Internal and external locus of control


Ozodi Osuji

     People who blame other people for their problems often think that they are correct but what they are doing becomes a behavior pattern that says that they are weak and vulnerable; in psychology we say that they have external locus of control/authority; they think that other people/environment determine their lives and when things go wrong in their lives they blame other people; in contrast are those with internal locus of control/authority; they believe that they are responsible for their lives and do not blame other people when things go wrong in their lives; if things do not work out as they desire they examine themselves to see what role their behavior and character played in them and change what can be changed in them and live with what cannot be changed.

     Consider Africans blaming Europeans for their poor status. They marshal all the evidence showing you what Europe did to underdeveloped Africa, such as slavery, neocolonialism and so on (those who engage in this infantile behavior never tell you about what Europe did to serve Africa, such as teach them how to read and write, build schools in Africa, which were non-existent in Africa; until a people can read and write they are not part of the world so Europe gave Africa the greatest blessing by teaching them to read and write, but Africans take this blessing for granted and blame away at Europeans, they show no sense of gratitude, as real adults do; if a person does not show gratitude for even little things that other persons did for him, the universe does not bless him with success).

     in the meantime, Africans are not doing what they can do to develop Africa. Given independence and power, instead of developing Africa, they are corrupt beyond human understanding (corruption exists everywhere in the world but Africans corruption is out of this world, it is Satanic), and blame members of other ethnic groups for their poor leadership and management skills.

     From blaming white folks, they degenerate to blaming other Africans and eventually to blaming their family members, their siblings, their wives, and children.

      There is a word for such people, immature. As any adult knows, blaming other people for one’s problems is infantile vituperation; real men change their behaviors and characters to improve their lives; man-children blame other people for their situation and are caught in that situation forever and ever, never changing.

     Africans tendency to blaming others for their fallen house must be reversed; they must start blaming themselves, and feel a little guilt from their anti-social behaviors and improve them; those who do not feel guilt and remorse from their past bad behaviors do not change them; Africans refused to feel guilt for selling their people and like children blame only those they sold their people to (they blame Europeans and do not even blame Arabs, to whom they sold more Africans than to Europeans).

    Now, see, they are kidnapping their people for ransom money, which was what slave sellers did, kidnap Africans and sold them to Arabs and white people for money, money with which they used to pretend to be African big men and did not do anything significant with it.

     In the USA, at least, we can see the magnificent mansions built with profits from slavery by the slave masters; most of the castles of modern Europe were built with slave money, but where are the monuments, mansions bult by African slave sellers? They drank expensive imported French wine, Scottish whisky and English gin (as they currently are doing with the stolen money they get from redirecting Africa’s revenues to their personal pockets). We must change Africans.


     Now watch, many Africans will respond to this write up as indicative of me blaming the victim not the victimizer, white folks; they always see themselves as victims while victimizing their people; nothing is ever their fault, it is always other people’s faults; that way they refuse to take responsibility for their sorry situation and do what they can to improve it. Until a people accept accountability for their situation they are going nowhere in life.

Ozodi Osuji

May 11, 2022

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