Let us make our dreams lovely




Ozodi Osuji

      I accept that life in ego and body is a dream. I live in ego and body, so, I am already in the dream.

     A dream does not exist, is a picture, images that seem real but are not real.

     The unreal is valueless, worthless and nothing but seems important to those in the dream because they seek to have it, they value what it offers them (separation from their real self, which is unified spirit self).

    In childhood, I realized that life in ego and body is worthless but instead of accepting that fact I kept on trying to make it have worth. I used my imagination to invent ideal version of everything, ideal version of my ego and body and all people’s egos and bodies and social institutions and nature to make them seem to have worth.

     Nothingness cannot be made into something important and worthwhile no matter what you did. So, I could not make my ego and body and the world have worth despite all my imaginations, for nothingness cannot have worth.

     I cannot derive worth from worthlessness, the ego and body, but I soldiered on trying to do so. I am not an ordinary person, not the usual sleeping person who takes his dream as real, and it is real for him.

    To ordinary persons their egos and bodies are real; their world is real; getting education and jobs and social positions in the world is real for them and they feel real in the world (to me even being the president of the world is rubbish for it is president of nothingness).

    I cannot derive worth from the dream world’s ways. So, what then do I do in the dream to feel like I am doing something important, if doing what the dream considers important does not seem important to me?

      To be an ego in body that will die is depressing enough, so if one tells people that they are living worthless lives by identifying with ego and body one is depressing them some more, unless one has a tangible alternative for them that is not depressing.

     What is real, the alternative to the ego and body, and by that I do not mean spiritual razzmatazz that people fool themselves with, I mean that which is real to the mind of a rational person trained in ego science?

     What is the alternative to the dream, if not the dream, not idealized version of the dream, what is self-evidently meaningful?

     Return to God, how? I am not interested in stupid religions and their myriad gods and spirituality and its vacuous tales of life after death (calculated to reduce people’s fear of death, finitude and oblivion).

     It is not enough standing on the roof top talking about how the world is a dream, one must show an alternative to it, or one should shut up; one must stop depressing people and let them have their dreams, pleasant or nightmarish.


    I have a friend, a retired mathematics professor; he says that he is 80 years old. As he gets older and death stares him in the face, he denies it; initially, he felt depressed and thereafter he tried to dig his self out of his depression induced by coming death by engaging in feverish activities, building houses, hotels and such things.

     His make belief activities have made him manic; keeping busy enables him to deny the reality of the coming death of his ego and body (the ego and body are unreal and do not die, one simply forgets them and remembers one’s real self, part of eternal unified spirit self, aka life).

     The more he engages in businesses around the clock, the more he feels a part of ego life. What his ego-mind is doing is pretending to be a young man who still has a long time to live. But, deep down, he knows that he does not have more than ten years to live in ego and body, so his feverish activities designed to deny the reality of death of his ego and body is mere self-deception, delusion.

   He appears unable to manage the truth, so, one must, of course, leave him to dance his last ego dance, for to tell him the truth is to return him to the depression he felt upon retirement from his teaching job.

     The alternative is for him to realize that the world is a dream. But is that all there is to life, just a meaningless dream?

     There must be meaning somewhere. I must find it, live it, and teach it.


     In the least, realism requires that I must be in the world and doing something in the world but recognizing that it is a mere dream, that what one is doing is dream activity and not take it too seriously, not having ego attachment to one’s work but do it because it is the right thing to do. That is to say that one must be in the world but not be a part of it; one must have detachment to the world.

     It does not matter whether other egos recognize one or not, one must do what one knows is the right thing: love oneself, love all people, and stand up for justice for all people.

     This approach to living is akin to Buddhist approach; one should have no desire for ego, separated things, but still live in the world of separation; one should not escape from the world into a never, never so-called spiritual land.

     We get to cross that bridge (to spirit land) when we get to it; in the main time, one must make the most of this world and do so in a nonattached manner.

    This is what makes sense to me today. Today, I see Vladimir Putin of Russian using power to invade Ukraine, the warrior part of me wants to slap the terrorist around; since I cannot get to slap the egotistical freak (he is a Russian nationalist, a fascist) around, I will work to get him into prison.

     Putin must be arrested, tried by the International Criminal Court and sent to prison, for killing our children in Ukraine.

     I cannot stand around doing nothing as another personality disordered Adolf Hitler goes on a jingoistic journey to make his country great and use that delusion disorder, grandiose type, to justify killing innocent people.

     This work is worth doing; tomorrow presents a different challenge for me and all of us; we must do what we must do today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

    I live one day at a time.

Ozodi Osuji February 25, 2022

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