Moving away from and moving towards God


Ozodi Osuji

EJ (a person that I have in mind that motivated this writing) is moving away from her real self and increasingly believing that she is the ideal self; that is, she is becoming deluded; she ran from her African self and wanted to be white but eventually realized that many white folks are racists, and, as such, not better than black folks.
(What makes a human being good is the ability to love all human beings; to the extent that one does not love all people one is bad; racists do not love all people hence are emotionally stunted and warped.)
No matter what I said to redirect her, she runs away from herself because delusion disorder must have its way in her; she is on a path of self-destruction (from cigarette smoking).
EJ has been moving away from her real self from the moment that she was born on earth. Her problematic body caused her pain, trauma, really, and she used her mind, thinking to embark on seeking a better bodily and ego self.
From childhood, she always has a picture of a more perfect self that she wants to become. She rejected her African self because to her Africans are chimps, animals, and primitive; initially, she wanted to be like white folks that she thought were more civilized than Africans until she discovered that they are as primitive as black folks. So, she rejected white folks, too, and identifies with American Indians (oppressed people, like herself an oppressed person…she is the one oppressing herself, not other people), and aliens.
She is on a trajectory to murder her real self and become a self she herself created and wants to use to replace her ego- bodily self.


What she is doing at the ego level is a continuation of what brought her to this world, rejection of unified spirit self and desire to separate from it and go become a different self, the separated, special, powerful self that created herself, created other people, created governments and everything in the universe.
She is in a dream of self-creation and sees whatever exists as not good; therefore, she seeks a replacement self and the replacement world that she created.
She is increasingly believing in her self-created perfect self that no one else sees as real hence she is deluded; she has delusion disorder, grandiose type (a deluded person rejects his real self and sees himself as the imaginary ideal self he used his thinking and imagination to create as a substitute self for himself).


Normal people also moved away from God, unified spirit self, and came to the world of egos and bodies but are currently happy with their egos and bodies and want to live at that level. They are happily self-forgetful and enjoying separation and life in body; they are having a pleasant dream of being selves in bodies that they are not in truth. They, like the deluded person, also seek importance in ego and body but are satisfied with ordinary importance, such as being called doctor, chief, professor, president, king etc.
The ego and its body do not exist hence is worthless, valueless and nothing, but they make their nothingness tolerable by giving themselves dream importance.


Each of us came to earth to separate from our real self, which is formless, unified spirit self, and become his wished-for powerful self that he himself created; each of us also created other people’s ideal selves and created our understanding of God and the universe; we try to become our false creations and learn that we cannot accomplish that delusional goal and despair.
Out of our despondence we recognize the reality that the world of the ego and body are nothing; and that we had in childhood appreciated their nothingness and tried to improve them via imagination (neurotic quest for ideal self and ideal everything).
As A course in miracles observed, upon entry into this world of separation, space, and time, one, especially the supersensitive child, sees a meaningless world, EJ is very sensitive, and that meaningless world upsets one. One then tries to construct a meaningful version of it via one’s imagination of what a better self and its world is like. That better self and world that one mentally construct is still in separation hence is not the real world and not satisfactory.
My mother, Theresa Ugoji Osuji-Njoku, a majestic Igbo woman (she was regal in carriage; she did not talk much but all the women in her world recognized her as their queen and respected her), used to tell me “That no matter how much soap you employed in washing the human anus it must still smell of feces.”
In effect, the world of the ego and body cannot be transformed into a perfect state. Therefore, one must accept that reality and on earth live from the biologically and sociologically limited self and quit trying to become perfect, and powerful. Mother lived quietly, philosophically accepting that we cannot become perfect hence she did not trouble herself with neurotic quest for perfection, as my father, Johnson Osuji-Njoku did.
Father wanted to be the most important man in his world (a delusional wish because he was not more important than other people; all human beings are the same and coequal).


One must go inwards and ask if there is a way to attain a different self and a different world that is better than the one that one imagined can be attained through ego efforts.
There is such a self and world; it is still fictional and not real, but it is better than our matter-based world.
One must meditate regularly; in meditation one silences one’s mind, give up the desire for anything on earth (this is Gautama Buddha’s philosophy, remember his thesis that all human suffering is rooted in desire for a different self and world, that as long as we desire ego self we suffer and to stop suffering we must stop desiring ego self and its world).
If one truly overlooks the world and its transitory and ephemeral allures, and attain inner silence, one initially sees our world and its people, animals, tress, planets and stars, and galaxies transformed to the light forms of them that look incredibly beautiful.
This is our world remade for us by our right mind, the forgiving and loving parts of our minds that Christians call the Holy Spirit (and Igbos call Chi). That world is still not real; it is still a dream that the son of God can be seen in separated forms, walking around in space and time, but in this new dream, love has entered hence its beauty.
If we continue and learn to totally not wish for life in matter (ego) or life in light forms (gate of heaven) we finally return to our real home, the formless light self, oneself that is at the same time infinite selves.
The prodigal son on a journey to nowhere and without distance because wherever he goes is in God, for God is everywhere, even on earth and in all of us, animals, trees, everything, has returned home, that is, he has realized that he cannot separate from God because he is always in God and God is in him.
No words can describe this experience of oneness with God because it transcends language and speech, it is what people call heaven; in it one is eternal and one with all creation and its creator, God.
When that blissful experience is had, one is now real-self-realized, aka God realized. If one returns to the awareness of the dream state, our egos world, one lives peacefully, only doing what one likes doing that helps all of us in some way.
I write on spiritual, philosophical, and scientific matters, as well as expressing a refined version of my youthful political ideology. I am a social-democrat, a mixed capitalist and socialist economist; I work for those not because I have the delusion that our world will become perfect; there will still be injustices and economic inequality in this world, but in it all children’s school fees are paid through university and or vocational schools, and all people are given publicly paid health insurance; public transportation and housing is subsidized.
In other areas of living, folks are allowed to go do what they enjoy doing and if some make more money than others, so be it (the rich paying one third of their annual income in taxes).
The earth is not going to become heaven, but it can be made to approximate it.
The God realized person is peaceful, happy and loves all people; in his presence you feel his peace, as if he deliberately gives you his peace; as Paul said, a peace that passes human understanding.
To learn more about what I am talking about, you must read some of my books (there are over 100 of them).


