Insanity, mild insanity and sanity


Ozodi Osuji

You have a real self (which no person on earth really knows); that real self is born in body; it feels weak in the body it is born in; it does not like the body it is born in; it seeks a different self; it seeks a powerful self; it is not the powerful self it seeks but it still desires it and defends it.
The child identifies with the false, powerful self; he feels angry when other people do not acknowledge its false power; it feels anxious when it anticipates that other people will reject it; it withdraws from other people to go protect the false, big self; it avoids going to school or learning lest it makes mistakes in learning and in so doing remains uneducated just to seem the false, important self.
The pursuit of the false, big self thus impedes learning and acquiring knowledge; yet, regardless of how much one seeks the powerful, big self-one cannot become it for it is not who one is, and one should not become it for to become it is to be totally insane.
Those who take the false, big self too seriously and pretend to be it become deluded, or manic, or schizophrenic.
The neurotic seeks it and uses it to make life miserable for his self; the normal person seeks it in a muted form.
The moment you stop seeking the false, big self you know peace; your body relaxes, your mind relaxes, you laugh easily and get along with every person and above all you become peaceful and happy.
We disturb our peace and happiness by seeking a false, powerful self that gives us nothing but pain and pretense.
Human beings are truly weird because they give themselves unnecessary pain by trying to become a self that they are not, whereas their real self is much more beautiful, and they do not even know what that real self is.
To know what the real self is, you must let go of all efforts to be the false, big self and stay quiet and let your real self-dawn on your mind, thinking by itself.
Whereas the real self-segues into the light self, and eventually to the formless unified self, however, the pursuit of these selves can mislead folks into another neurotic and or psychotic pursuit; just let go of your false self and relax and live-in peace; if you experience the spiritual self, so be it, if not, so be it, too.


There are three ways a human being can think and act. The first is our thinking and acting in unified spirit state, aka heaven. Here, all minds are joined as one Holy mind, aka unified mind. All minds know what all other minds are thinking. There is no space and gap between one mind and other minds. You are thinking and other persons know what you are thinking and respond to you.
If you are on earth, as you must be, if you are reading this material, you are not aware of your holy thinking, although whether you know it or not, your holy thinking is always going on; you are right now in unified state, heaven as part of God and his unified sons and participating in the activities of heaven.
You cannot understand that type of thinking and behavior while you are on earth; there, you know everything at once. That type of thinking is creative. In it we create other selves and other universes to play with.
While in unified self, unified mind, unified thinking, heaven we wished to separate from it and engage in separated thinking; as it were, we went to sleep and now think individually, as I am doing here. This is called left minded thinking, or ego thinking or wrong thinking. It is thinking done in a sleep-dream state. At this level, you cannot know my thinking and I cannot know your thinking for we have the illusion that our minds are separated (enlightened persons, if they choose to, can tune into your mind and tell you exactly what you are thinking, but they do not do so, for your current thinking, to them is rubbish and is not worth been paid attention to; when we think in ego mind our minds, to God is empty; the world of the ego we see, to God does not exist; to God only the unified spiritual world exists).
This level of thinking is not creative; it does not create other universes or create other sons of God. It is used to do what we do on earth, that is, deal with the harsh exigencies of this world. This is the mind all of us are currently aware of.


