Let us play with the world and not take it seriously



Ozodi Osuji

     If you studied the world’s great religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, you would have no choice but to necessarily conclude that Hinduism, especially the non-dualistic Vedanta part of it, is the most rational religion. It is by far the best religion there is.

     Christianity appeals to people who desire a father to worship, pray to so that he helps them but is not really a serious attempt at understanding the universe. Of all the religions of humankind Hinduism made a heroic attempt to understand the universe. Indeed, it even speculated that the atom/matter has three strands (the three gunas: sativa, raja and tamas) and it took the West the twentieth century to postulate that atoms have three constituent parts, electrons, protons and neutrons.

     Hinduism even visualized how the universe come into being and would end, a yuga, and rebounding, another universe emanating from the dead one. These days Western cosmology speculates on either a big crunch or big chill as the way the universe would end, some even say that rebound is possible. The point is that Hindus had these ideas three thousand years ago!

     Arthur Schopenhauer, the nineteenth century German idealistic philosopher, upon encountering Hinduism took his hat off for it and proclaimed it the best religion and philosophy that humankind had invented up to then. I second his view. He said that no western philosophy is even close to Hinduism.

      I do not consider any other religion even remotely rivaling Hinduism in rationalism. The question that I had was this: how come Hindus, that is, East Indians who constructed this magnificent religion called Hinduism did not proceed to construct what we now call modern science (physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and geology and their applied sciences in technology). It would seem to me that Hindus ought to have been the ones who established modern science, but, instead, they did not; it took Europeans and their irrational Christianity to establish the parameters of modern science. Why so?

     It probably was because Hindus did not see their religion as a play and took it seriously. The world, as they correctly posited, is a dream, but instead of urging people to have a happy dream they took their world, dream seriously hence the various Hindu religious practices that do not make sense.

      We must not make that mistake, again. We must now see the universe as a dream and seek ways to have a happy dream of it. We must not take the universe seriously but must see it as a game that we are playing for the fun of it; we made it and deliberately forgot how we made it and now are trying to understand what we made through the scientific method.

     We must play with physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and geology and allied technologies as children play with stuff but not take them seriously, for what they study, the physical universe  of space, time and matter are literally illusions; they do not exist, they are dream things, dream things that we must nevertheless study for they have their own rules and laws but in the final analysis the universe is a chimera for it does not exist; we must play with it and then let it go into the mist from which we conjured it out.

     (If you really want to study physics you ought to study Hinduism; Hinduism and its offshoot, Buddhism makes it easy to understand physics and mathematics; if you doubt it then go to our best universities, especially the world’s top thirty universities, such as Stanford, Caltech, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, UCLA, University of California Berkely, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, and University of Paris, those are now almost the exclusive preserve of Indians and other Asians; this is because their religion is compatible with science!)

     My metaphysics, called spiritual science, sees the universe as a dream to be played with but not taken seriously, for we have a different existence; our real state of being is in unified spirit self and secondary existences in the world of light forms, and in our current existence in dense matter forms.

      Whereas my metaphysics is addressed to all humanity, I am, nevertheless, attentive to Africans. Europeans conquered Africans in the nineteenth century and imposed their Christianity on them (some parts of Africa had Arabs impose Islam on them). Africans quaff about foreigners imposing their Christian or Muslim religion on them.

      I asked Africans to stop complaining about what other people did to them and correct the situation by producing their own religion.

     When they talk about religion, they talk about what they call their African religions. Those were formulated over five thousand years ago and are fit for prescientific society and cannot be useful in the world with modern scientific culture; therefore, Africans cannot go back to their old religions.

   You cannot step into the same river twice. Africans simply must formulate a new religion for themselves.

    I have performed the function of formulating a new religion for them and all humankind. What humanity now needs is a metaphysics that is built on science but goes beyond science, as I did.

    Africans must stop complaining and study my metaphysics and play with it for it is talking about a universe that is a dream of separation; it is impossible for things to be separated from each other except in a dream; the universe is a dream to be played with but not taken seriously.

    We remain unified, connected and joined to each other and to everything in the universe, material and spiritual.

     Separation, space, time and matter is impossible of existence but in our present awareness we see space, time and matter; we live in a physical universe where things seem separated from each other, a world of multiplicity hence a world of perception. All these cannot be real, they are illusions; to be on earth is to be deluded and believe what is not there to be there and to hallucinate and see what is not there as there; for example, there are no people in bodies, yet we see them; people live eternally in formless, unified spirit as ideas of parts of the whole spirit that folks call God.

     The truth is that all things are joined; we are connected to everything as one shared self and one shared mind. In the world of unity, we have knowledge.

     My metaphysics takes us towards the world of unity hence to knowledge but does not take us into it, for to enter unified spirit self-one must individually choose to stop wishing for a separated self and believing in separation and tune it out, overcome it and not take any of it as real. It is in forgiveness of the world that one wakes up in unified spirit state and separation ends for one; thereafter, one chooses to reenter the dream of separation to help those still in separated states learn what they must do, and do it, to awaken to unified spirit. When all people have accepted unified state, the physical universe ends for all of us.

      This will take a long time, billions of years, to be accomplished; the galaxies, stars, planets will stick around until all sons of God sleeping and dreaming that they are separated egos in bodies give that delusion up and accept their union with each other.


To arrogate unto myself the duty of establishing a new and correct metaphysics obviously takes either monumental arrogance bordering on delusion disorder or on truth. What qualifications do I have to make me accomplish this task? I was born into an Igbo high priestly family and the folks from my birth predicted my function and I have performed it. I do not really need to predicate what I did on external criteria, just read my books, especially Connected Lives and the forthcoming one thousand pages Joined Lives and see if they do not speak the truth to your soul.

Ozodi Osuji

October 28, 2021

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