If you attract unloving persons to your life you are unloving


Ozodi Osuji

      Some people, men, and women, talk about how they always attract those who do not love them to their lives. This is true. What is also true is that if you attract unloving people to your life, you are an unloving person!

     This is because love attracts love and lack of love attracts lack of love.

     Therefore, instead of complaining about the unloving people you attract to your life, correct your unloving nature.  Pointing two fingers at other people while three fingers point right back at you is telling you to correct the mistake you see in other people in you for it also exists in you.


       To desire to be important, significant, and powerful is to seek separation from sameness, equality, and unified state (God and his creations).

     To become a powerful, separated ego is the reason this world exists; we all used to be same and coequal in unified state (we still are in reality), and desired becoming special, separated selves; to seem to get it we made us go to sleep and dream a world where each of us seems powerful (or powerless, which is paradoxically also seeking power). 

     We came to the world to be egos; the ego is the opposite of love (love lies in union with God and all selves), we are on earth because we rejected love, union, and preferred separated existence.

     The ego cannot love but remembers union in God and all creation; it feels lonely outside unified state and seeks the company of people; it marries and forms human groups to get company but not to love.

      In marriage the ego wants to retain its big self; if you retain your big self, you cannot love other people and cannot love your real self (in truth all selves are the same and coequal).  

       The only way to love other people is to eliminate your ego of importance (or allow the Holy Spirit to guide it for you).


     I used my ex-wife to make my ego seem important in my eyes; I used her to try to get a brother here. Getting my folks here made my ego seem important in my eyes.

    It is not the fault of those I was trying to help, it is my fault, my inability to love; those I was trying to help have their own issues.

     The goal is for me to learn to love by removing my desired grandiose ego. I do not have to help anyone; people are perfectly able to help themselves.

    My only function in this world is to remove my ego, to love my real self, other people’s real selves and love God. Thereafter, I live in peace and joy.

      Love returns us to the awareness of our real self, the son of God, a part of love. Love returns us to our real home, unified spirit state.

    The person you use is also using you; this is because if you attract people to use them, they also attract you to use you. We are in situations serving our ego goals, or in healthy situations serving our loving goals.

     My ex-wife is extremely religious; I am agnostic; she wanted to convert me to her religion; she used me to try converting those like me to her religion; I was her proselytizing project (I told her what I wrote here).

     Other people treat you as you treat them; there is no such thing as being treated unfairly in this world; you get what you give; give love and you get loved; give hate and you get hated.


    The person you perceive as not loving you does not love you; this is because that person does not love herself/himself and does not know what love is.

     Love is the absence of the special, separated ego self.  The criterion for being on earth is to desire a special, separated ego self; that means that to be on earth is to be unable to love. We came here to deny love but gradually learn what love is and eventually let go of our desired egos and reawaken to love, our true state.

     We are always in love but dream that we are outside it. When we awaken from the dream of lovelessness, we know that we are always in love, in unified state, in God, in peace and joy (while thinking that we are elsewhere). Currently, we are in exile from love, from unified state, from our real home in God; love returns us, the prodigal son to his father, to unified state, to peace and happiness.

Ozodi Osuji

August 9, 2022

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