Jesus crucified his self


Ozodi Osuji

      New Age Christian religionists teach that the world is the outward mirror of one’s thoughts, that one thinks and projects ones thinking out and see it as the outside world one live in; that the day world is like what happens at night when we sleep and dream; in dreams we think (without being aware that we are thinking, a different type of thinking) and it produces the dream we have while we sleep and dream.

     A different type of thinking that we are not conscious of produces our day world. If this is true it follows that nothing can happen to the individual that his thinking did not produce; he experiences only a world that his thinking produces (in his nightly dreams and in his daily world).

      If this thesis is true, it follows that Jesus used his thinking to produce those who crucified him; that is, he wanted to be crucified and made a cast of characters and his mind projected his intention for them to crucify him and they did so and he experienced what he wanted to experience, crucifixion in the hands of his brothers!

     But since he knew that the day world and night world are dreams by him, Jesus knew that he did not die in the hands of his brothers who crucified him. Because he did not die, he was not angry at  them, he overlooked what they did to him, what he did to himself through them; he forgave them because he knew that they and he remain as God created them, sinless, guiltless, holy, and innocent for they merely dreamed and did not in truth do what they did in their dreams for dreams are not real.

     Jesus thereafter asked every one of us to realize that our individual minds project out those who did bad things to us, because we want to experience bad things done to us by seeming other people, and since the seeming other people are us, we did bad things to us but since they happened in dreams, we did nothing.

     We tried to kill God hence tried to kill ourselves through having other people attack and kill us. It is only a dream; in reality, we cannot kill God and ourselves hence we must forgive ourselves.

     Jesus wants us to realize, as he did, that the world is a dream and what is done in dreams have not been done in fact hence we must overlook the dream evil we do to each other; in doing so we reclaim the awareness of our eternal innocence.

     We are not victims of other people’s harms, nor are we victimizers harming other people; the world is our drama of seeming self-crucifixion in the hands of seeming other people.

      On the personal note, in my dream that I am a special and separated person on planet earth, my unknown type of thinking projected out people who attacked me, did terrible things to me; I projected out folks who discriminate against me; I did to me what those seeming other people did to me.

      Seeing these dreadful things done to me by seeming external other persons I feel like I live in a dangerous world and defend myself from further attacks; I fear other people, I fear me, I fear God; I live in insecurity.

      If I knew that all these are part of my game, a dream, then I laugh and not fear anyone, and not be angry at anyone; I would dream differently, this time dream with the Holy Spirit and forgive and love all people. I will gather people who love me and do not harm me, I would have a happy dream.


      We hear New Age religionists say that each of us created his earthly reality and is responsible for whatever happens to him. I do not know if that claim is true or not.

      Nevertheless, I decided to apply that logic to the drama of Jesus. In that vein, the world was Jesus’ dream; he was the dreamer and enacted a dream where he made some people to crucify his ego and body and three days later, he rose from death. He did it all to himself and has no one to blame for what he did to himself.

     If this is true then we should no longer go about feeling guilty for killing the son of God for he killed himself through seeming other people; he did so to resurrect to his real self, the Christ, the son of God and live in love, not hatred.

     Obviously, this is not the way traditional Christians understand the universal drama and play of God having his only begotten son die for the sins of his other sons so that they are saved.


    In this essay, I merely drew conclusions based on New Age religions frame of reference; from New Age religion’s paradigm that we create our reality. I took the framework unquestioned; my goal was not to prove the veracity of the framework but to merely apply it to the drama of Jesus dying for our sins.

     For all I know, the New Age mantra that we created our reality through our thinking could be wrong and the traditional Christian perspective that external others crucified innocent Jesus Christ could also be wrong.


This essay is predicated on the New Age teaching of Helen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles.

Ozodi Osuji

July 20, 2022

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