Nothingness exists


Ozodi Osuji

       Astrophysics tells us that in the beginning, 13. 8 billion years ago, a photon of light came out of nowhere and nothingness and transformed itself to electrons, quarks, and transformed quarks to neutrons and protons; and combined those to atoms and combined atoms to molecules and used them to form stars, planets, plants and animals and placed them in a space it created, and space called forth time.

    That same light formed the four forces of nature: strong and weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity. The strong nuclear force keeps protons and neutrons in the nucleus of atoms; the weak nuclear force breaks the nuclei; electromagnetic force keeps electrons attracted to nuclei and other magnetizing things and gravity balances objects in space making sure that they do not plow into each other.

     Now, imagine the size of the atom. Look at the period, full stop at the end of this sentence. It has trillions of atoms in it. In each of those incredibly small atoms are electrons, protons and neutrons.

     If you break the strong nuclear force keeping protons and neutrons inside the nucleus of the atom you release enough radiation, hot light, to destroy a city or give it electricity for weeks. Imagine that phenomenon; is it not impressive?

   Inside stars pressure and elevated temperature gets hydrogen atoms to fuse to helium atoms and release heat and light (the light from our star, the sun, takes about 9 minutes to travel ninety-three million miles from the sun to earth).

     Light from the sun formed plants and animals’ bodies. Look at your body, the body of animals and trees, they are nothing but congealed light from the sun. Your body was formed by the sun, literally!

     You are not separate from the sun for if the sun dies, as it will die in about five billion years, you cannot live on earth, you will die with it; actually,  in about two billion years the sun will run short of hydrogen and begin fusing other elements and becoming hotter and dry all liquid on earth so we have to figure out a means of going to live at exoplanets or die off.

     Pause and think about what I just said. Have you seen a greater magical show than what astrophysics teaches, that light came out of nowhere and nothingness and formed the physical universe? The universe is a magical show.

     Within this magical show entered people and they can understand the magical show, the universe through science. Impressive!


      In our nightly sleep dreams, we see the same physical universe we see during the daytime but now it seems in our heads, in our minds; we wake up in the morning and that universe is gone!

     This means that our day universe is also in our minds and when we wake up from this daydreaming called life on earth it would be gone.

     This means that nothing exists, but our minds that produced the dream of existent things take what it made seriously; deceiving itself into believing that mirages, called the physical universe of space, time and matter, exist.


      Whereas the physical universe does not exist, is an illusion, something must contrast it and exist; that something is mind.

     Mind contains ideas and within those ideas are other ideas. God is the idea of the whole self and each of us is the idea of a part of the whole self, a son of God; physical objects are also ideas given forms.


      The physical universe does not exist and all that is done in it is done in a dream and what is done in a dream has not been done.

    So, I see you do something bad to me. I can take it as real   hence seriously, and take the dream seriously, I take what does not exist seriously.

      Alternatively, I can see what you did to me as done in a dream hence has not been done to me and overlook it as part of a dream where things seem done but have not been done.

      Forgiveness is realistic for it overlooks what has not happened that seemed to have happened and ignores a world that seems to exist but does not exist.

    Now do you understand why Brother Joshua Ben Joseph, whom the Greeks called Jesus Christ, asked us to forgive each other? He recognized that the world is a dream and that what is done in it has not been done and that when we forgive it, overlook it we see differently, we see the world reinterpreted from the perspective of the Holy Spirit and know that the attacks on us were calls for us to forgive the attacker hence forgive us our attacks on other persons.

    In forgiving all we purify our perception, see with Christ vision, spirit sight, and from that purified seeing eventually awaken to the formless, non-perceptual world of God.


     Physical light came out of nothing and nowhere to form all things in the physical universe and on earth, including our bodies; since it came out of nothing there is no physical light and the universe it formed does not exist.

      Mind produced physical light and used it to form the dream objects we have in the universe and since that light does not exist the universe does not exist.

    Nothing was invented, there are no galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals; there is no physical universe; what exists is the mind.

    Mind is the creative aspect of a formless unified spirit self, the non-dual unified self of God and his infinite sons.

      The sons of God used their minds to seem separated from God and from each other and formed the world of dreams they now seem to live in, while they are still in the formless unified spirit self.



      On earth we can live from the dreaming mind, the left, wrong ego mind that invented the universe and use it to form what we see on earth; or we can live from our real self, which on earth is represented by our right mind, a mind guided by the whole Spirit (Holy Spirit, aspect of our minds).

      The earth itself was produced by our wrong ego minds, by our wish to seem separated from the whole self, God and from each other.

     The Holy Spirit, our right mind does not join the earth but takes us out of it. The Holy Spirit takes us away from the dream of separation and returns us to our unified mind and real self, unified spirit self.

     The right mind, taking us to our real self, the son of God and God, is taking us home to oneness, to non-duality, whereas the ego takes us to the world of duality, polarity, multiplicities, differences, to the illusory world of the ego.

      The Holy Spirit is not interested in the ego’s world; therefore, it does not get involved in organizing it, it does not participate in ego politics.

      It is the ego that forms political parties and governments and tries to organize other egos to have some respite from conflicts and wars before it goes back to war, for the ego does not want permanent peace.

    The ego is the spirit of division, differences; the ego is anti-sameness and equality hence must live in conflicts, wars (watch racists, they are egos and are anti sameness; they desire differences hence desire conflicts and wars).


      The above essay came to my mind this morning. I do not have the illusion that it will make sense to most people. It will make sense to you if you are focused on spirituality and is on your journey back to our home, unified spirit, if you are the prodigal son and you are metaphorically returning to your father. If it does not make sense to you, please do not sweat it; we are each at various stages in our stay in dreamland earth. In that dream people are attracted to different religions.

      Thus, if you are an African and want to return to your ancestors religion, because you see Christianity as a foreign religion, that is where you are at developmentally; when you have studied physics, chemistry and understood that all things are unified and you desire a spirituality that teaches oneness, you will seek out my metaphysics or similar ones. Cheers,

Ozodi Osuji

January 11, 2022

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