Is there a universal intelligence in the universe?


Ozodi Osuji

      In my dreams, a part of me that I am not conscious of, let us call it the unconscious mind, takes people I know in real life and people that I do not know, takes all kinds of things and uses them to enact a dream that apparently has a goal and it all fits; it is like a play written by a playwright all geared towards an end that the writer has in mind, but, obviously, my conscious mind did not beforehand write the play, and people it with actors and things and have them dramatize it.

      The goals of my dreams may be deluded, such as wanting to change people and the world and having them work to attain some unrealistic goal that I may have in my day life (Sigmund Freud said that in dreams we gratify our unrealistic goals during the day).

     However, what is salient is that intelligence seems to put together my dreams without my conscious knowledge of how it does it.

     It also seems that intelligence works to make the complex processes of the human body, animals’ bodies, plants, planets, stars and galaxies working as they do without our conscious knowledge of what is going on (with study we are beginning to understand, say, one percent of how our bodies, animals’ bodies, plants, stars etc. work, nevertheless, we are still ignorant of how nature works).

      The intelligence that operates in our bodies and nature is impersonal because whereas it organizes complex processes in us and around us, it does not seem to do so for our good. For example, natural forces like hurricanes, floods, diseases etc. sweep our bodies to death as if they have no worth.

     Nature took its time to produce our bodies and swiftly destroy them as if they are nothing of significance. We all will eventually die and are forgotten, raising the question why nature bothered to produce our bodies in the first place.

     As the German idealistic philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer observed, it would have been better that our bodies and egos did not exist. It seems that nature made a mistake in producing human beings (consider Christian white Americans; they fight to prevent women from having abortion but once those women have children, they would not raise a hand to support them; they will not give them free health care and publicly paid education through university; so, why want children to be born, to come and suffer and be poor…these supposed Christians seem irrational and sadistic).

      Some people posit God and say that God did all these complex things in nature; to them those things could not have been done randomly.

     On the other hand, there are logical positivistic scientists who say that everything was produced by accidents.

       If you posit God, since God has not revealed himself to all of us so that we know who he is, your idea of God is your opinion, not a fact. Each human being could have a different concept of God from your concept of God.

      People will resort to fighting over whose idea of God is correct; sectarian wars characterize human history. Therefore, to avoid those fruitless debates, conflicts, and wars, it is probably better to say that accidents determine everything even though we do not know that that is true.

      If there is God and or intelligence determining the universe, then prove it, do not just assert it as an apriori truth.

Ozodi Osuji

July 2, 2022

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