Is this all that Africans can do…?


Africa, Nigeria is a sickness created by European colonial masters; the sickness must be healed by Africans restructuring their continent, creating ethnic based states and having some sort of confederation where the states rule themselves, but the central government coordinate their activities.

Ozodi Osuji

Most African countries have been self-governing since about 1960. That means that Africans have been governing themselves for sixty years.

     The British were in Nigeria for sixty years, 1900-1960. So, despite sixty years of self-governance what has Africa got to show for it?

     Apart from Rwanda, can anyone please tell us an African country that can be considered well governed. They are all badly governed and the people give us excuses why they are the eyesore of the world.

     Africans blame their dreadful situation on slavery, colonialism, neocolonialism, on Europeans looting Africa’s wealth and using it to develop Europe.

      Some European looting of Africa is going on but how does that compare to the money those African leaders loot from their people? What are Nigerian leaders but criminals in politics, folks who go to politics to steal as much as they can and no one bothers trying to stop them (line corrupt leaders up against a wall and shoot them to death, and do it weekly and all that  practice of corruption would disappear for thieves are cowards and are afraid of death, kill them and they would not steal, it is pampering them with so-called due process of law that takes ten years to convict a person of corruption, if at all, and then he spends no substantial time in prison ).

      Africans are responsible for their fallen house. Blame it on Europeans as they like to do, the fact is that they are the ones in charge and have done nothing to show for it other than blame white folks.

     Blaming other people for one’s problems assume that Africans are children whom white folks ought to have helped and did the right things for so that they would have inherited a well-built house and good governments.

      Who told Africans that in the real world it is up to Europeans to do good things for them? In real politics, folks are out looking for their national self-interests; Europeans are in politics to better their people’s lives, not Africans lives; they are motivated to steal from Africa because they are self-interested animals not gods.

     Africans ought to be self-interested and check-mate Europeans, prevent them from stealing from Africa. Instead, all we hear are stupid blaming of Europeans for Africa’s fallen house. Africans are trying to make Europeans to feel guilty for not helping them (are they helping Europeans?).

     Africans live impoverished lives; making white liberals to feel guilty would not make them help feed Africans. Indeed, European conservatives, political realist regret giving African’s independence and would like an opportunity to go recolonize Africans for they believe that Africans are like children and cannot govern themselves right (of course they would not say this openly for in the age of political correctness folks dare not publicly say what they privately think).

       Are Africans really born unable to govern themselves, right? If so, what is the cause of it? Is it because they are born unintelligent? There is no evidence for that.

      African are unable to govern themselves well because of their tendency to corruption and lack of dedication to serving their people but instead wanting to seem like idle big men in their people’s eyes while doing nothing useful for them.

       Yet what needs to be done is amazingly simple. Each African country was put together by Europeans, so, properly speaking they are not nation-states. Upon obtaining their independence from Europeans, what they should have done is reorganize their internal politics and make it realistic.

     They should have made each major ethnic group a state and attach smaller ones to major ones but give the smaller ones some autonomy within the states.

      Thus, in Nigeria with about twelve major ethnic groups there would be twelve states, specifically, Igbo, Yoruba, Edo, Ijaw, Efik, Benue, Plateau, Bornu, Hausa, Fulani etc. The smaller groups would be attached to each of these twelve states but within it are made autonomous counties.

      Each state would govern all aspects of itself economically but delegate to the central government the military and foreign affairs (and each citizen paying up to 30% of his annual revenue in taxes).

       What is done in Nigeria is replicated in all Multiethnic African countries, such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Congo, all of them.

      Africa has about five hundred large ethnic groups, so divide Africa into about five hundred ethnic based states and let each state govern itself and make the countries confederation or federations.

      Do this and make a sport of killing thieves, especially political thieves; steal a penny that belongs to the public and you are arrested and quickly tried and if found guilty, lined up against a wall and shot to death. This is to be done at state capitals and at national capitals.

      Kill all thieves and you would bring about security and clean governments (they do this in China), but instead of doing the right thing all we hear are mere talk, talk and more talk about why Africans cannot do the right things and are always badly governed and the people starve and their stupid governments, hat in hand go begging foreign governments to bail them out (Ethiopia has just wasted its resources in ethnic based wars and is now begging the West to give them money to run their governments).


      What I am doing in this paper is not mere idealistic, dreaming. I say so because those who call themselves political realists tell us that Africa is so backward, and is, may be, two thousand years behind the West and, at least, one thousand years behind Asia, that those factors considered Africans are doing good, that they could be worse.

      Politics idealism is wishing for what cannot happen in the real world. In the real world you can have good government, have no thieving leaders, have leaders who want to serve their people, so one is not engaged in the magical thinking or dreaming of political idealists; one is dealing with facts not emotions.

      The next question is to ask one what one has done to improve the African situation, on the ground, rather than staying afar and from that long distance complain about how Africa is badly governed. True, it is always good to be on the ground to participate in governance but being on the ground in Nigeria mostly turn people into looters rather than good leaders who can set goals and mobilize their people and material and use them to accomplish those stated goals.


       Africa is a basket case; its eternal poverty makes non-Africans feel guilty and seek ways to help Africans. They give Africans economic aid and African leaders steal it and Africans remain infernally poor and suffer.

      Many non-Africans no longer want to talk about Africa; they do not even want to see African suffering people because it is too much for them to bear. Pictures of starving African children spoil folk’s dinner. African leaders play on this guilt and use it to get liberal westerners to help them out and they steal such monetary help.

      What these thieving African so-called leaders have not learned is that no one else owes Africans a thing; it is not for non-Africans to help Africans to survive; in the real-world folks are in competition and if you cannot compete you die off.

      It has gotten to a point where many of us suspect that unless African leaders begin doing the right things and govern Africa well that political realism would dispose Europeans, and this time Asians included, to come back to Africa and recolonize it.

     Since the operating assumption is that Africans cannot govern themselves well, that they were given a chance and they blew it, that no other chances would be given to them.

      That is, Africa risks been recolonized because of the shiftlessness of its thieving leaders. No one wants to pity Africans anymore, for folks do not pity adults who steal rather than dedicate their lives to serving public good; folks now want to punish Africans for being such thieves.

     I certainly do not pity African leaders; I want to punish them via capital punishment.

    It may get to that dreaded situation when Africa is recolonized (this may happen in fifty years).

       But it needs not happen; it would not happen if from now onwards Africans begin to behave like adult human beings and govern themselves right and stop making excuses for their fallen house and blaming white folks, and soon Chinese, for their fallen house.

    The new year resolution for all Africans is to start governing Africa right. It is now time for good to start coming out of Africa instead of only bad. Yes, good can come out of Africa, but for that to happen Africans must resolve to take diligent care of their countries and stop making royal messes in governing them while blaming white folks for their poor leadership and penchant for stealing.

     Please do not proffer the usual excuse, saying that the writer of this paper is naïve and does not understand the stranglehold of the West over Africa; the West used to control Asia, but Asians are now on par with the West in income per capita.


 What I wrote in this essay is very much like what I wrote on the same topic over twenty years ago and posted it on one of the Nigerian Internet sites. It presumes that nothing has changed in Africa.

       If Africa has changed and one ignores it and harps on what is wrong with Africa, then one has a problem. In psychoanalytic language, one posits ideas of perfection and identify with them and from the perspective of perfection one talks about how things ought to be in Africa and ignore the economic and social forces that make Africa the slow developer she is.

       If we choose to, we can find rationalizations why not much development is taking place in Africa or do you like the pace of development in Africa?

Ozodi Osuji

January 1, 2022

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