Living from the whole spirit


Ozodi Osuji

      In the Gospel of 3:1-17 Nicodemus came to Jesus in the night and asked him what to do to be saved and Jesus told him that he must be born again, and the man wondered how a grown-up man would be born again and Jesus explained the difference between been born in body (ego) and been born in spirit (God).

     To be born again is to live from the whole spirit, God; whereas the ego is to live from the separated self, which is impossible but can be dreamed; our earth does not exist, but we believe that it exists; the ego in body is not real and do not exist, they are dream selves; they are deluded and hallucinated, false selves.

     In heaven we consciously know that we live from the whole self, God; on earth we do not consciously know that we live from the whole self although we do, for the part cannot exist apart from the whole self, aka God. On earth we live from separated, special spirit, also called the ego, the self we made to replace the self that God created us as.

    In ego knowledge of the whole self is masked by the body we live in; we have partial awareness of the whole self while in body, on earth.

     The earth is a mad place, an asylum where we come to believe that we are separated from each other and from God and see ourselves in separated bodies.

    The universe is designed to enable us to seem separated from all other people, things and God, an illusion for in truth we are always unified and are in spirit. People are mad men and women; they live in a lunatic asylum called the physical universe; they seem normal because all of them believe that their hallucinations and beliefs are real. Their scientists study these nonexistent things that seem to be there.

     Salvation is denying flesh and ego and awakening to living from the whole spirit, unified spirit, God.

     All my life I tried to live from the separated, special (powerful) self in body hence was deluded and hallucinating (as all people are doing).

    Salvation means believing that I live from the whole self, God and in spirit, not body, space, time, and matter. I must be reborn in spirit, not my present birth in flesh, ego and separated, special self.


The Whole Spirit is contracted to Holy Spirit.

Ozodi Osuji

July 28, 2022

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