It is fantasy to wish to change people and their society


Ozodi Osuji

     See a person, young or old, sick, or healthy, stooped with weakness or athletic, black, or white or any other race, he is exactly what you see him as and what he is supposed to be now, as you see him. You may wish that he were a different person, say, a better person, but he is not going to be so for the entire universe worked to produce him and for him to be what you see him as now.

      (The world is a movie; it is already made; we are now reviewing it; therefore, you see people in the roles they already played in the movie.)

     The individual is not an accident, he is who he wants to be, not consciously, but who he came to the world to be; he did so by his own unconscious reasons.

     Look at shiftless Africans and you see people who seem cursed to produce children that they cannot possibly provide for hence produce poor children and you wish that they were different (a couple having no more than two children), but they are not going to change, because they are exactly who they are supposed to be now, by their choice, choices they made millions of years ago (which is now).

     I told E that her ego is grandiose, but she ignored me because she came to the world to be deluded and learn from it what constitutes mental health. Even at age six you could see that she liked her parents to be rich and have big social positions, her first car was a Mercedes Benz, then a Range Rover; she liked everything that made her seem big, because she felt small and inferior, and did not respect you if you are poor and not socially big.

      I see Americans and their antihuman capitalist economy that in a century would bring them down and they are replaced by a mixed capitalist and socialist economy and a social democratic polity but they would not change; instead, they harken to their current antiquated politics rooted in eighteenth century ideas on government; they will not learn new ways of doing things until they collapse and something different comes from their fall.

       You cannot change yourself by magical thinking; what you can do is study you and learn about you, why you are the way you are (biology and social experience) and then start doing what you must do to change.

     In my case, I must give up all asking for people to be ideal and perfect and simply accept people as they are and live with them as they are.

      You do not have to be happy with what is, as Byron Katie said that she is, but to accept what is.

     People rebelled against their real self, unified spirit self, and came to earth to live as separated selves; they invented a physical universe of space, time, and matter and used matter to construct their bodies and now live in bodies and are proud of their bodies and separated ego selves. They are not aware that defense of separated selves sentences them to suffering and that the solution is for them to give up the wish for separation, the ego self in body, and revert to their nature, which is always there, unified spirit self and in it know perfect peace and joy and sense of eternity, permanency, and changelessness.

    People, of course, will continue to gradually improve their bodies, egos, and societies, but it is not going to be because you want to have them do so but because it is evolutionary, and they are meant to always improve themselves and some being better in society than others.

    You should have compassion for people and for yourself who are who they must be and suffer because they must suffer but that is not going to change them; it is the nature of being; their choice. They can always choose differently, choose to let go of their ego separated selves in bodies and return to the awareness of their real selves, Christ selves then awaken to the formless sons of God who are one with God, who they always are while sleeping and dreaming that they are separated selves.

    As noted earlier, the world and people you see had already played the roles you see them now playing in a movie and they are all reviewing that movie, and the movie is winding down to end with all of them realizing their oneness with each other, hence love each other and thereafter awaken in God’s oneness and experience its perfect peace and joy.

Ozodi Osuji

July 2, 2022

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