes to industrialize the country, people who understand basic economics, developmental economics and politics; I have good grasp of those.

 I am committed to modernizing and developing Nigeria in the social, economic and political sectors.

Please refer to my two hundred pages program (book) delineating what I plan to do for Nigeria and the time frames given to accomplish each item on the program; Nigerians should hold me responsible for achieving what I said that I want to accomplish for Nigeria.


 (It should not be more than a paragraph)


The required skills-set to govern a country is not necessarily gained from educational institutions, they are acquired from firsthand political leadership functions, but since the Nigerian constitution requires all persons aspiring to political office in Nigeria to have attended secondary school, below is my educational background.

Igbo secondary School, Lagos. School Certificate 1973; HSC 1975

University of Lagos, Bachelor’s Degree in Law, 1978

London School of Economics and Political Science, Master’s degree in law. 1980

  • A resume should not be more than a page long; human resource officers do not have the time to read four pages describing irrelevant jobs the man did in the past; certainly, the average Nigerian does not have the time and patience to read the various irrelevant jobs he listed on his so-called CV. The CV that Mr. Osinbajo provided is fitted for a position at a university, not for a political office. He, and Peter Obi, should redo their CV and call it Resume. They are not impressing any one by padding their Resume with every job and course that they took in their lives. Osinbajo’s resume reads like he is a man who feels inferior and wants to seem superior by impressing the public with his pedigree. A man who feels inferior is not likely to make a good political leader. Political leaders are people with positive self-esteem, good self-confidence and excellent people skills and demonstrated ability to set political and organizational goals and objectives and use people and material to accomplish them. None of the stuff on Osinbajo’s resume tells us if he has political leadership skills. What has he done politically that served Nigeria’s interests? I did not see anything that would make me vote for him.

 Professor Ozodi Thomas Osuji, (PhD, University of California).


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