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Ozodi Osuji

    He said that when he was eight years old that his mother told him that the greatest physicist, Albert Einstein had died and the whole country was abuzz. He resolved to study physics. He talked about his grade school experiments on electromagnetism. He did his undergraduate studies at Harvard and graduate studies at the University of California.

     Thereafter, he talked about the four forces of nature, gravitation and reviewed Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion and gravity and why he invented calculus to help him calculate distances; he talked about the electromagnetic force and reviewed what Michael Faraday accomplished in electricity and magnetism, and James Clerk Maxwell’s four equations on electricity and magnetism.

    He talked about the strong and weak nuclear force, the strong force keeps protons and neutrons inside the nucleus and keeps quarks in protons and neutrons; he talked about the weak nuclear force that breaks the nucleus and release energy and how we employ it in the provision of electricity from nuclear fission.

     He talked about the possibility of a fifth force of nature, which we do not know; he talked about strings theory and how vibrations produce particles that unite to form quarks, protons, neutrons, and electrons and atoms and matter and anti-matter.

    He talked about the numerous particles that were discovered in the 1950s.

   He talked about the discovery of dark energy (which is 73% of the universe) and dark matter (which is 23 % of the universe); dark energy makes the universe expand and dark matter keeps the galaxies in place; and how all the stars, galaxies constitute only 4% of the universe and we do not yet know what the dark stuff is.

     He talked about travels to the past and the future and to other universes, he accepts the idea of multiverse, via worm holes.

   The man found his calling in theoretical physics and is excited by his vocation. He talked about the contributions of physics to society, such as radio, television, computer, internet, lasers, cell phones, everything in our world are from the ideas of great physicists. He is clearly proud of his physics.

    What he did not tell us is the fact that there are people who understand physics and find it not enough; I understand physics but it is not enough for me;  people like me are looking for meaning in their lives; such persons explore spirituality; and if they do not find an acceptable spirituality find their lives depressing and some commit suicide; the idea of living in a dumb, meaningless physical universe does not make some people happy.

   We need both physics and metaphysics, even though metaphysics has not found a way to evaluate its conclusions and falsify them.

    The video is long and can be considered an introduction to theoretical physics, ala Michio Kaku. To follow the video, you must have had high school and some college physics, especially electricity, heat, light, sound, motion and, of course, new physics, quantum mechanics (he threw around the names of the giants of quantum mechanics, such as Thomas Young …double slit experiment in 1805, J.J. Thompson, Pierre and Marie Curie, Ernest Rutherford, Albert Einstein, Alexander Freidman, George Lemaitre, Edmund Hubble, George Gamow, Neil Bohr, Broglie, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Max Planck, Paul Dirac, Lise Meitner,  Eugene Wigner, Stephen Weinberg, Stephen Hawking (black Holes), Wolfgang Pauli,  John Wheeler and Einstein’s General Relativity Theory).


Ozodi was sick today. Yesterday, he did not eat and took laxatives that flushed all food from his intestine; he woke up this morning feeling extraordinarily weak. Thereafter, he made the correlation of starvation and his bodily weakness and ate a little bit of food around 3 PM. He is recouped enough to type this summary of Professor Michio Kaku’s video. Please do not go on radical fasting and not eat anything at all, as I tend to do, please do eat some food, a little of it.

Ozodi Osuji

February 20, 2022

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