Marginalizing Igbos has a cost


Ozodi Osuji

     The two major political parties in Nigeria, PDP, and APC, have conducted their bribery ridden primaries and produced their presidential candidates, one a Fulani and the other a Yoruba.

     A little bit of thinking tells us that the implication of this situation is that the most dynamic group in Africa, Igbos have been shot out of Nigerian politics.

    In words and deeds Igbos are told that Nigeria is the exclusive preserve of Fulani’s and Yorubas and that the only choice they have is to vote for either a Fulani master or a Yoruba master.

     Now put on your thinking hat and ask you if this is fair to Igbos? In sixty-two (62) years of Nigeria’s existence as an independent nation, Igbos have not been allowed to be part of the ruling circle of Nigeria. Since like all human beings they want to be part of the ruling circle of their society, many Igbos would feel angry at this situation. Some of them will resort to extrajudicial means to separate from Nigeria.

      Nigeria is in for rough patches ahead.

      White men say that Africans are born dumb and Nigerians behavior prove them right. You marginalize the most educated part of your population and expect them to accept it and when they act out you claim to be innocent?

      Nigerians should simply separate and let each group go try to rule itself.

     Peter Obi, an Igbo, is flirting with the Labor Party. How many people belong to that party and will come out and vote for him? The Big boys of the two political parties having excluded him probably encourage him to play with a third party that is destined to go nowhere. And if doing what he is doing gives some Igbos a sense of false participation in Nigeria’s politics, they say that is useful because it takes away their anger at been excluded from Nigerian politics.

     Some of these smart by half Nigerian politicos would advocate giving an Igbo the vice president slot in the political party that is not going to win and that way the Igbo put it in his resume that he was the vice presidential candidate of a major party; we all know that many Igbos desire prestige and will do anything to make them seem prestigious, even if it means occupying ceremonial positions (Nnamdi Azikiwe was made the president of Nigeria, a position that had no power but many Igbos felt proud from that palliative position).

     Folks should read Nicolo Machiavelli, The Prince. Nigeria is a house structured to collapse; Nigerians are doing everything to speed up that fall.

Ozodi Osuji

June 8, 2022

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