I create my reality


Ozodi Osuji

My dreams are obviously produced by my mind; mind means thinking hence my dreams are produced by my thinking.
In daytime, I think about something and at night my dreams put it together, act it out as a play. For example, when I was at college and took a bunch of political science classes and wondered what to do with them, where to work, I concluded that I do not want to work in established institutions; I saw social institutions as existing to have conformists work in them; academia hires and promotes those who work within the establishment; if you challenge the establishment it fires you; governments hire and reward those who support them; the United Nations hires and promotes those who accept the politics of the major powers that fund the organization; I like writing but did not want to write for newspapers, magazines and journals for those publish what they want their audience to read.
I, therefore, concluded that for my freedom I do not want to work for established institutions.
Fresh out of graduate school, I went to New York to apply for a job at the United Nations and when I got there, I visited the organization’s headquarters building but did not have the energy to go to its personnel department to apply for the type of Job I had in mind (training officer).
I half-heartedly applied for teaching jobs at universities and some of them interviewed me but at the last moment they would fall through and I would not get hired.
Contemplating this situation, I had a dream where ropes were laid on the path entering my Alma Mata and when I tried the stairs robes were also wound around the part of them going up stairs that I wanted to take (but not the other part coming down). I interpreted this dream to mean that I have obstacles to making it in academia, true.
However, I did not yet understand that the obstacles were placed on my path by me, that no other person obstructed me; my dreams merely reflected my not wanting to work in academia. My dreams reflect what is in my mind, my desire not to be part of institutions and their lies.
I had a vision of Jesus. My mind produced the Jesus vision and made him tell me what I wanted to hear, for me to go establish my own path to returning to God.
The entire universe is in my mind, in your mind; I project out the entire universe; you project out the entire universe and make every person and thing do to me, what every person did to me, same for you.
I cannot blame other people if I did everything to me through my projections; and the same applies to you.
There are no victims in this world for each of us experiences exactly what he wants to experience, for he projects out what he experiences.
What do I want to do with my life that my dreams are telling me to go do?


I want to be independent and not have other people tell me what to do; I want to establish centers where folks freely study spiritual matters; this would give me the opportunity to be myself without trying to squelch myself trying to conform to academia and other institutions where folks must distort themselves to conform to the powers that be to have jobs.
The human mind, so far, is bound by superstitions. I want to unlock the human mind, free people’s thinking, have them relax their bodies, meditate, be calm and think fearlessly, not according to religious or primitive scientific dogma.
I know that there is a spiritual aspect to our lives, but it cannot be defined for it defies definition; it is infinite in its nature and scope; it is spirit that invented matter (elements, atoms, particles of electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, and photons) and now seem to live in matter.
What my life urges me to do is to live freely and fearlessly, knowing that even though I live in body and must do what adapts to body I am still spirit, I did not separate from spirit hence not guilty of sin, if sin is defined as separation from unified spirit, aka God.
I and all people remain as God created us, unified, and joined with him hence always innocent, guiltless, sinless, and holy regardless of whatever we do on earth for what we do on earth is done in dreams, not in reality; we remain joined to each other, united and inseparable hence holy.
However, the fact that the earth is a dream and what is done in it is done in dreams and have not been done does not mean that one should harm other people and rationalize it by saying that one only did it in dreams.
Human beings have freedom; because they are free, they can choose to harm other people and do so.
White racists deliberately choose to harm black folks. There is a price to be paid for any anti-social behavior.
In my scheme of things there are courts, judges, prisons, and prison guards; if you commit a crime you get tried at a court of law, and if found guilty you are sent to prison and while there, folks make effort to teach you to behave pro-socially; I do not forgive those who kill people or generally harm people under the notion of forgiveness.
Yes, the world is a dream, and you can overlook the world and awaken to the world of light forms and, ultimately, awaken in formless unified state, aka heaven but in the present world one must not harm anyone else and if you do so society should punish you.
I want to experience something. I attract some persons to do certain things so that I may experience what I want to experience. You have freedom. If I ask you to hit me so that I experience pain, you have the right to not comply. If you comply and do a hurtful thing to me, you have done a hurtful thing to another person and opened yourself up for a human being to do hurtful things to you. This way your attack and defense dance continue until someone decides to forgive you and you decide to forgive other people. Our behaviors have consequences in this world, dream or not, so do not hurt anyone.


