I create my earthly reality


Ozodi Osuji


     How one perceives a thing is not necessarily how that thing is. Perception is based on interpretation of the image of a thing given to one’s eyes (by light) and interpreted by the optical section of one’s brain. One can misperceive something; one can reinterpret how one sees something and see it differently, but none of those may explain the reality of what is perceived.

     Consider a tree. A poet could perceive the tree and its flowers and write beautiful poetic verses on it.

    A pessimistic philosopher could perceive the tree and its roses as something that lives for a session, dies and decays back to earth.

     A scientist describes the morphology of the tree and thereafter tells us that the tree is made from certain elements of matter (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen etc.) and that those are made of electrons, protons neutrons and that those are made from light (photons).

     The scientist tells us that light came out of nowhere, 13.8 billion years ago, and began its journey of transforming itself to the stars, planets, plants and animals. But where did that initial light come from? Science does not know.

      The religionist could say that the initial light that produced the physical universe of space, time, and matter was projected by God or by the son of God; neither hypothesis can we prove as true or not true.

     There is a lot that we do not know about us and the universe; in the meantime, we have perceptions, and can change our perceptions when better information of what we see is available to us.

    We do not know what reality is; in the meantime, we say that we create our reality. We create our perception of reality not reality. The above said, now read how I create my reality, a reality that I do not know what it is!

      I believe that I was created by a powerful force that, on earth, I do not understand; I call that creator, God. I sense it at the back of my mind but who he is and how he works I have no clue. All I know is that I did not create me, I did not create other people and I did not create the whole universe and its God.

     On earth, on the other hand, I and all people cocreate our personal and collective realities.

      I was born with a problematic body; I inherited Cytochrome C Oxidase Deficiency, Spondylolysis and Mitral Valve Prolapse; those medical issues traumatized my body. My traumatized body made me concentrate on my body and ego self; I am self-conscious (since self-consciousness is what differentiates human beings from other animals, trees and rocks, therefore, I am human).

     I invented a big self-concept and tried to use it to reduce the pains of my traumatized body. That big ego self is false, but I pursued it. The more I pursued it the more I could not accept my real self, other people’s real selves and reality.

     I sought to become an idealized, perfect self that is not who I am and not who other people are. I, therefore, rejected me and did not love me.

     If I do not love me, I cannot love other people, so I did not love other people; I wanted all people to become perfect before I loved them and since they are not perfect and are not going to become perfect, so, I did not love them, or me.


       God created our real self, which is spirit; God is unified spirit and extended to each of us and each of us becomes part of his unified spirit self. We are one with God and with each other. We cannot separate from God and from other sons of God; there is no space and time between the sons of God and God; there is no matter in God and his sons (matter, space, time are illusions we made to separate with).

      In eternity we are one with God and each other. Each of us sought to become greater than God, to create God, create himself and create other sons of God.

     In truth we cannot create God or be superior to God. To seem to gratify our desire for power greater than God’s power, we went to sleep and in our sleep dream that we are now separated from God and from each other. In our sleep, dream, we invented space, time and matter and used matter to construct bodies for each of us. In the dream of separation, we are each housed in body and walk around in space and time and those make our separation from God, and each seem real to us.

       Each of us created his earthly reality using his inherited body and early social experiences (each of us, while in spirit, chose his body, parents and where he is born).

     Given the problematic body I inherited and problematic father I had, I rejected me, and had low self-esteem and sought what seemed to me good self-esteem. In seeking a false, unattainable big self I became alienated from my real self (part of God’s unified spirit self).

       Because I sought a false big self, I did not respect me and other people and looked down on them. I alienated people by not loving and respecting them. They sensed that I have no regard for their imperfect self and did to me what I did to them, have no regard for me. Thus, I made people not respect me by not respecting them.

       Those who accepted their bodies and selves as good and accept other people’s bodies and egos as good tend to make other people unconsciously respect them and treat them nicely and help open doors for them. All doors were closed to me.


