It is insane to believe that one is a body



Ozodi Osuji

      Look at the human body scientifically, that is, objectively; it is made of matter; matter is composed of elements (the human body is primarily made of the elements of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium…of sixty four elements); the elements are composed of the particles of the atom (electrons, protons and neutrons), some of which are made of quarks, and which are made of light (photons).

      The human body is made from matter and like all matter has three forms (solid, liquid, and gas); in time matter decays and return to physical light and physical light decays and returns to nothingness and nowhere from which it came during the big bang 13.8 billion years ago.

     Our bodies came from nothing and nowhere and will return to nothing and nowhere (if you want to put it grossly, you can say that our bodies do gross things, such as poop, die and become food for worms and smell awfully, but let us keep it to the science of it and to the metascience that it does not exist).

    The human Body, and the matter, space, and time that it is part of, came from nothing, expands, and eventually dies and returns to the nothingness from which it came.

     Yet it is this nothingness, body, that people seek to be and devote their entire lives on earth to trying to be it; we work like slaves to earn livings for our bodies, to procure food, medications, clothes, and shelter for our bodies; we buy cars and other means of transportation to carry our bodies from place to place; we essentially live to serve our bodies, serve nothingness.

      Indeed, in the past, if still not the present, some folks used to capture other people in bodies and made them slaves; they used slaves to work to serve their own bodies’ needs, work to procure food and whatever makes their own bodies live luxuriously; yet the bodies of slaves and their slave masters died and decayed back to the Nothingness they came from.

     If you have attained adulthood and have normal intelligence, you know that bodies are nothing; yet we seek them and try to hide their nothingness in loads of denials.

     When people die, we continue the denial of the nothingness of bodies by building monuments of sand over them; we clothe dead bodies in fancy clothes and jewelry and bury them in fancy graves. In time the dead bodies and their fancy jewelry and the mausoleum over them will turn to sand and sand will turn to atoms which will decay to protons, neutrons and electrons and quarks and those to light and to nothingness. (Sand is scientifically called quartz; it is composed of silica and oxygen.)

      Egyptians built pyramids to house their embalmed dead Pharaohs, Kings; English men have their dead historical figures housed in gravestones inside Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster, London; the Catholic Church bury their dead popes underneath their Vatican Cathedral.

     Give or take, a few thousand years those cathedrals of sand return to sand, which return to particles, which return to nothingness.


      The pursuit of nothingness, which is what life on earth is all about, must have a reason. We use the bodies that we made to protect the separated selves, egos, we made for ourselves (the separated ego self is a replacement self, a substitute self we made and use it to replace the formless, unified self that God created us as).

     We use bodies, matter, space, and time to hide from our real selves; our real selves are formless, bodiless unified spirits; God created us as part of his eternal unified spirit self.

      Body serves the goal of delusional disorder, the desire to be a special, separated self, a powerful self that replaced God and created itself and created the universe; like the ego it serves, body is insane.

      Sanity lies in recognizing that the ego we desire is not real and that the bodies that house them are not real; ego, body, matter, space and time do not exist; they are illusions that we use to dream separation from God, separation from our real selves and separation from each other.


      God is perfect union of himself and his creations. Union is love. When we are in eternal union with God and with each other we are in love; we love God and love each other in unified spirit state.

      We desired to live as the opposite of unified state hence seem to have separated from union, from God and from each other and made space, time, and matter and used matter to construct bodies for each of us.

     Matter, body was made as a means of opposing union, opposing God’s will hence has an unholy, disunifying goal. The body therefore is an insane thing.

     God, knowing what his children desire (specialness, separation) does not destroy it but remakes it to serve a holy and unifying goal. We made bodies (space, time, and matter) to use them to separate from God and from each other; God, through his Holy Spirit, God in the temporal universe, God in our earthly minds, the truth of union/love in our right minds (the ego/separation is in our left minds) asks us to use what we made to separate with to love with. He asks us to use our bodies, space, time, and matter, though illusions, to love each other.

