Love is the mark of salvation




Ozodi Osuji

     We have never left unified spirit state, God; we are always there and creating  other sons of God, but a corner of our mind closed itself and sleep and dream a different world, the opposite of heaven’s union; we dream a world of separated selves in space, time and matter; a world that does not exist, in it we gratify our desire for separation from God and from each other and instead of loving ourselves, as we do in God, we attack each other.

   God, through his Holy Spirit, has already corrected our attacks, transforming our nightmarish world into a happy dream.

    All we must do is individually stop wishing separation and stop defending separated ego, big or small, and we experience the world of light forms made by the Holy Spirit and eventually wake up in the world of formless unified spirit, heaven.

    Whatever we do on earth does not matter. Each person does what he wants to do and attracts those who like to do to him what he wants to experience, attack or love, to do so to him, for there is no way what one does not want to experience can happen to one.

    Therefore, do not sweat this world for it does not exist and what is done in it has not been done and those in it, be they Hitler or racists Americans screwing black folks, or thieving African politicians are already saved in the world of light forms; that world is waiting for them, regardless of what they did on earth, to reject earth, separation, and come to it.

     So, laugh at people doing what they are doing, doing nothing.

     Nevertheless, the individual must only love and forgive those who did not love him back, for that is  the only way to feel happy and peaceful on earth, have holy relationships and a happy dream, be at the gate of heaven and eventually heaven opens its door and he enters (this is metaphor that he completely shuts the door to wish for separated ego and opens the door to unified self) and regains awareness of his sense of oneness with his real self, the son of God and God.


     Protestant Christians, beginning with Martin Luther in 1517, say that they are saved by faith in Jesus Christ not by works, not by what they do. They say that the day they embrace Jesus Christ as their savior, that they are born again, that their old self died and the new self, Christ self is born in them. They define salvation as accepting Jesus as their savior.

     Do you know what? They are partially correct. We are not saved by what we do; we are saved by God’s grace. From God’s stand we are sleeping and whatever we do on earth is done in a dream and is not good or bad but dreams, nothing.

     The only relevant thing is that we had withdrawn our mind from God and must now return our minds to him. If we turn our minds to him, to union, to Christ, we hear that we remain as he created us, that we are eternally his loved sons and nothing we did or did not do on earth can ever make us not his sons.

     We are forever holy (whole), sanctified, sinless, guiltless (for we have not separated from God) and innocent.

     God just wants us to wake up from our dreams of separation and come back to him, like the prodigal son did, and live in his infinite abundance.

     The implication of this truth is that if we are already saved in God, even mass murderers did so in dreams and can tomorrow change their minds and say that they are no longer egotists, no longer separating from love and return to love and they are saved.

    Salvation is from God, and it is free.

   The ego thinks that we ought to earn salvation by doing some moral work, which assumes that we sinned and need to do penance; no, we do not have to do any moral work; the work that the ego wants us to do keeps us in ego morality hence in this world.

     Salvation requires us to do nothing; actually, to undo what we did in ego by no longer accepting the ego self and its world as real, no longer defending the ego, and are now ego defenseless and know our true self, the son of God, Christ unified self.

     If we are egoless, that is, we are no longer defending a separated self, we then see all people as parts of us and love them as we love ourselves.

     Love is the mark of salvation. Living from love, that is, living from the union of all selves as one’s self is salvation, peace and joy.


     Did you understand what I wrote above? Think about it. It may take you months and years to understand it; thereafter, live it. Accept and live it and you are accepting your already saved self.

     If you do so you live in peace and joy, and, oh, yes, material abundance. God is total power and gives his returned prodigal son feasts and clads him in golden clothes.

      There is no poverty in God; there is poverty only in ego, where God is rejected.

      Are you poor? You rejected God and his son, your real self and, instead, accept and worship the false replacement self you invented, ego.

     Many Africans identify with the ego, worship the ego, and refuse to love and, as such, are poor. Love and care for other people’s welfare and become rich.

Ozodi Osuji

December 4, 2021

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