     If I tell me that I am good as I am, not as I should or could be, I tell other people that they are good, as they are, now, not as they could become, and they like it and make my road smooth.

      I cannot give to other people and to the world what I do not have, good self-esteem; I had low self-esteem and gave it to the world. One gives to the world what one has.

      Love you and you love all people; hate you and you hate all people. If one hated people, they made life tough for one.

     In as much as I unconsciously and consciously hated people and disposed them to reject and hate me, I therefore created my social reality by being who I am.

       To have different relationships with other people and the world, I must change myself; I must love me and love other people and in return other people will accept, love and respect me and open doors for me hence making my reality a lot smoother.


      Empirical observations show us that whereas one is the determinant of one’s fate that other people also do affect one. Therefore, it would be absurd to say that only the individual creates his reality; the realistic view should be that we co-create our reality.

     The individual cannot exist without other people; the idea of individuality is a myth; a human being is always part of other human beings and non-human beings such as animals, trees and the entire universe. The individual’s body, for example, is a direct product of the sun. The sun releases light and heat; plants use that light and heat, combined with water, to produce green leaves that animals eat. Our bodies cannot exist without energy from the sun and the other stars.

      The point is that we are affected by the physical environment we live in. Other people affect us. No child can survive without the support of his parents; if the adults in his life did not feed him no child would survive before age ten.

     In adulthood we live in a system and affect each other; we are always reacting to what other parts of the system do and they react to us; thus, the most correct statement is that the whole affects the part and the part affect the whole; we are unified as one thing so that to talk about individuality and separation is an absurdity. Having said that, the individual contributes to co-creating his earthly reality, there is no denying that fact.


      I do not know what love is. However, I suspect that love exists only in a unified state. Our original state in eternity is one of union of the father and his sons; we were and still are in love. In that eternal state of union, love, we felt equal and the same with one another and lived in perfect peace and happiness. In that state of union, we knew that there is a father, the creator, and that there are the created, us.

     The father, God, is the same as the sons, but he is greater than them because he created them and they did not create him; he extended his oneself to each of us; in creation God gave all his self to each of his creation, you and I, while remaining himself.

      True giving means giving all of you to the person you gave to while remaining yourself. That total giving can only exist in spirit, not in bodies.

     God is unified spirit; his creations are extensions of his spirit self into them; he is now in them, and they are in him and in each other; there is no space and gap between God and his sons and between one son of God and others. This is the state of harmony called heaven; it exists and will exist forever and ever.


     In the sea of oneself that is simultaneously infinite selves, called heaven, the idea of specialness and separation entered. The sons of God resented that God created them and wanted to create God. Obviously, once created one cannot create one’s creator; so, we could not create God, create ourselves and create each other.

     The wish for power to create the whole was so intense in the part that he made himself go to sleep and, in his sleep, dreamed a universe of space, time and matter and housed himself in matter, body, and now walks around in space and time imagining that he is separated from his real self, which is the union of father and sons as one shared self and one shared mind. 

     In the dream, each of us invented a special, separated self and used it at the conscious level to replace the unified self.

      The unified self is now in our unconscious minds whereas the separated, ego self-concept, is now conscious in our minds.

      To be on earth, in the dream of specialness and separation is to have a conscious sense of separated self and an unconscious awareness of our eternal unified self.


      To live in the ego, separated self is to no longer live in union with all selves, to live outside of love. The ego is the absence of love; the ego is living without love for one and for other selves and for God. To live in ego is to live outside love; to live outside love is to live in fear.

     Thus, we who live in ego, live in fear. To live in fear is to live in hell; we who live in ego live in hell.

     Yet we like living in ego because that is why we left heaven’s union to invent space, time and matter to live in them.

     The ego separated self-housed in body is our creation, our idol; we made it and are proud of it. The ego self is the craven golden calf that we made and worship in place of being in union with God.


