Nigeria’s feckless politicians are parading their useless accomplishments to hoodwink the people


Ozodi Osuji

     Look at Nigeria, at the central government, state governments and county and city governments, the impression you get is that nobody is in charge of the place and that folks are in government to steal to their hearts content but otherwise are not there to try to do anything that resembles governing the place; this house has fallen, a foreign journalist who visited Nigeria wrote in a book. (Maier, Karl (2000). This House Has Fallen. New York: Westview Press.)

     Initially, Nigerians refused to accept their inability to govern themselves and blamed the West (neocolonialism); when that lame excuse was no longer acceptable, they blamed whatever ethnic group was in power; the problem is that each ethnic group is as corrupt as others. So, the blame game continues to blame individuals in government, who, of course, deny responsibility for the fallen house.

     Are Nigerians ever responsible for their behaviors? Accountability is not in their genes. Nigeria is a royal mess, chaos and anarchy is everywhere; all sorts of behaviors that are not found elsewhere in the world are there.

    Some of them believe that you can sacrifice people to their non-existent gods and engage in what they call money rituals, but since they do not learn from experience, they have not learned that there are no gods out there willing to give them money when they killed their people.

    Some are kidnappers and will kidnap you for money and if they think that you will recognize them, they kill you.

   Some blow up trains and kill people and steal from the passengers. There is criminal activity everywhere.

    The police are official roadside bribe takers; the judges are official bribe takers; the legislators and executives are thieves.

     Military age Nigerians, 18-38, who, all over the world, conduct revolutions to improve their governments are as fearful and cowardly as other Nigerians. They are mostly unemployed and have no money but instead of organizing to remove their corrupt governments they seek ways to steal from whoever they can steal from in Nigeria or swindle foreigners through their famous 419 scamming.

     These people are cowards; they are waiting for foreigners to come fight their war to make their country livable for them; of course, no one is going to do so for them, for only they can do it.

     I know that political correctness asks us not to call people pejorative names but if truth is told, the fact is that Nigerians are very contemptible and despicable. Nigeria is the thieves’ empire.

    So, are we now supposed to accept that Nigerans cannot govern themselves and are plain thieves, each of them looking for an opportunity to escape to the West (where they continue their stealing jamboree until caught and sent to prisons, they are filling US jails and prisons)?

     So, what shall we make of Nigerians, write them off as criminals and animals?

    What I think will save Nigeria and, indeed, Africa is for young people to form political movements to save their land. These movements must articulate what they are fighting for (say, for social democracy) and members do not emphasize their so-called educational accomplishments but what they are doing in real life to improve the lives of the people.

    I say this  from looking at what they call their CVs published by the presidential hopefuls in next year’s election; specifically, Osinbajo and Peter Obi’s CVs; they read like those people are applying for teaching positions at universities; they should only tell  us that they graduated from so and so University and leave out the rest of the garbage they had on their resume, which they called curriculum vitae, a term used by academics but  not in the non-academic world.  

     Political leaders, especially heads of states, are doers, not egg heads; the fact that you did well in academics does not tell us diddlysquat that you know how to use men and material to achieve political goals and objectives in the human polity; national leaders need political leadership skills not academic degrees (I say this not out of envy but because of realism; with regards to the presidential hopefuls, none of them have the basket full of degrees from elite universities, and academic accomplishments, that I have).

    As in most areas of their lives, what these presidential hopefuls, all of them corrupt, are competing for is prestige; Nigerians seek prestige like fishes out of water seek water. We must figure out a way to wean them from seeking very important person, VIP status and instead seeking the Most Useful Person, MUP, status.

    I want to see 200 pages written plan on what each prospective politician plans to accomplish for the country, and time frames given to when each goal and objective will be accomplished, not the nonsense that emphasizes the education they had, education that merely tells us that they were thoroughly mentally enslaved by Western institutions to serve the interests of the western world, not Africa’s interests.

    These people need to tell us how they are going to rid Nigeria of corruption and criminality (such as doing what they do in China, quickly arrest and try and convict people of corruption and other criminal acts and line them up against walls and shoot them to death).

Ozodi Osuji

April 12, 2022

(907) 310-8176

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