Let Republicans rule the USA


Ozodi Osuji

      The implications of Republicans winning in Virginia’s gubernatorial election on November 2, 2021, is that Democrats may lose control of both Houses of Congress next year, 2022 elections.

      If Republicans capture both Houses it means that Joseph Biden’s proposed policies are dead upon arrival at Congress, and he might as well no longer be the president; his nominees for judicial offices would not even be given Congressional committee hearing.

      Democrats know all these facts but still they have failed to pass through Congress Biden’s two key Bills, Infrastructure and Social Spending. They have kept both hostage debating what they should have united on; if they had passed the Bills, they would have given Biden key wins and given the public evidence that they can govern. If they had passed both Bills, they probably would have won in Virginia?

     When Republicans want to pass a Bill, especially those cutting taxes for the rich, they work behind the scenes and get all their members in Congress to vote for them, and they quickly pass-through Congress without some Republicans coming to the public to oppose them.

    Joe Manchin and Sinema these days decides what Democrats’ Bills they would kill, not even leaving it to Republicans to do so for them!

      Given the fecklessness of the Democratic Party, my advice for them is for them to simply pack up and go home and let Republicans govern America.

      That is correct, you heard me right; let liberals go away for they are useless and let mean spirited  Republicans govern the USA.

    Jesus Christ told his followers to love God, love themselves and their neighbors and to do unto others as they want to be done to and that that is the sum of all the teachings of the prophets of God. But many white Americans who profess to be Christians would not love their neighbors. They pass infinite egoistic laws seeking ways to screw their black neighbors.

     We know that evil minded Republicans would like to enact legislations that return black folks to slavery, remove black folks from voting and have their racist Supreme Court rule that black folks are not human beings and, as such, have no rights that white folks should respect, as Chief Justice Roger Taney ruled in the Dred Scot case in 1857.

       Let Republicans go right ahead and be the Neanderthals they want to be. Within ten years the USA would cease to exist!

      The entire world would so come at them from every corner of the globe that they would be destroyed in a decade.

     White Afrikaans removed all political power from black folks in South Africa during the Apartheid rule. The entire world came at them, and they had to relinquish power.

     Let racist white America have total power and stick it to black folks and let the conscience of the world feel outraged and finally feel justified to attack America. Any one with nuclear weapons would evaluate their efficacy in the USA.

     But instead of allowing these pathetic folks to implement their desired bestial policies, Democrats, without really changing the political system, moderate their bestial behaviors. I say let Democrats simply go away and let Republicans do their things.

     Democrats, by moderating the bestiality of Republicans, are partially responsible for keeping this charade of false democracy going. So, I say that Democrats should simply go home and let the white nationalist party rule the USA.

      People all over the world may be ambivalent over evil but there is a level of evil that outrages the human conscience and folks are aroused to fight and die for justice. It may take a world war to destroy the evil that is at the base of white Americans’ hatred of black folks.

    The world is sick and tired of these anachronic folks’ refusal to become human beings, those who love each other and love their creator. Democrats have colluded with them and kept them in power by always civilizing their mean-spirited policies.

     If Democrats want to be in politics, they must transform themselves into a European styed social democratic party and immediately pass legislations providing all Americans with publicly paid education through university and have a single payer health insurance for all Americans. Let them have the courage and boldness to do these right things and they would govern America, uninterrupted, for fifty or more years.

     It is because they dilly dally and refuse to do the right thing that Republicans are given oxygen to exist.

      I am a social democrat but because of the nature of American politics that restrict political parties to two, thus, making it inevitable for all non-conservative scoundrels to seek refuge in the Democratic Party, I am a nominal member of the Democratic Party.

     The Democratic Party comprises of, at least, five parties under one umbrella, viz, social democrats, green, centrist liberals, mixed capitalist-socialist economists and atheists and feminists’ parties. These diverse people find shelter in the big tent of the Democratic Party. The result is that none of them gets his policies implemented into law because some members of his so-called party fiercely oppose him.

    I am angry at the Democratic Party. I know that my anger is displaced, for I ought to be angry at the Republican Party; my anger at the Democrats is like the anger of a child at his parents for not doing enough for him, instead of him being angry at the people who make sure that his parents do not have enough money.

     Political anger should be directed at racists not the liberals who are, at least, trying to moderate the viciousness of the White Nationalist Party.

    Of course, Democrats are not going to fold up and go out of business. That been said, I have expressed how I feel about their tendency to not boldly stand for something that benefits the poor but merely modify what Republicans do and make them less vicious.

Ozodi Osuji

November 3, 2021

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