Nigerians amorality produced their chaotic country


Ozodi Osuji

      How do I see Nigerians? I see them as amoral. I know that this is a gross over generalization, for in the nature of things there must be some moral Nigerians.

     If you are into logical talking, you can tell me that I have not observed all Nigerians to make such a sweeping over-generalization about them; you are correct; all that I can say is that I have observed enough of them to know that the hyperbole, amoral, is appropriate in characterizing Nigerians.

    All I know is that the Nigerians I see easily tell lies, cheat, steal, and cavalierly murder their fellow Nigerians and do not lose sleep from doing so. They do anything for money; they do not seem to understand that their behaviors have social consequences for them and all people.

     They blame other people for their anti-social behaviors. They sold their people into slavery, to Arabs and Europeans and deny responsibility for their iniquitous behavior; they do not feel guilty for selling their people and want Europeans to feel guilty for buying and using them; they blame the white man for selling their people; it is not their fault; nothing is ever their fault, it is always other people’s fault that they do the incredibly evil things that they do.

     These days they are as corrupt as corruption can be but ask them why they are easily corrupted, and they give you facile explanations to the effect that it is not their fault that they are, as Colin Powell said, mostly crooks.

      In parts of Nigeria Fulani herders are killing people as if they are killing flies; these people have no value for human lives.

     As they keep killing people, they hide their criminal behavior and ask the rest of the world to still respect them, respect murderers, or may be morality does not apply to them?

      Other races of human beings also do terrible things but do so mostly to people from out groups. White folks obviously discriminate against black people, but seldom do they treat their fellow whites badly; Asians like their people and may do terrible things to non-Asians but seldom to their people.

    It is only Africans that kill their people, steal from their people, and not feel like they did wrong.

     Do Nigerian leaders feel like they did wrong when they steal most of the money that could have been used to develop the country and improve the peoples lives? I doubt it.

     If Africans remain an amoral people, I do not believe that they can have good governance. Their amoral behavior has relegated them to the garbage bin; they are useless to themselves and to humanity.

     Now watch them tell me that I am generalizing while they keep on doing what I said they do, killing their people and stealing from their people.

     I say, take them out of my face for they make me throw up.

    Nothing good ever comes from Africa; it is always bad that come out of Africa, bad that must be explained away.

Ozodi Osuji

October 25, 2021

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