Let’s Defend Lagos From Tinubu And M.C. Oluomo By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Let’s Defend Lagos From Tinubu And M.C. Oluomo By Bayo Oluwasanmi

In Nigeria, corruption and political thuggery reach everywhere even into the remotest villages. Lagos as the commercial city of Nigeria is home to  organized corruption and political thuggery. 

Tagged “Occupy Lagos Lekki Tollgate,” the #RevolutionNow plans to protest at Lekki tollgate tomorrow, Saturday, February 13 against the reopening of the tollgate. The protesters are demanding justice for the Lekki victims mowed down by the Nigerian army during the #EndSARS protest. 

Tomorrow, two sides will size each other up at Lekki tollgate. On one side is #RevolutionNow fighting for justice for those that were killed in the October 20 Lekki massacre. And on the other, is a ragtag counter group “Defend Lagos” sponsored by Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Sanwo Olu, and M.C. Oluomo, Tinubu’s chief thug, as the group’s commander. With these two groups starring each other down, the Tinubu group will turn a peaceful protest into a political thuggery clash.

Tinubu thrives on political exploitation using the powers of government. Oluomo’s livelihood depends on private exploitation by acting as Tinubu’s thug who terrorizes Tinubu’s political opponents. Tinubu’s APC government in Lagos is a government against the people. Twenty years of combined administrations of Tinubu, Fashola, and Ambode has turned Lagos into mega city of beggars. How many jobs were created in 20 years of these robber barons? How many public housing units were built? How many schools, hospitals, roads were built? Absolutely none! 

Tinubu and every of his handpicked governors that have governed Lagos have consistently taken unfair advantage of Lagosians. They have used the vulnerability of Lagosians for their own benefit. As victims of exploitation, Lagosians are worse off today than at any time in history. Lagosians have become serfs used for the benefit of Tinubu – the feudal lord. It is tragic that the same exploited Lagosians will be used as counter protesters to attack genuine and legitimate #RevolutionNow protesters. 

Who is defending Lagos from who? The answer is obvious. We know Tinubu, Sanwo Olu, and M.C. Oluomo, the exploiters and extortionists are the ones who profiteer immensely from economic exploitation, extortion, and liquidation of political opponents. They can never be defenders of Lagos. Rather, they are destroyers of Lagos. Let’s defend Lagos from Tinubu and M.C. Oluomo!

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