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Ozodi Osuji

     Human beings live in bodies. Bodies are composed of matter which will die and decay to atoms, which will decay to electrons, protons and neutrons and which will decay to photons of light, and which will decay to the nothingness from which they came 13.8 billion years ago.

     Body, in effect, is nothing and if all that people are, are bodies they are nothing. People do not accept that they are nothing; they posit sense of worth that says, “I am somebody important, I will treat me as important, and I want you to treat me as important.”

      If you treat people as if they are important in their bodies and egos, they feel good and have a good relationship with you; on the other hand, if you treat people as if they are not important in egos and bodies, they would not like you, some may even kill you if you do not respect their egos and bodies.

    To have a good relationship with people you simply must like and admire their egos and bodies. People live to make money with which they buy food, medications, clothes and shelter for their bodies; they enslave their selves to working to obtain comfort for their bodies and egos; if so, how dare you not respect that which they enslave themselves working to provide for, protect and defend?

      If there is no ego and body who is to be defended and protected? People defend and protect their egos and bodies.

     Human civilization is devoted to making human bodies and egos live comfortably. We build houses for our bodies to live comfortably in.

      We construct governments to protect our bodies and egos and make sure they live well in society, unharmed by other persons.

     Any philosophy that shows people how to live well in body is appreciated by people. The triumph of science is predicated on the foundation of its utility to ego and body; the inventions of science enable people to live well in egos and bodies.

     Cars, trains, planes, rockets, enable people to go from one spot to another in bodies; smart phones, computers enable people to live well in egos and bodies.

      Medical doctors and food producers are deemed the most important persons in society because they enable people to live well in bodies.

     Yet, to live in bodies is to know that eventually one would die. One does not see one’s ancestors for they are dead so one must die. Death awaits all of us and we know it.

     To avoid death, we posit religions that tell us that upon our physical death we would continue living, usually in a form of our present state, in bodies. Indeed, many folks construe God as an old man sitting on a throne. Yet our experience tells us that bodies do not live forever, they must die.

     So, we then produce the idea that our true essence is spirit, that which is not body and therefore lives forever and ever.

       A course in miracles teaches that our real self is spirit not body. In fact, it teaches that body is bad. It is a Gnostic religion.

      To Gnosticism, body, that is, matter is darkness and bad; our true self is spirit and good. To be in body is to be in a bad place. We are originally spirit and spirit is said to be light and eternal.

      We engaged in a power struggle with God and wanted to defeat him and become God; unable to do so we seem to have separated from him; to make our separation seem real we constructed matter and used matter to construct our bodies and now seem to live in bodies.

     God, who is spirit, we believe can no longer see us. Other people, too, can no longer see our spirit selves, our minds and thinking, we are now separated from other people.

     Body, matter, space and time are means of separating from our true selves, spirit, minds. That which we employ in denying our true selves, spirits and minds, are no good.

     The entire goal of A course in miracles is to get us to change our minds and now see us as light, and as spirit, as part of unified spirit, aka God and not body. The religion is geared to enabling us escape from body, matter, space and time.

     Body, matter limits us and when we are not in body, we are limitless and free. God, spirit is formless and are in each of us; body enables us to seem not in each other, to seem separated from each other, all a dream, an illusion since in truth we are always in spirit and only seem in bodies and separated in dreams but not in reality.

      On earth we are in bodies. The book says that we are deluded, insane to see us as in bodies and urges us to become healed by not identifying with bodies and accept our real selves, non-material spirits who are part of God’s one spirit.

      Salvation, deliverance, redemption is not seeing one as body. We must stop desiring body and stop defending body.

       Even when other people do sad things to our egos and bodies, we must not defend our egos and bodies. That was what Jesus did; other people rejected his ego and attacked and destroyed his body but since he realized that he is spirit and not separated in body he did not defend his body and allowed other people to destroy it.

     In crucifying his body, they merely crucified a false entity and he reappeared to them in his glorified form, light form and thereafter disappeared into the formless world of spirit, God.


       A course in miracles teaches escape from body, matter, space and time and return to God, spirit. This is also what Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism teach.

      To embrace A course in miracles means that one is now aspiring to be spirit and negating one’s ego and body.

      If you negate your ego and body in a world designed to serve the ego and body, then you are going to be poor.

      If it is true that you are spirit then you escape from ego and body and return to spirit but if you are on earth and the earth’s people need food, medications, clothes, houses, transportation and you do not do something to get those then you will be poor.

       Whereas A course in miracles is decrying the body we made and with which we hide from God and asking us to give our bodies up, Seth in Jane Robert’s “Seth speaks” is asking his students to embrace their bodies in a robust manner. It shows them how they used their minds to construct their bodies and if they took that much trouble to construct their bodies they might as well enjoy them.

