Narcissistic persons have an underlying sense of weakness


Ozodi Osuji

      Look at Narcissistic persons like Donald Trump, they seem self-confident, seek other people’s attention, feel special and use and discard people to get what they want out of life.

    However, when you look beneath their individual and social bravados, they feel inferior and weak and merely use superiority to mask their underlying sense of inferiority and depression.

      They need to understand their sense of weakness and depression and stop running around seeking superiority and specialness.

     Donald Trump’s narcissism represents white folks’ narcissism; white folks feel weak and inferior and hide it in seeming superiority and sense of specialness.

     White folks are about to destroy themselves and the world because of the narcissism that disposes them to seek superiority and when other people challenge their superiority they attack and will use their nuclear weapons to end the world, rather than live in a world where they see themselves as equal and the same as all people.

     Narcissists hate their real selves; their real selves, like all people’s real selves, are the sons of God as God created them; our real selves are part of God’s unified spirit self, that self is eternal, permanent, and changeless.

     Narcissists hate themselves and all people even though they like their group’s members, as in nationalism.

     Push the narcissist and he commits suicide and wants to take all people with him in his death wish. This is because undeath his narcissism is depressed view of his self and other people and life in general.

     Awareness that we all must die makes us depressed. Death makes our lives sorrowful and tragic. In truly intelligent people, the awareness that they will die makes them examine what life is all about and some of them become philosophical and think seriously about our nature. Such thinking convinces one that the only worthy course of action is to love all people.

      I love all people because that is the least that I can do. I see us live suffering lives and my motivation is to alleviate our suffering by loving and caring for all of us.

     Philosophy or not we shall still die because our bodies are composed of sixty-four elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper etc.) that must decompose back to the elements that formed them and those decay back to the subatomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) that they are composed of, and all of them eventually decay to light that they are made of.  Our bodies are designed to die so we are tragic figures; we are born to age and die.

  Less intelligent people respond to their awareness that they are born to die, that their bodies are food for worms with futile effort to seem to have worth in ego and body hence develop neurosis, a variety of which is narcissism. When these folks with masked depression become aware of how unimportant their egos and bodies are they are tempted to commit suicide.

     Aware that he has lost the second world war hence is not going to become the narcissistic Fuhrer, leader of the world he craved, Adolf Hitler finally felt the total sense of powerlessness and worthlessness that he felt all his life but tried to hide it with his outward narcissistic bravados. He instructed his armament minister, Albert Speer, to destroy all Germans, this was because at no point did, he like Germans even though he claimed to do so. The man and his lover, Eva Braun, committed suicide. (See Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich.)

     Narcissistic Trump hates his self and masks that self-hatred with outward sense of self love; like all narcissists he is depressed and suicidal; when his world finally collapses, he would like to die with all white folks and the entire world.

    Narcissists have love for their egos and bodies and hatred of their real selves, the sons of God, the Christ in them.

       The Christ knows only love for all sons of God and therefore does not hate anyone; Christ does not use people and discard them, as narcissists like Trump do and think that it is cute to use and discard people like rag dolls.

      Narcissistic leaders, such as Adolf Hitler, Vladmir Putin and Donald Trump tend to tune into their people’s unconscious minds and know what they wish and try to actualize it. These narcissistic white leaders are aware that most white people want to seem superior to nonwhites and resent the progress of nonwhites and want to stop their progress. These leaders therefore engage in racist policies that their people desire and their people like it and vote for them and even go to war to die fighting to protect what they call their people’s rights. Alas, such racist wars always end in the destruction of the people.

     Watch as Putin destroys Russia, and Trump destroys the USA. We already know how in pursuit of German superiority Hitler destroyed Germany.

      Only love for oneself and for all people is the appropriate response to all people, not exploitation of people.


In his books, William Meisner argued that paranoia is a mask over underlying depression. He is correct. Paranoid people and narcissistic people are the same people. Both have an underlying sense of inferiority and depression compensated with false superiority and power. If you are interested in psychoanalytic types of understanding of mental disorders and personality disorders, see:

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Ozodi Osuji

October 29, 2022

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