It is now time for Donald Trump to go away from the political limelight


Ozodi Osuji

    Although in a democracy, every man and woman have the right to compete for public offices but if a person has a discernable negative impact on society, he ought to consider not presenting his self for political positions in the human polity.

     Whereas Donald Trump has the right to run for the presidency of the USA, for the good of the country, he should consider going away from the political scene; he needs to leave the political limelight to other Republican politicians. He needs to disappear from the mass media for peace to return to this troubled land; he has sown enough social discord in the land.

      A leader ought to unify a diverse people and not divide them by harping on their weak spots. What good exactly does Trump represent in our minds?

      As I see it, every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth is socially divisive. Those who flock to him are folks who are angry at the social and political changes that have taken place in the USA since the 1960s civil rights movement; like children they imagine that they can reverse the clock and return to pre-civil rights America. No, they cannot. They must learn to live in a multiethnic world.

     Watch the infantile Newt Gingrich spouting his nostalgic 1950s America on Fox Noise Network. That man seems to believe that the opportunities given to black folks are the root cause of what he sees as American problems. These days he talks about the lowering of American colleges caused by affirmative action. Poor man, suppose I were to tell him that his folks cannot compete with Igbo folks? He should stay alive a little longer as intelligent humanity displaces the daft humanity that marketed itself as supermen and women when, in fact, they cannot win in a true competitive environment.

     These folks also imagine that the land of their immediate ancestors will remain what they imagine it is, white. Well, they need to face reality; in the next three decades African and Asian folks will become prime ministers and presidents of European countries!

     And that Europe of their fantasies used to be inhabited by Africans until about six thousand years ago!

    The world has changed; folks ought to change with it instead of nostalgically dreaming of going back to an Eldorado that never existed anywhere on planet earth. The entire planet earth belongs to all of us human beings, not to some ethnic group that used military aggression to claim what belongs to all of us as theirs alone.

     It is now about time for all of us to construct a humane society, as represented by the mixed economies and social democracies of the Scandinavian countries.

     You cannot step into the same river twice.

Ozodi Osuji

November 10, 2022

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