I am the holy son of God







Ozodi Osuji

     Who I am is the Holy Son of God. I deny that son of God status and decide to go create myself, create other sons of God and create God and create a universe that is not the unified universe of God.

      With the intention of separating from my real self, the Holy son of God, the unified self, I am born on earth (in the family, and body, siblings, people, and place that I chose to be born in), in the universe of space, time and matter.

     Upon birth on earth, I have a blank mind, Tabla-Raza, no idea of who I am. In my mind I have no self because to be born on earth I had to forget the son of God, forget my real self.

     While on earth, I use earthly things, dream things, such as body and social experiences to formulate a new self and seek becoming it. I desire to become a powerful ego self.

     I am not the ego; however, it is the self that I came to earth to become, so I pursue it. Pursuing it seems to give me meaning and direction, except that it does not give me peace and joy.

       I must now decide that I am not going to seek the ego because it is not who I am; it is an alien self in my mind; it does not give me peace and joy.

     I must stop seeking to become ego, big or small, and keep quiet. I must meditate and in it deny that I am the ego (deny that which I came to be, deny that which I used to deny my real self, the son of God).

      I must keep saying to me that I do not know who I am and asking the Holy Spirit, God’s representative in my dreaming earthly mind, God in the immanent world to tell me who I am.

      The Holy spirit, being of God, is only love and forgiveness, so if I truly ask him to tell me who I am, I must do what he asks me to do, love all people, love me and love God and forgive all wrongs done to my ego and body for those were done in dreams and had not been done in reality; I must use love to replace the hatreds of the ego. I must forgive all the wrongs that other people did to me (what I asked them to do to me to make me angry and in anger affirm my ego status, for the ego does not forgive wrongs done to it).

      If I live as a loving and forgiving person and keep asking the Holy Spirit to tell me my identity, he first replaces my ego seeking with seeking Christ.

     Christ is the son of God who, while on earth, in the dream of separation, accepts that God is his father and loves God and all sons of God (Christ is the individual, you and I, remade by the Holy Spirit, he is in light form; he lives in our world remade by the Holy Spirit, the world of light forms; that world is in our minds, as our present ego world is in our minds).

      If I keep living thus, lovingly, and forgivingly, someday, I will experience heaven (what A course in miracles calls Holy Instant) while still on earth. That means that I will experience my identity as the Holy son of God. I       n it I know me as the son of God who is one with God and all his creation and that there is no space, time, and matter. In that experience I become enlightened and illuminated to my real self-and henceforth know the truth of my identity and no longer seek ego and other self-invented idols that we, human beings, seek to avoid knowledge of our real selves.

     From the experience of unity with God and all his creation, I now live peacefully and happily, I am no longer driven to be this or that kind of person to seem important in the eyes of other egos, people, and the world. I am calm and peaceful; I only do what is helpful to my body until I decide to lay down the body and keep living in light form of it, and thereafter live as the formless son of God.

     I will barely eat food, but not addictively; I do not seek material things but get them as if they just come to me and I use them to do the work of helping other people to know that they are not egos in bodies but sons of God.

     When my work is done I lay my body aside and continue living in light form in the world of light forms, or simply awaken from ego and not die because body does not exist, not for a second has it existed (body is remembered to be who one is but is not there); body is always a dream figure that one identified with  and with which one lives in the dream of forgetting one’s real self, and being in the dream that space, time, and matter are real (they are not real and do not exist but seem to exist in the little gap/space that I projected out and projected into that gap, space, my ego self in body, other people in bodies, animals, plants  and the entire physical  universe).


     I and every person on earth is mad, insane, not figuratively. I am mad because I denied my true self, the unified son of God, the holy son of God and seeking a false identity, the ego, separated self.

     I obsessive-compulsively seek the alternative mad ego self and forget my sane real self, the son of God. Yet, in my madness, I must do what I must do and be where I must be and be with people I must be with.

     I am mad and the people around me are mad; my madness drew other mad people to me for me to learn about madness (to be ego is to be mad).

      There are no accidents in our lives. From what these other mad people do to me I learn about our mutual madness.

     For example, from racists madness of separating from the Holy Son of God and identifying with white body, identifying with nothing, I learn that body is madness and stop identifying with my body. I look at racists hectic efforts to seem important white egos, the rulers of the egos world and the tension they live in and from that learning decide not to live like them.