EJ, the woman whose self-rejection and pursuit of an idealized, perfect self-concept -gave the impetus for this writing has useful insights. Our world, as it is, is not fit for the habitations of enlightened persons. She concluded that everything in American society is upside down, that the school system programs kids to worship the imbecilic leaders of capitalism and not care for the poor, so she dropped out of school to avoid the educational system indoctrinating her against what she considers is good.
Clearly, there are many things that we can complain about in the phenomenal world. This world is built for insensitive brutes, not for morally elevated people. I can see how someone would want nothing to do with this world.
That been said, the solution is not to flee to an imaginary ideal self and ideal world that does not exist in space, time, and matter and will never exist in this universe. Perfection cannot exist in our matter-based world.
Perfection is only possible in the non-material world of mind, thinking not in the material world. Therefore, rejecting the world, while understandable, is not the alternative to it.
Anyone with a thinking mind appreciates the injustices of this world. The just world of the light forms of the Holy Spirit’s world are not our world for in our world things are not made of pure light but matter.
The world of God, the formless spiritual world is not our world, nor can its parameters be transferred to our world.
Consider forgiveness. It is easier said than done. Can society forgive murderers, thieves, rapists, and other antisocial people? To forgive them is to give them the license to keep killing people and stealing from people. No society can operate without locking up criminals and punishing them.
Thus, while we understand the psychological release of forgiving criminals, the people must protect themselves from those who harm people. Simply stated, spiritual values do not really apply to this world. Therefore, while keeping one’s eyes on spiritual values, one must also cope with the exigencies of the phenomenal world of space, time, and matter.
This young woman must train for a work skill that the world demands. She could become a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist or neuroscientist and become useful to people in this world, escaping from the world and living in her own world where everything is perfect is living in fantasy land.
We must accommodate ego reality if we live in the ego’s world of separated people and things. This woman, for as long as she is in the world of space, time, and matter must have marketable skills to make a living in it. The trick is for her to love her real self and love all people’s real selves, the unified sons of God in all of us and cease questing for a self that she invented to replace our real selves with.
Our real self, unified spirit self, is love; love is the state of union; no one can separate from union; you cannot separate from love; you can try and dream hatred, but you are always in love with all creation and its creator.
Remove the blocks that you placed to your awareness of love, union and you become aware that while dreaming separation and ego you are always in union, love, and God.


When the individual gives up his desire for self-creation and accepts the self that God created him as, a part of formless, unified spirit self, he is healed of delusion disorder and all mental disorders and becomes a real-self-realized-self, a son of God (which he aways is but forgot it and dream that he is a separated ego self).
A healed deluded person is a God realized person; until a person gives up the deluded self, he made to replace the son of God that God created him as, and accepts his real self, a self-created by God, not him, he is not healed.
We are healed when we regain a sense of our eternally joined nature, connection with all creation and its creator, God.
One is healed when one has solved what Helen Schucman, in A course in miracles, called the authority question: who created you, you or God?
On earth, we rejected God’s creation of us and wanted to create ourselves and in a dream state did so by creating the ego and using him to substitute for the real son of God, the unified spirit self that God created as one with him.
Since the ego we made is false we defend it. The unreal needs constant defense to seem real in our awareness; the real does not need defense to be real.
When we accept the real self, unified spirit self, we are no longer ego defensive because we live in the safety of union with God and have no external enemies attacking us that we need to defend ourselves against. In egolessness, in unified state, we are at peace.
Are you at peace? You know a son of God who has returned to his father because he is at peace; the son of God on a journey away from his father always lives in fear, anxiety, anger, depression, mania, paranoia, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders.
In the state of perfect union with God we are finally mentally healed and healthy.
I had this friend; she always tells me that what I said is my perspective that is as good as her perspective, that each of us has his own perspective; that way, she thinks that she is validating my perspective and her own perspective. She has embraced the ego philosophy of relativism, the idea that there are many truths and that all of them are equally true. This is mankind’s latest self-deception.
There is only one truth. That truth is that we are unified. There is union, love, and God and we are always part of them. We seek separation from love, union, and God to go affirm our ego separated living. My friend is using her spiritual relativism to justify her decision to live outside love/union/God while mouthing ego-based spirituality. The consequences of her flight from God/union/love is that she is lonely and have to live with relatives to obtain some connectedness.
Because she separates from love/union/God she is sick, literally. We use mental and physical illnesses to separate from love/union. When love comes close to the ego it makes its body sick to concentrate on healing it and in so doing justify not returning to the awareness of love/union/God.
All we do on earth is play ego games, extending them to our so-called spirituality.

Ozodi Osuji
January 12, 2023

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