Love in a place of war


Ozodi Osuji

       The physical universe of space, time and matter came into being because the sons of God desired separation from their father and from each other.

      In God they are one, unified and are in each other and respond to each other instantaneously and seamlessly. They lived in perfect peace and joy. They desired to live as the opposite of their heavenly living situation hence attacked their God and each other, but their attacks had no effect on them because they still remain unified but  they went to sleep and in their sleep now see space, time and matter and used matter to evolve bodies for them and now live in bodies and have sense of separated selves from each other; each of them behaves to seek his self-interests, possibly by cooperating with others but where necessary  at the expense of other persons.

      They form special love relationships, in dyads and in groups. In groups they seem to work with others for their mutual interests, provided that they can separate at any time they wish to do so.

     In groups they see non group members as other people and fight with them. In the USA they divide into white and black groups. Whites protect whites and treat Black people as outsiders. Black people do the same.

     In Africa they congregate in ethnic groups and fight nontribal members. This way they keep the egos desired conflicts going, they have interpersonal conflicts and inter group conflicts.

     This is the nature of the world. You may wish all you want to make it go away and have people live in peace by loving each other, but you cannot succeed. You cannot succeed for the nature of the world is for egos to be at war.

     All you can do is understand your own ego dance, how you fight other people and push them away and remain in conflict with them. You then ask for a solution.

      The mind that caused the problem, your ego mind, cannot solve it. You need a different mind, the Holy Spirit’s mind, in your right mind, but you are not conscious of it, as you are conscious of the ego mind. You ask the Holy Spirit how to respond to other people’s attacks but do not tell it how to respond to them.

     Keep quiet and let them attack you and learn from their attack that they are egos hence animals and overlook their attacks and remember the love inside all of you, the love they have forgotten and identified with egos hence attack you. Leave them to burn themselves out.

     White America will eventually burn itself out from attacking black folks. Just live from a place of love inside you. That will give you inner peace despite the world being at war with itself.

       Do not ever desire to behave like the egotists attacking you, just overlook their attacks, forgive their attacks on you, as Jesus forgave attacks on him.

       Forgiving other people’s attacks on you would not make them stop attacking you; they are egos and must attack you.

      What forgiveness does for you, not for the attackers, is that it makes you live in peace, doing what you like doing despite the world being at war.

      At any rate, you made those who attacked you to attack you; their attack offered you the opportunity to overlook them and for you to live from your real self, live from love, live from the real son of God who is love; ego is the false self-made by the son of God to dream with in a false universe of separated selves.

     For example, I asked white folks to discriminate against me and not give me jobs. I then sought the type of job I like doing and found it in spiritual psychology and do it. Their attacks, which was my wish, was an opportunity for me to do what I came to do and in doing it know peace.

      I am not blaming them for blaming egos is a waste of time; the ego is a criminal and will always remain a criminal against the son of God, Christ, your and their real self.

      Today, November 19, 2021, a white jury and judge at Kenosha, Wisconsin found a young white man who killed two people guiltless. If he were black, he would probably be going to the electric chair.

      That situation does not bother me, for that man is going to live with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for the rest of his egoistic life; whoever told him to kill people have sent him to psychological hell, to alcohol and drugs, a ghastly life. Hopefully, in other lifetimes he would learn to love instead of murder people and think that he can get away with it.

       The more important thing is to know that one cannot change the egos mad behavior but for one to not behave from the ego and thus live peacefully in this ego madhouse earth.

     You live peacefully doing what you like to do and if you are convinced that it is the best thing for you and all people you sell it and make a living from doing it.

     You cannot change the world.

      America, for example, has lived as ego haven for over four hundred years, muddling through and will keep doing so soon for thousands of years.

     What one needs to do in this place of insanity called the USA is to let it knock itself out and find a way to live in peace by doing what one likes doing. For me, what I like doing is writing and teaching love, and thus living peacefully in this place of war.

     The rest of the world is the same as the USA. In Africa, ethnic groups discriminate against other ethnic groups and kill each other in their beliefs that they are separated.

      If people were to know that they are one then they would be in heaven, in formlessness, where they always are but dreaming that they live in separated forms.

      Leave them to do what they came to do, dream separation while remaining unified. You cannot banish separation with a magical wand.

     You see space, time and matter, hot and wintry weather; therefore, you are in separation. But there are other universes; in one you still see separated things, but they use their separated selves to love each other hence have purified egos which are now in light forms. There is a formless unified universe, God’s abode. In heaven we are one shared self with one shared mind.