      Seth celebrates life in body while also telling people that they are spirit but says that spirit deliberately constructs bodies to live in on earth and at certain other places spirit chooses to live in spirit and no longer identifies with body but those on earth  chose to live in body; they are spirits having bodily, physical experience and might as well enjoy it, have a ball of it, it is the world they made and ought to enjoy it.

     Seth’s philosophy is making the most of a tough situation for one might ask, why did we make a body that will die and rot and smell like feces, why live in a house of feces?

     In the bible it is said that God created this world, created people, and placed them in the Garden of Eden; he gave them all they needed to live on and there was no death. To stay in that paradise God told Adam and Eve not to eat a particular fruit. If they did not eat that fruit, that is, if they obeyed God they would be in God’s grace, and he would provide all their needs for them.

     They disobeyed God, ate the forbidden fruit, and said that Satan, snake made them eat it. They disobeyed God and were chased out of paradise. God told them that they must now work for their living. The act of disobeying God led God to punish them, take away from them comfortable living and thereafter they must sweat for their food.

      The original sin, the fall from the grace of God giving them all they needed to survive on is a metaphor for this world. It recognizes that in this world people are in it as if they did something wrong and are being punished. They are punished with having to work for their survival and then age and die.

      This world is not heaven. If we are in heaven, why do we work, get sick, age and die. To be in this world we must have done something wrong. This world is not a blessing despite the perspective of silly spirits like Seth giving us the impression that to be in this world is a choice and that is all there is to it.

     Why would a sane person choose to be in hell, for this world is hell? There must be a reason people are in this world.

      A course in miracles, like Christianity, at least, recognized that we are in this hellish world because of our opposition to God, disobedience to God. God is unified and we chose to be separated and the choice of separation gave us the suffering we have on earth.

     No rational person would choose to be in hell and call what he chose good.

     On a personal level, I did not find anything in this world good enough for me, I did not find any line of work good enough for me; they are all of the ego and I wanted something beyond the ego and escaped to ego idealism, how to improve the ego and its world and eventually escaped to spiritual idealism, using spiritual  imagination to visualize a better world.

     If the world is heaven, why am I trying to escape from it instead of resigning myself to it?


      Science rides to the rescue and say that bodies are the most that the universe could produce in us. The universe produced us, creatures that live in body, die and disappear from existence and we might as well tolerate our fate and leave it at that; if we do not like it, we can always kill ourselves and get it over with. There is no law requiring us to live in bodies and on earth, we live here by the dictates of impersonal evolution of the universe and all that is in it.

     If we do not like it, we know what to do to get out of it, die. But if you live in body, please do us all a favor and not complain about it.

      Do what white Americans do and be happy animals who enjoy their bodies and leave it at that. Americans are the most unphilosophical human beings on earth; they just pragmatically do what they got to do to live without asking a lot of why questions as to why they should live at all.


       Are we spirits or are religions like Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, A course in miracles a sop telling us what we want to hear that we could live forever in spirit when, in fact, we only live-in bodies and die?

      Helen Schucman authored a wonderful book, A course in miracles and thereafter contracted pancreatic cancer and died from it.

     Jane Roberts died from complications from her rheumatism. Many religionists die in comparable manner so where is the spirit that they talk about? Were they living in the world of fantasy when they talked about being spirit and in spirit living eternally?

       In the here and now, I embrace science; I study matter, body, space and time and try to use them to live well on earth and when death comes, I accept it.

      What lies on the other side of the veil is not my present preoccupation. Having said that, I know that there is life after death. We are like the prodigal son who Jesus said went to his father and asked for his share of his father’s wealth and got it and used it to go on a journey to a far-off country, a journey without distance for wherever we go is in God for God is everywhere. He lived it up and eventually became poor and ate with pigs and therefrom remembered that he has a rich father and decided to go back home and tell him that he made a mistake in leaving him and going away.

     He embarked on his journey home and while on his way his father heard that his lost son is coming home and ran towards him and embraced him, clothed him in golden robes and had a feast for him, a feast to which all were invited.

     The meaning of the story is that we, the sons of God, are the  prodigal son who left our father and went to go live in a separated mode, on earth, to do our things; in time we realized that we could not really separate from God; the part cannot separate from the whole, so we recognized our mistake in believing in separation and went home.  

     To go home is to accept union with all things, including with God and his sons.

     We must first accept that we made a mistake in seeking separation from God and correct that mistake by deciding to returning to God before God accepts us back. God, the whole accepted us for all along he knew that he was the whole and we were always in him and did not go anywhere but were merely sleeping and dreaming that we separated from him.