      Our true nature, as God created us, is unified and loving; therefore, in separated ego selves we live in psychological pain.

      Naturally, we try to reduce that psychological pain. Each of us finds a way to reduce his intrapsychic pain in his own way; he reduces the pain but keeps the source of that pain, ego, separated self, hence is not yet liberated from his hell.

     I reduced my sense of ego separation from other people by using my ego to please other people. As a young person all I did was please my parents, siblings and those around me. The ego of pleasing people is not the ego of love. I retained my ego and tried using it to please people; I anticipated what people around me desired and did it for them. This is useful in reducing pain, but it is not love hence I remained outside people even though I lived to please them.

     Those I pleased had their own ways of keeping their egos and reducing their psychological pain, which did not entail pleasing me. Thus, I felt resentful for doing things for people and they did nothing for me. I developed passive aggressive personality disorder. Such neurotics served people to obtain a false sense of union with them and since other people do not reciprocate and serve him, he feels used by them and angry at them. Thus, occasionally, I exploded in anger at my parents, siblings and later at my wife and children. I did not love them.

      In love there is no anger and no intermittent explosion of anger. Love is giving of the real self to the real self; love is extinguishment of the ego separated self and return to the unified self; love is return to God; in love one feels one with other people and in that sense of oneness knows peace and joy.

     The pursuit of the separated self is pursuit of fantasy; but it is what we came to earth to do. We are all seeking to become separated, powerful selves, chimeras, false selves and will never achieve it because the ego is desire to be separated from the unified self; no one can separate from his real self and still be alive.

     To regain awareness of the unified self-one must consciously let one’s sense of separated self-die. One must tell oneself that one’s real self is unified self, one with God and all creation and not do anything that affirms and validates the separated, special self.

     However, one already has a special, separated self otherwise one would not be in this world. What one now must do is use one’s special, separated skills, developed over time, to serve all separated selves to join the other separated selves.

       I have extraordinary understanding of secular and spiritual psychologies; therefore, I use them to help people to understand that our real selves are unified spirit self, as I am doing here.

       Other people developed different special separated skills;  they must use them to serve all of us; for example, if you are  good at physics you use  it to understand the physical universe and ultimately will learn that the material universe of space, time and matter, while seeming real to us, are actually illusions, that we all share one unified self hence at the particles level one particle, photon, electron, an instantaneously relate to other particles regardless of the distance between it and other particles. 

     At the unconscious mind level, we all are relating instantaneously to each other but are not consciously aware of what we are doing.

      We attract to ourselves those who enable us to experience what we want to experience, either to affirm separated self or if we are on the return journey to unified state to affirm our eternal union (if you read this essay and it makes sense to you, you are returning to your real self, the union of God and his sons as one self, but if you are still pursuing special, separated self, this essay will seem like gibberish to you, you may even call me a  fool).


    God allows his children to seem separated from him and from each other but also knows that they are in spirit eternally unified with each other and with him.

     When his sons slept and dream separation and could no longer commune with God and each other, as they did in heaven, God created another self, the Holy Spirit and placed him in our right minds (the ego wish for separation is in our left minds).

     The Holy Spirit helps us to reinterpret what our ego selves did; the Holy Spirit helps us to return to the awareness of love for each other; in return to love we regain the awareness of union with all selves hence peace and joy.

      For our present purposes, I manifested, by choice, in a problematic body and developed a wish for a powerful self that I believed would enable me to overcome my physical and psychological pains. I pursued a powerful ego.

     Over time, I learned that the ego is powerlessness; it is in return to Christ, my real self, your real self, our self as God created us, unified self now in form, that I return to love, to peace and joy.

       All these seem like I am moralizing, but I am not moralizing; I am merely stating spiritual realities as they are.


      In other writings I reviewed the major religions of humankind, especially Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism. I will only make cursory references to them here.