When we seemed to have separated from each other and from God, God created another self, the Holy Spirit and placed him in our now sleeping and dreaming minds. Christians have many names for the Holy Spirit, some call it God in the temporal universe, the immanent God on earth; call it what you like, if you know that it is not a person but a part of your mind.
The Holy Spirit is in your right mind and in my right mind. It does not think first, it allows the left, wrong ego separation seeking mind to first think, and it simultaneously corrects what the ego thinks.
Whatever you think about is being corrected by the Holy Spirit; the ego world we invented, our physical universe is corrected by the Holy Spirit. As we improve our earth the Holy Spirit is improving it at a different level.
(All these seem magical; however, it is part of quantum mechanics; see Hugh Everett’s many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics, his 1958 doctoral dissertation at Princeton University, supervised by the Nobel laureate, John Wheeler…he said our thinking on earth are simultaneously manifested in other universes; David Deutch of Oxford University, in his multiverse concepts, developed this type of physics).
The world of the Holy Spirit is our world but in light forms. It is whatever we have on earth but is not in dense, matter form but in light form. Strange, er?
Try meditation, try loving all people, try forgiving all people; if you consistently and constantly love and forgive all, occasionally, you would escape from your ego mind and see yourself in the world of light forms (Catholics call it purgatory, Muslims call it Paradise, I call it the Gate of heaven), it is not heaven, for it is still in forms; heaven is formless; heaven is literal one shared self and one shared mind, whereas at the world of light forms you still see you in your body, see other people in their bodies, see animals, trees, houses, stars, everything in our world except that they are in light forms.
The ego left mind, the Holy Spirit right mind and the holy, unified mind are all in you. That is correct, they are not outside you (the kingdom of God is in you, Jesus Christ said). They are products of your thinking. Whichever you choose to think from you see the world it produces.
You are already thinking and behaving from the ego hence see our world of separated things, an illusion since in truth all things are unified.
Now, change your thinking, change your mind, and think differently about our world; now, love all people, and forgive those who harmed you and you see our world changed, become light formed.
Ultimately, think and behave as if you know that you and all people share oneself and there is no separation between you and other people and you know yourself as in heaven; you will occasionally experience unity, unified mind, a sense of oneness, an experience that you cannot translate to words for words cannot understand union, heaven; words deal with a separated world but not the unified world of God.
All these seem like magic, but has it not occurred to you that you are a magical being. Look at you, a bunch of 64 chemical elements held together by bonds (covalent bonds); you are in flesh and yet you can think and understand the universe.
Human beings are mysterious and if you do not know that fact you are not a human being.


For our present purposes, before you think and behave ask yourself what part of your mind you want to think from:

Ego mind
Holy Spirit/Christ mind
Holy/Unified/ God mind

All three types of thinking are available to you. You know what part of mind you are thinking from by your feeling.
If you think from the ego mind you feel conflicted, for you have two selves, one ego and the other the son Of God, aka the Christ self. You have a split mind and a split self; you are insane.
If you think from the Holy Spirit, aka Christ mind you are relatively in peace, not the perfect peace of heaven but the imperfect peace of the world of light forms; you are calm; you are still asleep and dreaming but you are beginning to wake up, so, whereas you are still insane (you are insane as long as you see a separated world for sanity is not perception, is knowing unified world), well, you are now having a happy dream, you are only mildly insane but not sane.
If you think and behave from unified mind you are in total peace, in bliss and would not be aware of planet earth.
Bahaullah, in his writings on the Bahai faith, has chapters that put in poetic terms what I am putting in prose; he explained the lesser peace of the gate heaven and the greater peace of being in heaven. Bahaullah experienced the world of light forms while he was in prison. His Bahai faith can take you to the world of light forms but not to heaven, for in heaven you must let go of your ego and disappear into egoless son of God; Bahaism refines people’s ego, helps them to see themselves as one with all people but does not urge them to eliminate their egos; it is a Bhakta Yoga religion (whereas I am teaching Jnana Yoga, Gnostic religion).
See Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism, Richard Maurice Burke, Cosmic Consciousness; and Helen Schucman, A course in miracles.


If there is nothing else that you learn from this paper, let go of all desire for a false, ideal self, perfect self, powerful self and be your real self; in doing so you know sanity.
It is the pursuit of the false ideal, powerful self that gives folks personality disorders, neurosis, and psychosis.
Finally, this paper weaves together secular and spiritual psychology. I combine science and meta-science in trying to understand people, for people are currently in body but they are also spirit; you cannot ignore one part of them. However, if you choose to ignore your ego and body you will exit from this world and find yourself, first in the world of light forms and finally in formless unified spirit state, aka heaven.

Ozodi Osuji
March 21, 2021

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