      When bodies are used to love they approximate holiness; they become the temple of God, the temple of love.

      God does not destroy our desire for specialness, either; he allows each of us to seem special, powerful and use his specific skills to work for the salvation of all of us.

      Jesus desired to be special, to be the savior of the world; he was allowed to so feel; he gained a sense of positive specialness, the savior of humankind. I desired specialness and transformed that neurotic desire for importance and superiority to using it to articulate what makes us return to our true self. Our true self is the same and equal in all of us.

    On earth, in the dream of specialness and separation, we are not equal and the same; there are special functions for each of us; some people understand spirituality more than you do, just as some people understand physics more than the rest of us; but in eternity we are all the same and coequal.

      When the world ends, we give up our special functions and regain awareness of our equality and sameness, but in the meantime, we must accept that people have different skill sets.


     If I left it at merely stating that ego and body are bad, I would be doing what existentialist philosophers do, teach hopelessness; I would be telling people that what they serve, egos and bodies, does not exist and, therefore, their existence is pointless; I would make people depressed and suicidal.

    Ego, body, space, and time in truth do not exist, but they can be put to a different purpose. If you let them go and no longer desire them you will awaken from the dream of self-forgetfulness, the dream of separation and know yourself as the holy son of God and experience you as part of one formless, unified spirit self.

     But since you still want to live in separation and body, God asks you to use your body to love his other sons that also think that they are in separation and in bodies; use your body to love other sons of God in bodies until you believe that you die (there is no death) and at that point you see you in a world of bodies made of light, light forms, in still a world of space, time and objects but all of them made of light.

     This is the purified world, a world devoted to love (paradise, purgatory), while there if and when you finally choose to let go of the desire to live in separated ego self, in forms, matter or light forms, and give up the wish for specialness and separation you let that wish die and you awaken to where you always are, and while there sleep and dream that you are elsewhere, on earth; you awaken to your truth , formless unified spirit self, and know yourself as a son of God who is one with God; you awaken in heaven, and continue living eternally, in peace and joy.


     To understand the points sketched above, see A course in miracles, lesson 199, and chapter 31, the final vision. In the last chapter of the text of A course in miracles, you are asked to let go of your separated self-concept and first see that self as Christ self, still in form, now in light form (Christ vision), and eventually let it go and know yourself as the eternal, formless idea as a part in the idea of  the whole self-called God (son of God who is one with God).


     If you believe that you are separated from God and from other people and live in body, space, and time you are insane; you become partially sane when you use the body and world you made to separate from love, now, to love other creations of God and love God.

    You regain awareness of your sanity when you let go of the desire for separation, ego, body, space, and time and awaken in formless, unified spirit self, your real self.

     It is only in God, perfect union, that we are sane; on earth, in egos and bodies we are insane.

     Ponder what I said in the above Gnostic Gospel (see Plotinus’s book, Ennead) and see if it makes sense to you; if it does then accept and live it, if it does not then throw it away.

       God is pure reason; rational persons like me (I am the epitome of pure reason) can use pure reason to regain awareness of their true self, the son of God who is one with God.

     You do not have to indulge in irrational religions, as embodied in Christianity, Islam, African religions and so on to return to God; pure reason can enable you to return to God.

     God is the union of all things as one thing; give up the desire for separation from all things and relapse to the awareness of being a part of all things and in it know peace and joy.

     Peace and joy characterize God’s reality. If you are in peace and joy, you are at one with God and his creations; you are sane.

    The above observations, obviously, represent a philosophy, a perspective on reality; perspective is not truth; it is for the reader to decide what is the truth for himself; the perspective expressed in this essay makes sense to me; it is not the truth but I believe that it leads me to finding the truth, which is the union of all things as one non-dual thing.

      Unified state cannot be described in words but can be experienced to know that it is true; give up your desire for a special, separated self-housed in body, living in space, time and matter, keep quiet and experience the oneness that religious folks call God.

Ozodi Osuji

July 18, 2022

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