     In the meantime, if you want to live in peace on earth, overlook the earthly people’s wrong doings and love their inner selves, the son of God in them and in loving them love your real self, the son of God and in that love know peace.


      If you are not convinced that what you are doing is the truth you cannot sell it and make a living from it but if you are convinced that it is the truth, even if it is of the ego, you will sell it and make a living from it.

     If you are convinced that spirituality is the truth, and accept that you and all people have spiritual selves,  loving selves and love you and all people, and you show people how to love themselves. You cannot make people love themselves and love other persons. All that you can do is teach them how to do so and let them choose to do so or not.

      If you believe something and live it you make a living from it, but vacillate, be undecided and you will not have confidence and will not make a living from the truth you feel inside you.

     Finally, I have done it, live from love, light and Christ and God. No more hesitation at the fork in the road, where the road branches to two roads, to ego and Christ; it is now Christ for me.



     In the individual’s dreams at night, he plays a role; he has a pattern of behavior. The role is telling him what he needs to do in life.

     Helen Schucman had many dreams in which she is a priestess. That meant that her role in this lifetime was to be a priestess; thus, her higher self, Christ spoke through her in writing A course in miracles.

     In my dreams I am always helpless and seeking rescue from other people, be it my mother or other people.

      In the dream in which I was a child in the middle of the road and a truck came towards me and I did not run away but stayed there crying, waiting for other people to rescue me, which they did not do, and cannot do, was telling me that I play helpless child and seek others to rescue me; it is teaching me to be an adult and rescue me, for no one else would rescue me, as no one came to rescue me in the dream; I could live my entire life paralyzed by inaction and die from vacillation or do something that rescue me.

      In the dream with mother walking away and leaving me to go fix the expensive car that she was driving and one of its tires were flat and I waited for her to come fix it for me, tells me that I wanted mother to rescue me, and she asked me to go rescue me and stop being a fearful weak child asking for his mother and people to help him live as an adult, fix brokens things in this world, such as fix the car and my body.

     In the dream where a bear is across the road in Osuji’s compound and I could not leave our compound tells me that I feel stuck in life and see other people, the bear as preventing me from living fully. I want rescue from other people; that is, for the bear to go away before I live fully; the lesson of the dream is that I must live fully despite the dangers of this world.

     In the dream where a young horse was chasing me and an unseen hand pulled me out of its way, out of danger and was laughing, means that Jesus rescued me, but is telling me to rescue me and stop running from people and danger and asking other people to rescue me.

    In the dreams where unseen persons or force or Muslim terrorist was trying to kill me, choke me to death, are telling me that I see me as attacked by other people and feel like they could kill me, and I have not yet discovered a way to make my life less threatened by external factors Spirituality and believe in God, in one’s highest self is the best way to overcome fear.

      In the Jesus vision I asked Jesus to rescue me, help me understand A course in miracles, and he told me that I can understand it by myself and for me to go rescue me by authoring my own book on what the truth means to me and live it. He or other persons cannot rescue me, they cannot tell me the truth; they can make suggestions but only me must decide what the truth is for me and live it and get attendant results.


     My dreams tell me that as a child I felt vulnerable to attack, from illness, and want other people to rescue me; they cannot rescue me.

     The lesson of these dreams is for me to rescue me, building on my biological and spiritual experience and use that knowledge to teach other people how to rescue themselves, by trusting in God, not by trusting in the ego.

    The ego is powerless, Christ is powerful; our real self, Christ, the son of God has real power for it is power derived from God.

      My function in life is to overcome fear and sense of powerlessness and live from the strength of God, and by example, teach other people how to do so.



     I must now answer the call and perform my function in this world by being the light of God in the world’s darkness.

    Ego is darkness, Christ is light; thus, for me to live from love, Christ, and light and give the world that light, how to overcome their living from their dark egos.

    People study A course in miracles forever and do not live it; it is not enough to study and understand metaphysics; one must live it.

     Understanding the world, as Karl Marx said, is just the beginning; the goal is to change the world, to make the world be like what one think that it could be.

     I think that people ought to love one another; I must love all people; I believe that we must not just forgive our sins but must correct them.

    The sin of separation is corrected with joining, which is the true meaning of love. To love is to join with the person one loves and live as one shared self.

Ozodi Osuji

November 20, 2021

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