Life in wetware was probably designed to give people the opportunity for feelings


Ozodi Osuji

     Life in wetware (biological bodies) was probably designed to give people opportunity to have feelings of fear, anger, depression, delusion, paranoia, mania, schizophrenia, and other feelings; if life were operating in iron robots there probably would be no feelings; the robots we have designed and constructed with metallic materials do not have feelings.

     There are probably infinite forms of life, including ones in computers, in light forms, in formless intelligence but only life in the body, chemicals, biology, enables people to have feelings.

     Having feelings, apparently, is worth experiencing as one of an infinite range of life forms.  So, Christopher Hitchens said that God is not so great for creating people who live in  bodies, ages, gets sick and dies and he is correct if that is all there is to life; if all we are are bodies that die, we are nothing and whoever created us is not really powerful; we might as well have just evolved with a meaningless universe and not posit the agency of God in explaining our existence. Richard Dawkins’s blind watch maker, evolution, produced us through trials and errors!

     However, if we are spirit that chose to experience life in body and thereafter experience other forms of life then God is not so powerless, is great, after all.

     And who are these gods that we are talking about? We created Gods in our images therefore our real selves are the parts of God, and our collective self is what folks call God?

     But before we get carried away by ontological issues, the point made in this little piece is that perhaps the idea of having the range of feelings that human beings and animals have is probably justification enough to have people in bodies. What do you think?

      You have a mind, then use it to try to figure out what is the truth; do not just believe what other people tell you is the truth!

Ozodi Osuji

December 1, 2022

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