     While we slept, God could not communicate with us. Now that we are awakened from our sleep by accepting that separation is impossible and resumed living as spirit, God can now communicate with us, and we can communicate with him.

     Like what physics calls nonlocal behavior of entangled particles we now communicate non-locally, react instantaneously to each other regardless of where we are in the vast, endless universe.

      Each of us on earth chose to forget his spirit self and can at any point in time choose to return to God and all his other sons by jettisoning our sense of separation, ego and identifying with unified spirit self and living from our love center, loving God, loving the whole, loving us, loving the parts and in love feel truly alive and be at peace and are happy.

     Helen Schucman authored her book, A course in miracles in poetic form; her book is in lovely verse; it is the truth in poetic form.

     I am not a poet; I do not write poetry; I write in the language of a philosopher for I am a philosopher from birth and by nature. I had to subject what the lady psychologist said to rational, philosophical analysis; I did and concluded that it is true.

       A course in miracles says the truth. I attest to its truth. My own function is to reframe it, rewrite it, as I have done in prose, so that non poets may understand the message it is teaching.

     Its message and my message are that there is oneself, God and that he extends his self to all of us. God is in his sons and his sons are in him; they cannot separate from each other for to do so is for both God and his sons to die; they cannot die and therefore cannot separate from each other.

    We are always in God but exile us from him by casting a veil over our spiritual eyes and now see us as in a place called planet earth, living in body in space and time and those gave us a sense of separation from God and from each other.

     Through understanding physics and chemistry, I know that our bodies are made of matter which are made of atoms which are made of light. So, we are always in light even as we see us as matter hence separated from God.

      Separation, matter, space and time is in the dream state; we remain as light and are always part of the spiritual light called God; God and his sons, all of us, are always one joined stream of light.

     We went to nowhere when we separated from God and see us on earth. The earth is a dream; we ought to have a happy dream by loving each other. But a dream is a dream and what is done in it has not been done.

     We are not what we do on earth. Despite the apparent evils we do on earth we remain as God created us, spirit, light and joined to each other; we have not done what we do on earth; we remain innocent, guiltless, sinless and whole, holy 

      All we must do is decide to stop separating from God, stop desiring separation, stop affirming separation, ego self-concept and self-image and do nothing else and we first see us in bodies made of light forms and thereafter we awaken in formless spirit state, aka heaven.

     We are always in unified heaven, God and while safe there we dream that we are apart from it, are persecuted on earth, and defend ourselves from the attacks other people appear to have launched on us. We see other people do sad things to us without knowing that we did those things to us and that we did nothing to us since we did them in dreams.

    In my own dream, I found myself in North America. I see white folks discriminate against me and felt angry at them. In time, I recognized that it is me who discriminated against me.

     I am not the colleague of white folks in their ego-based work settings. I am their teacher and the teacher of the entire world.

     I am a teacher of God, and no extant work situation accommodates me and suits me; I rejected all of them and kept searching until I found me, a teacher of God, a person who establishes a new pattern of living, hence create a new line of work.

     No body discriminated against me, and I did not discriminate against me or anyone else. I just had to have the nightmarish dream I had before I discovered a happy dream in which I see all people as my brothers and love them all and forgive them whatever ill I see them do on earth and through our corrected eyes, see them with the eyes of the Holy Spirit, and have Christ vision; that is, see the world of light forms, and have a happy dream and from there awaken to unified spirit self and the dream of separation ends for me.

     I chose to reenter the dream as a teacher of how to awaken from the dream, as I am doing here.


      I used to be angry at white folks for discriminating against me. One day I realized that white folks are children; they are not yet adults. They do not know what they are doing when they discriminate against black folks. It is pointless being angry at children.

     What you do is teach children how to be adults. To be adult is to love all of us and forgive all of us when we do evil things to you.

    Those who did evil things to you did it because you asked them to do so to you. You asked them to do seeming evil things to you to offer you the opportunity to forgive their evil and overlook it to see them as your brothers. They are really you that you denied and projected out in your dream of separation from them and did exactly to you what you asked them to do to you.

      When you forgive them, you forgive your own evil to them and all people. In forgiving other people hence forgiving you, you recognize that we are all points of light in a wave of unified light and are one and when we forgive we return to the awareness of  seeing ourselves in light forms and from there awaken to the awareness of us as one unified spirit self with infinite selves and in that state of union feel perfect peace and joy, bliss and the dream ends for us.

     Awakened sons of God voluntarily return to the darkness, to the world without the light, love of God and in it teach all their brothers still sleeping and dreaming that they live in bodies that they are spirit selves and show them what to do to wake up to their true selves, love all people, with no exceptions.

Ozodi Osuji

October 24, 2021

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