I have, at several places, written in detail my story of how the universe came into being, is and will die. Let me summarize that myth of creation here.
Initially, and still so, is God. God is a whole self. God is creative. God creates his sons, you, and I by extending his self to each of us.
God gives all his self to each of his sons. Each of God’s son is now like God. He, too, creates his own sons but does so with the creative power of God in him; he does not create with his own power because as alone self he has no power but with God and all his brothers, he has infinite power.
Though God created infinite sons he and all of them share oneself and one mind. In eternity, aka heaven, there is only God. That one God has infinite sons of God in him.
Where God ends and each of his sons begin is nowhere and where each son of God ends, and others begin is nowhere.
God is in each of his sons, and they are in him and in each other. God and his sons are formless. They are ideas. God is the idea of the whole and his sons are ideas of the parts of the whole.
Ideas do not have form but can take forms if they wish. Whole and part need each other to exist so God needs us to exist, and we need him to exist.
God and his sons have existed forever and will exist forever; there was never a time that they did not exist.
God created his sons, and they did not create him or create themselves. If he created us and we created him it would be chaos everywhere. Creation must have a center and it is in God. Other than God creating us we have all the power of God.


Somehow, we thought, would it not be nice if we created God and created ourselves and created each other. We have already been created and cannot create God or ourselves. The absurd idea of creating God was so strong in us that while we remain as God created us, and in him, as it were, we closed our spiritual eyes and went to sleep and dream. In the dream we projected out a world that we invented.
The world we invented is the universe of space, time, and matter. We, the sons of God, collectively invented the physical universe.
We began by using our infinite minds and its infinite intelligence, working in tandem with each other, to produce physical light and shattered it into photons and recombined photons into quarks and electrons and combined quarks into protons and neutrons and combined protons and neutrons into nuclei and over time combined nuclei with electrons to form atoms (we also made anti matter and had them attack matter, to eliminate each other but some remained as matter to continue the evolution of a matter based universe).
We differentiated atoms into many types of atoms (See your chemistry periodic table on the 92 elements in the universe and those we made in labs).
We used the elements (hydrogen, lithium) to form stars (fuse hydrogen into helium) and invented infinite stars, billions of galaxies.
We exploded huge, aging stars and from their debris formed medium sized stars and, in the process, formed elements beyond iron.
On some planets we made water to exist (have comets frozen with water land on them and accumulate water on them).
In the waters of planet earth, we combined 64 elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphor, sodium etc.) to form the molecules that formed amino acids and thereafter used those to form cells and combined single cells until we formed animals called human beings. People have been in their present forms for about 100, 000 years. We then began operating through seeming animals called us.
The point is that we, the sons of God, invented the physical universe and our bodies. The sons of God themselves were created by God and did not create themselves.
On earth each of us is in a collective dream with all of us and in his dream project out whatever he sees happen to him.
You and all of us are responsible for whatever you see in your world for you projected it out. You think and translate your thinking into images and see the images as external to you. The physical universe is 13.8 billion years product of our collective thinking and projecting out.
We first invented physical light and used light to form what we call matter and everything else.
Everything in the universe is made of light. In trillions of years the galaxies would expand away from each other and the space between them would be too cold and the stars would explode, shatter into elements that shatter into particles and protons will be the last to shatter into quarks and quarks and electrons will decay to light and the universe that began in hot light would end in cold light; a universe that began in violence will end in peace.
When the universe ends all of us would awaken to where we began and are right now but do not know it. We remember that we are parts of formless spirits, formless sons of God who are one with God.
We rest a bit and those who want to form other universes would do so and other evolutions begin for them and trillions of years later they return home. Some sons of God stay home to rest in their father, live in peace and happiness.


What you can glean from this brief story of creation is that you and all of us collectively invented our universe. We are collectively and individually responsible for our lives; there are no other people to blame for our fate.
We shall use physical science and spiritual science to understand our world and adapt to it maximally before we wake up.
We shall in the future go to the future and to the past, go to other planets, galaxies, and to other universes. We shall do incredible things for we possess the mind of God; God’s mind is infinite intelligence.
On earth each of us can live up to 120 years and die. When he dies folks on earth see his dead body and it decays. But for him, he sees his self in a world of light forms; he sees his earthly body in light form and see people, animals and plants, everything on earth in light form.
The world of light forms is our world reinterpreted by the Holy Spirit, love; it is our world loved hence is purified. It lasts for as long as our world of space, time, and matter lasts. Thereafter, it disappears into the formless unified world of God.
Those in the world of light forms continue where they stopped on earth, continue learning; some return to earth if the earth offers them what they need to learn, others stay there and work towards totally relinquishing their desire for separated self, at which point, in their awareness they reenter God, unified self (they already were always in God but forget that to be the case hence see themselves on earth or the world of light forms).

Ozodi Osuji
March 28, 2021

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