     I look at African egos that seek ego importance and to get it they sold their people into slavery and currently work only for the importance of their egos and seldom help those around them; the Nigerian politician is only interested in becoming nationally important, he is not working to help all Nigerians; he is the quintessential egotist, a false human being.

     I ask the Holy Spirit to show me my identity and if I mean it, I will be told to live like the Christ, loving and forgiving of all people, and seeing unloving people as mad people.

     Mad human beings, man, and woman, black and white need to be healed of their madness, helped to let go of their ego and attachment to bodies, not blamed or abused.

    My goal is to awaken from my own madness of seeing me as an ego, separated self and love the mad people around me. I show gratitude to them because their madness led me to learn about my madness of self-rejection, learn about what I did (they did what they did to help me remember my real self).

     When I remember the Christ in me, love, I love all people and show them how to remember the Christ in them, love all people.

    In love and forgiveness, I regain awareness of the Holy Son of God that we all are, and still are, while sleeping and dreaming and imagining ourselves as separated egos in bodies.


    My parents, mother and father, siblings, brothers and sisters, my wife and children, my peers, all people I have drawn (attracted) towards me voluntarily came to me as I voluntarily went to them; all of us had to do what each of us did for each of us to learn the lesson we had to learn; the ultimate lesson is that we are the Holy Son of God.

    Thus, instead of anger at them for the seeming bad they did to me, I show thanks and gratitude to them for doing the egoistic and deluded things they did, such as a relative refusing to go to school, as I wanted her to do, to become a socially important person in the ego’s world.

     These people did what they did to teach me that I do not need ego education to regain the awareness of my true self, the holy son of God.

     Every person in the world did what he or she did to me to enable me to learn about my true self and I did everything I did to enable other folks to learn about their sonship in God or reinforce their ego if they still want to be egos.

     Racial discrimination meant that I was not recruited into white egos world and socialized to be a white ego like person hence reinforced my original self-rejection when I manifested on earth and body; being an outsider enabled me to evaluate the rat race and decide to return to the awareness of our forgotten real self, unified spirit self, the innocent son of God.

     I forgive racists and, in fact, thank them for they enabled me to find my way back to God; they are my saviors from the ego.

     In returning to God, my past and future no longer matter, for the past and future do not exist; only the now exists.

     It does not matter what happened to me in the past, where I was born, my body, my personality type, my education or lack of it, what matters is what I do in the present, live as a loving and forgiving Christ, so as to regain the awareness of my real self, the Holy Son of God, the unified son of God, not the separated ego self.


     Since there are no accidents in our lives, it follows that one meets only those one must meet and is where one must be, doing what one must do. It also means that Africans who were sold as slaves to America and to the Arab world were meant to be sold as slaves to those worlds (they chose to be sold as slaves to those worlds, for nothing happens to the son of God without him wishing to experience it).

     Africans are in the Arab and white world for reasons of salvation, theirs and white folks’ salvation (to be saved is to let go of the ego and identify with Christ, live from love, and forgive all).

     Africans in Africa are currently living in abject poverty and are suffering a lot. What they are going through is what they are meant to go through (by their choice). Out of their suffering a new social order will emerge in Africa. Africans are enormously egoistic; they are learning that to be egoistic is not good for them; they will in time transcend their egos and live from Christ, lovingly and forgivingly.


      We currently live under the aegis of European culture. Europeans, especially their scientists see this universe to have come into being through accident, big bang, and everything that happens in it is by accidents. Most of us were socialized to believe that whatever happens to us is due to accidental concatenation of events.

      Well, that view is not only not satisfactory but is not true. I thought about it and finally realized that we can interpret events differently. Of course, you are free to accept the western mode of interpretation of phenomena and see you as the product of accidents and therefore feel angry at what happens to you because you think that it is unfair.

     I do not see accidents in my life and therefore do not feel angry at other folks for what happened to me because what happened to me had to happen to me.

     The world is my dream (and your dream, it is our collective dream). In a dream I am responsible for my dream although how my mind produces dreams I do not know.

     The universe is a result of our desire to separate from God and from each other and from our real self. Our real self is unified spirit self (God and his infinite sons are in union hence live in peace).