     Christianity talked about how God created us (in the Genesis part of the Bible), and how God gave us parameters of behavior that included not eating a particular fruit and we ate it and that dramatically changed our lives, from living in God’s grace where he supplied us with all our needs, to living where we must work for our food to survive.

     It is the case that the story of Adam and Eve is a myth, but myths are used to teach the essentials of human life.

     The lesson that the story of the Garden of Eden teaches is that God created us and that we disobeyed God, did what he asked us not to do. In my language, we sought to exercise more power than God, we wanted to create God, create ourselves and could not do it in God’s heaven and left heaven, separated from God and formed our own physical universe, a place we seem to have created ourselves by inventing separated self-concepts housed in bodies for ourselves.

      Each of us, in cooperation with other selves, in childhood, constructs his self-concept and thereafter lives to defend that false idea of who he thinks that he is. If one desires the self-concept and defends it, one is a human being and lives in psychological pain.

     When we no longer desire the separated self-concept, and no longer defend it, overlook it and forgive what it does, in us and in other people, we regain the awareness of our true self, the self that lives as God created it, a self that is spirit and is part of the unified spirit that folks call God.

     Salvation lies in extinguishing the separated self-concept we made to separate with and returning to the awareness of the unified self that is our true self.

     Hinduism talked about Brahman and Atman. There is one God called Brahman, he has a part called Atman. Brahman and Atman share oneself and one mind; they are one shared nondual self.

     Atman, the individual’s real self, as it were, cast Maya on his self and went to sleep and dream that he is separated from Brahman, he now sees his self as Ahankara, the human separated self, the ego.

     The ego is what we live as on earth, in space, time and matter with. The goal of Hinduism is to teach the individual that his real self is Atman who is one with God. In meditation the individual is taught to ignore his ego and let it go until he attains awareness of his oneness with Brahman, in what Hinduism calls Samadhi.

     Enlightenment and illumination lie in Samadhi, the realization that one is one with God, is part of oneself called God.

      Buddhism skips the myriad gods that exist in Hinduism and talks about the earthly self as an ego and the higher self as unified; in meditation Buddhists try to let go of their egos and not think or do anything from their egos. If they empty their minds of the separated ego self they may attain Nirvana, a sense of oneness with all there is, God, and in it feel eternal, peaceful and happy.

    Zen Buddhism calls Nirvana Satori but otherwise has the same goal as Hinduism and Buddhism. Taoism also has the same goal.

     Asian religions recognize that the self we know ourselves as on earth, the ego, is a false self, and urge their adherents to seek their higher self, the bodiless self that is one and is simultaneously in all beings.

     Gnosticism began in Greece. Some claim that when Alexander the great got to India, 2300 hundred years ago, that some Greeks learned Hinduism and Buddhism and when they came back to the West, they called what they learned Gnosticism.

     In Gnosticism it is said that the lower self, the ego self-separated from the higher self, the son of God, and now lies as a false self-housed in body, and, as such, lives in darkness, unaware of his real self. His real self is the higher self, the son of God, who is variously called Christ self or Buddha self; some call it the ego guided by the Holy Spirit.

      In ancient Rome, Plotinus’ book, Enneads captured the essence of Gnosticism; in our contemporary world Helen Schucman’s A course in miracles captures the essence of Gnosticism, albeit in Christological language.

      My world view is Gnostic (see Ozodi osuji, Connected Lives), but not the Gnosticism written by this or that person but one that makes sense to me; I employ physics and science in general where I find it necessary to explain my Gnosticism.


      Based on a comprehensive self-examination I concluded that I am the one whose thinking and behavior construct the reality I live in. Of course, my reality is affected by how other people construct their realities and behave; no one is an island; we all do interact and adjust our behaviors to each other’s feedback; therefore, the most appropriate conclusion is to say that we mutually and collectively construct our realities; but to take individual ownership of what we all do, I say that I individually construct my earthly reality.

