Is channeling for real?


 Ozodi Osuji

     I got a copy of A course in miracles in 1989. I have, off and on, studied the book and attended groups where folks study the 1200 pages book.

     I think that I have understood what the book is saying although I have not experienced Holy Instant, what one is supposed to experience if one forgives and loves all people.

     Holy Instant is its term for what Hinduism calls Samadhi, and Buddhism calls Nirvana, Zen calls Satori and Christian mysticism calls the mystical union of the son and his father, God. In it one loses awareness of one’s sense of ego I and experiences a sense of the Christ I, the son of God who is as God created him, one with God hence feels perfect peace and joy and has sense that one is eternal, permanent and changeless.

     I understand the concept at the rational level but have not experienced it, although I have had spiritual experiences that are out of this world. For example, I have had out of body and near-death experiences where I found myself in the world of light forms. Here, the world still looks like our world of space, time and forms except that everything is in light forms, and you are wherever you want to be; thought and action is instantaneous.

     Let me reiterate that I have not had what religions call the ultimate spiritual experience, the sense of oneness with God and all his creation; that is, I am not yet illuminated and enlightened to our real self, unified spirit self. But I have had enough other-worldly experiences to be able to understand writings on spiritual matters.

      I am currently reading Mari Perron’s book, A course of love. What it says seem the same as what is said in A course in miracles. Indeed, she claims that the book is also channeled by Jesus Christ and that she is a mere medium through whom Jesus speaks.

      The content of her book is the same as the content of A Course in miracles; there is no doubt about that. But since she studied A course in miracles before beginning her channeling history, is she really channeling the course or is her mind merely deceiving her and telling her that she is channeling the course?

      The human mind is an amazing thing. How does it, for example, dream when we sleep. In my nightly dreams I see a world that looks like my day world, I see people doing what they do in the day world and when I wake up in the morning, I realize that it was only a dream and not real.

     How does the human mind produce our dreams?

     Please do not tell me about brain science because I understand that subject more than you. There is nothing in our brains and animals’ brains (animals also do dream) that tells me a damn reasonable thing about how we dream!

     A larger question is, could it be that our day world is also a dream in our minds? If so, what exactly is mind?

     I do not know what mind is, but I am curious to know. Regarding Mari Perron’s book, I do not question that what she says is in accord with what Helen Schucman said in A course in miracles, but I am thinking out aloud whether both women were merely projecting their thoughts to an entity that they called Jesus Christ? I do not know. I ask questions and if you know the answers you tell me.

     I tend to think that what folks attribute to Jesus and other so-called enlightened persons are known to all of us. I have not attained the level that Jesus is said to have attained, such as performing miracles. Nevertheless, I do not believe that on spirituality the man knows as much as I do!

      I am not arrogant here. I know when my ego has taken over and I speak from pride. I am not speaking from pride when I say that Jesus does not understand spirituality as much as I do.

      I have written on the nature of the universe and can see what I wrote in what A course in miracles and A course of love says. If you have followed my writing, I traced the universe from the present to the Big Bang and show how matter, that is, elements, atoms were formed from electrons, protons and neutrons and how those were formed from quarks and, ultimately, from light and how the original light that came out of nowhere during the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago, formed our stars, planets, plants and animals hence everything is light.

     I do not know where the light of the big bang came from, but I suspect that it came from spiritual light.

     I think that we, the sons of God, transformed, in our imagination, not in reality, spiritual light to physical light and used physical light to construct our universe, and to construct our bodies and now seem to live in bodies and body, space and time give us the impression that we live separated selves when in truth, in God we live as unified selves; we are infinite selves who are in each other, and there is no space and time between us.

      I conjectured that in that formless, unified state we create. We, in God, unified spirit state, desired separated existence and thus invented our separated physical universe and infinite other universes.

     God is creative; he gave his sons his creative powers. His sons are always creating. In fact, God creates through his sons, which is the same as saying that the sons of God created, or miscreated with the power of their creative father in them.

     When the sons of God know themselves as unified, are in union with God, they create eternal, permanent and changes selves but when they see themselves as separated selves, they invent temporary universes, such as our present physical universe.

     In separation we invent illusions that seem real and when defended seem real to us and when not desired and defend ed they disappear; in union we create real universes.

    God as the Holy Spirit remakes the temporary universe his sons made and makes them permanent universe of light forms.

     Our present universe of matter has a version of it in light forms, a purified version of it that the Holy Spirit has made; it is what religions call gate of heaven, paradise and purgatory; it exists; it is our world of dense forms in a world of light forms; from it each of us gets tired of living in forms, dense or purified, and chooses to stop living in form and enter the formless world of God and in it know perfect peace and joy.

       A course in love made the point that we live in union with God and each other and create from that unified state; in its poetic way, it shows that we are forever unified, and that separation is an illusion.

      In my books, I showed, from a logical point of view, that the idea of separated selves is impossible of existence. There must be a whole for there to be a part; part and whole must coexist; they are joined and connected; without one the other cannot exist.

      If God is the whole and we are the parts, both of us must coexist and cannot exist without the other. I, a part, exist because God, the whole, exists, and God, the whole, exists because I, the part, exist. This is reality.

      What Helen Schucman and Mari Perron wrote seem true, but I tend to believe that their minds are capable of such profound knowledge without projecting their thoughts to Jesus Christ. I know that I write the type of stuff both women write, not in poetic form, but in prose; I also know that it is my mind that wrote whatever I wrote, not Jesus or any other disembodied person.

     Talking about Jesus, I have seen him in visions, so I know that he is real. If you like, my mind projected him out in those visions, as my mind project out my dreams at night.

     But how does one’s mind accomplish such feat, is it as Sigmund Freud said, through wish fulfillment in dreams? Freud said that in dreams we fulfill our wishes that we could not fulfil in the reality of the day world. May be Freud is right, but how does mind produce the dreams, Mr. Freud please tell us.

      The issue is not whether the old boy called Jesus Christ exists or not, he exists, but whether channelers are channeling from him or not.

     You say, if I have seen the old boy why not ask him whether he authored the books the two ladies in question wrote?

      I do not need to ask him for I know what he would say. He would say that all minds are joined as one mind and that we all derive truth from one source, God and when we speak the truth we are speaking from God.

      If we choose to attribute truth to the Holy Spirit, Buddha, Krishna or to Jesus Christ or to our higher selves, it does not matter, for all truth come from our unified spirit self.

    I have, sort of, answered the question that I asked in this paper. But I did not do so with one hundred percent certainty.

     Do you have a proofed answer to my question or are both of us only speculating? Can people channel information from disembodied spirits?

      I do not know for sure, but as an inquiring mind I want to understand these things. Please help me to understand metaphysical issues.

     Thank you.

Ozodi Osuji

November 7, 2021


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