     We desired to live as the opposite of our heavenly state; God and his heaven are union; the opposite of union is separation.

      Heaven is place of perfect equality and sameness and we desired to live as different and unequal persons hence invented a universe (yes, we, you and I invented this universe; God created us, and we invented the universe of space, time, and matter) that makes it possible for us to seem to be different from each other and to be unequal to each other.

      We then cry because of the inequality we see in our world. We blame God for the existence of wealth for some persons and poverty for others.

      Well, a just God (and God is just) would not allow inequality to exist; so why does it exist? It is because the world is our dream, and we are responsible for everything in it.

       And this may shock you but who cares what shocks you? I only care for the truth. The truth is that this world is long over, and we are now reviewing it from the end of it. The world is like a movie that is already made, shot and we are like people who played parts in that movie and are now reviewing what we did.

     We have already shot the movie of our lives. We have done what we see ourselves doing now before. We are reviewing the individual and collective movie (dream of power and inequality) to see where we did right or wrong and learn from our mistakes.

     When the individual recognizes his mistakes and learn that the right way to live is to love all people and forgive what he believed are wrongs done to him he wakes up from the dream of self-forgetfulness.

      Thereafter, he does what I am doing here, help other people to know what to do to wake up. He helps all of us to wake up because all of us shot the movie together and must all wake up before the movie ends.

     When one understands the truth, he teaches that truth and when one seems to die one lives in the world of light forms and occasionally makes a trip to our real home, unified spirit state where we are not in forms but are ideas in each other’s minds and in the mind of God.

     In God’s unified mind we are eternal, permanent and changeless; unified state, heaven cannot be explained in words because people in it do not need speech and language to communicate; only separated people need speech; unified people in heaven know each other’s thinking, they are not hiding themselves  from each other in body, space and time; they are plain to each other and therefore do not need speech to communicate to each other.

      Because the dream is already over, when each of us will die in it has already occurred (hence Jesus was able to tell his followers how and when he would die and resurrect from death). It is a dream of death.

      You know when you will die and how you will die, of course, not consciously, but unconsciously. You also know how and when you will awaken from the dream, when you will live only love and forgiveness. That could be now or tomorrow. It is up to you to choose perfect love for all people and then exit from the dream that evil is possible.

    What is happening to any individual now, to any country now, in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Australia, everywhere on earth are what are supposed to happen there right now. They have already happened, shot in a past movie and people there are now reviewing them and making corrections to their mistakes when the world was made; you cannot fast forward the world; this means that the government, economic system, social systems you see anywhere is what is supposed to be there and the changes that are been made to them are changes been made in them, in the movie. If a sudden revolution changes things that is what is supposed to occur there. There are no accidents anywhere.

     With this type of approach to people and society, you cannot judge certain people primitive and others advanced because each group of people are where  the script, the play, the drama calls on them to be; all of them will eventually get to a point that we might call scientific and technological development and from there progress to transforming to  the world of light forms and finally returning to the formless world of God; when they have undone all their past mistakes and removed their egos and accept their true identity as the son of God, they awaken to the remembrance of their identity as one with God.

     We must take our return journey to knowledge of our real-self, union, one step at a time. It is a game; as we speak, we are already in the mind of God, in union with each other and closed our spiritual eyes and seem to be separated from God, from union and from each other; we dream away while we remain awake in God.

    You are where you are supposed to be, relating to people that you are supposed to relate to, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing; you cannot do what other people do. Each person’s function is necessary in salvation.

     The journey away from our true self took us millions of years to complete (which is less than a second in God…there is no time and space in God) and will take millions of years for all of us to return home, to awaken from the dream of self-forgetfulness.

    Those who awaken today teach others to awaken tomorrow; today and tomorrow in God are now; in God there is no past, present and future; everything is taking place in the eternal present of God.


    I have given you the Holy Spirit’s perspective on our earthly lives; now, yell at me and tell me that it is not true and give me your ego-based perspective that accidents determine you and everything. After cursing me out, go look at you in the mirror and convince yourself that accidents produced you.

     Some of us understand western science and its accidents-based perspective extraordinarily and reject its accidental determinism philosophy.

Ozodi Osuji

June 20, 2022

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