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More from Ozodi Osuji’s Daily journal for Sunday, October 31, 2021


      I have no answer for the above observation; I write it down and, hopefully, in the coming days and weeks my mind will figure out the answer or may be those with the answer would give it to me.

    If you do not ask questions, you do not get answers. Ask and the universe will give you the answer to your question. Ask a question, may be the next person you run into may be saying something that is the answer to your question!

   Our body and five senses tend to be aware of what is going on its environment even when we are sleeping; for example, bring a lit match close to a sleeping person’s skin and he withdraws the part of his body that you brought it to while still sleeping and if you try to burn him, he jumps up from his sleep.




     When I was a child, even at age six when I began elementary school, I was acutely aware that I was self- conscious; I was an extremely self-conscious kid.

     I was always wondering what other children think of me, especially of my body and if they expressed negative thoughts about me, I avoided them; in unavoidable social situations I kept quiet; if I can afford to avoid social situations where I felt observed and found deficient, I withdrew from them.

      At school I kept quiet because I did not want to make mistakes and be laughed at by other kids and I did not want to be laughed at by other kids.

    If you are into psychiatry and psychology, what I described above is the personality of a shy child/person.

     Shyness exhibits itself in avoidant personality disorder (here, the person is so afraid of social rejection that he avoids people to avoid social rejection, he keeps to his self-most of the time to avoid rejection by other persons) and secondarily in dependent personality disorder, or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, or passive aggressive personality disorder. In short, self-consciousness is seen in anxious, neurotic children.

      Naturally, I have given self-consciousness quite a bit of thinking. In time, I concluded that my problematic body that perpetually felt weak and pained disposed me to fail at physical activities with other children and that made them laughed at my clumsiness and I wished to not be laughed at. That led me to became body and ego self-conscious. If a situation portended my making mistakes in it, I avoided it; in social withdrawal I nursed a positive self-concept; indeed, in social avoidance, I fled to fantasy; I would imagine me the smartest kid in the world. This is the grandiosity found in neurotic kids.

     When I played with metaphysics, I concluded that the human body is nothing and is nonexistent except as a dream figure. I decided that I am not body. If I am not body how come I am still body self-conscious, I asked?

       Tune out my identification with my body; body is not who I am and therefore whether my body is good or bad is irrelevant, for what does not exist, a dream figure, cannot be good or bad.

      Do you know what? When I adopted this metaphysical approach that I am not body and separated ego self I completely lost my body-ego self-consciousness.

      Self-consciousness is an attempt to make one’s body and     ego separated self-real in one’s awareness.

      Sickness and somatic weakness are also an attempt to make one’s body real; overeating and doing drugs, even sex are also attempts to give one a troubled body hence preoccupy one’s mind with bodily problems and in so doing feel that one’s body and ego is real.

       If one’s ego and body is real one has denied that one is spirit, so body and ego self-consciousness is a mechanism for denying one’s real self, part of unified spirit self; this is denial of one’s true self as the son of God who is one with God.

      If one accepts that one is spirit and not body and ego, then one would not play the childish, neurotic game of trying to make one’s body real to make one’s separated self-seem real.

     My body is not real. My ego is not real. Body and ego are not real and are not who I am, and I do not desire them.

     With belief that I am spirit I have no ego and body self-consciousness. This result tells me that spiritual psychology is by far superior to secular psychology.

      Try the little experiment I just narrated here and see what happens, you would lose your ego and body self-consciousness.

      I ought to charge you money for giving you this life changing information but as a teacher of God I give away useful information for free.


      There was a time in my life that all I had to do is think about going some where and I made plane reservations and went there. I have gone to most European countries, USA, Canada, Mexico and wherever else I desired to see; if I did not go there, I did not have ardent desire to go there.

      Having money gave me the ability to satisfy my curiosity to see the world. Money gives people freedom to see the world and do what they want to do.

     In over a decade, I lived like a hermit, reading and writing; I did not care much for money; oh, I worked and made enough money to meet my family obligations. The relevant point is that I had not been able to travel (lack of money limited me to living only at Alaska, Washington state, California and Arizona).

     My writing on spiritual science is over. I now return to the world and make the kind of money that folks used to throw at me. As a college student folks quickly assessed my superior intellect and threw money at me, and after college I worked, and my employers would appreciate my unusual abilities and before you know it, I am the boss of the joint.

      I had money and did whatever I wanted to do. But I gave all those up to go perform my existential function.

     When I was born at Lagos, Nigeria, my Igbo folks said that I came to this world to understand Western, Eastern and African world views and conjoin them to produce a new thought system that would serve humankind well.

     Joseph Campbell said in his Power of Myth that people need myth to live, and the tragedy of our time is that old myths, stories of creation have been relegated to the dust bin of history.

     Even the hypothesis of Big Bang is no longer satisfactory; if you give it serious thinking you find that it is vacuous. There used to be a time that I read up on astronomy and astrophysics but now that subject seems unsatisfactory to me.

     Humankind is looking for a new story of creation, a mythology to make sense of their lives. Science and technology explore physical phenomena not spiritual aspect of our lives hence is not enough.

     I am a universal myth maker; I have given the world a myth to live by; my myth, of course, is not the truth, but it is the best in our time and for the next two thousand or more years.

      It is now time to resume my old self of going to all parts of the world when I want to do so and have the money to do so. I have performed the function for which I came to this world and now need to relax and smell the roses.

Ozodi Osuji

October 31, 2021

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