     I take total responsibility for what I do; I do not blame other people for how my life turns out even though I know that other people affect my life’s outcomes. I live in the USA, the house built by racism, and it affects me but that been said I like to see me as living the reality I personally construct.

      I am not in denial of social and environmental reality, but I choose to emphasize the aspect of reality that is within my control, what I do, not what other people do.

     My world view is not solipsism, aka George Berkely’s radical idealism, but something like it; I see our lives on earth as a kind of dream and believe that outside the dream are different us, what I call the sons of God.

      The sons of God are our real selves; they sleep and dreams as the false selves we call human ego, separated selves.

     The goal is for each of us to tune out the earthly ego self and awaken to his real self, the son of God who is one with God and all his creation.

      Our real self is one unified spirit self that is one and simultaneously infinite in numbers.


       I see our earthly life as like the movie Matrix; we have real selves that are not on earth, but they dream through our earthly separated ego selves. In a manner of speaking, what we call our earthly selves are simulated selves; different selves, the spirit us, is living through our earthly bodily selves.

     The point must be made that it is us that simulate our ego selves; we are not the victims of alien others using us for their own goals.

     We are the sons of God who sleep and project an aspect of ourselves into the dreams; we formed dream selves that do what we ask them to do.

      But since what is done in dreams are not real and have not been done, we, as the sons of God, have not done the evils we do on earth. We, therefore, remain unified hence holy, guiltless, and sinless despite the apparent evils we do on earth.

     I do not make excuses for our earthly evils; God sent his Holy Spirit into our earthly minds and want us to use our whole minds, with the immanent God in us, to love one another. We, living as the Holy Spirit, from the right part of our minds, reinterpret what other people do and where they attacked us, forgive them, and insist that they love us.

      I do not condone evil behavior under misguided religion. The only permitted behavior is love. Any behavior that does not love is misguided and needs to be corrected, made to love.



       No one can be outside the whole, outside union, outside the group, outside God; the ego separated self is the illusion that one can be outside the unified state of being; one cannot be, but one can dream that one is outside eternal union; our physical universe is the dream that we are outside completeness, God.

     Because one cannot be outside the whole, we only dream that we are outside it. We invented the physical universe of space, time, and matter to enable us to seem to be outside God.

     What happens to us outside wholeness, God, does not matter for it is not real. Any of us, dreamers, can be snuffed out by any of us or by nature and it does not matter; this is because we really do not exist outside God and do not matter if we think that we exist outside him.

     We are increasingly understanding how the physical universe is put together; we have understood nuclear fission (and used it to build atomic weapons), soon, we shall do nuclear fusion (fusing hydrogen plasmas to helium); we shall do what takes place inside stars on earth.

      Thereafter, we can destroy the entire earth in a second. And we shall destroy the earth because the entire earth is a dream, so its destruction does not matter.

      People in the flesh package themselves in expensive clothes, jewelry, houses, cars (those expensive stuff are nothing) and think that they have worth; the fact is that they do not have worth for anyone who desires it can off their lives at any moment. And God would not prevent that from happening because he knows that our world is a dream, and a dream is nothing.

     The greatest people that have ever lived on earth were not chasing possessions but sought ways to stop seeking ego alienation from God; they sought ways to align themselves with God. Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ did that.

     To align yourself with God, who is spirit, you must remove awareness of your ego and body from your mind and know that you are spirit who is eternally a part of the one spirit that folks call God.

     Give up the illusion of trying to make your ego real, the illusion that you can be outside eternal union; you cannot do so; even on earth no one can really be outside the human group, sham as it is, and survive; if you take yourself outside the human group, you become neurotic or psychotic.

      If you take yourself outside eternal unified state, aka God, you become lost, until you decide, like the prodigal son, to return to reality, to eternal union with God; at that point you regain your sanity and live in peace and joy.


Ego means: “Edge God Out” (of your life).


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Ozodi Osuji

July 22, 2022

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