I admire science and technology



     There is no doubt in my mind that I accept that science and technology are human beings’ greatest accomplishments; everything else is secondary.

     I do not pay attention to people’s culture but only to the extent that it encourages science and technology. You can stand on your head and talk about your African culture, Igbo culture and so on and I would not be moved; the question that my mind asks is: does your culture encourage science or not?

     Consider Arabs and their Islamic religion; since not much science comes out of the Muslim Arab world, I have no need for them; similarly, I have no need for other religion-based cultures that do not produce science and technology.

    I admire that Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and, East Indians…India has too much reliance on religion for my good) work extremely hard and are quickly embracing the spirit of science and technology and are now competing with the originators of that scientific phenomena, Europeans.

     I wish that Africans would stop talking rubbish about their so-called culture and do what Asians have done, discard their rich past culture and accepted science and technology and used those to change their culture to the extent that in a few more decades they would be out competing the West in everything.

     Russians are of no use to me because they merely ape the West in military technology but refused to transform their world into a scientific and technologically innovative society; God, Russia depends on natural resources, oil, and gold etc. to make a living, which is third world status.

      Africans, as I see it, must totally discard their prescientific and technological culture, and educate themselves on the scientific methodology and embrace scientific culture so that they use scientific methodology to evaluate whatever they need to evaluate, not their so-called cultural parameters, those kept them backward and I have no use for them.

      I associate Europeans with science and technology and admire them, not their physical persons or so-called culture but their science and technology.

    For example, I see white American culture as barbaric and see their politics as the politics of lunatics and cowards; white Americans do not fight to have social democracy, and mixed economy, and provide all people with publicly paid health care and all young persons with publicly paid education through universities and technical schools; they allow only a few to have all the money and the many to be poor with the accompanying cultural inadequacies found in the poor; because they do not stand up for what is right I dismiss them as cowards and uncivilized; I see them as lunatics to the extent that they want to impose Fascist Donald Trump on their country. 

     The point here is that I do not just admire the West but only admire its science and technology. To me this is fine.

    What is not fine is my tendency to not respect Africans and Black folks because they are not pursuing science and technology; I tend to see them as primitive; that got to change.

     All people are the same and coequal regardless of their scientific and technological attainments; therefore, one must respect all people, men and women, adults and children, and all races.

    Having said so, I must still state that I prefer a man of science and technology at any time; people who are not educated in the sciences are to me not alive and, at best, I pity them, but do not admire them.

    In sum, I am a fierce advocate for black folks, just do something that I construe as racist and you see the warrior in me come to fight you, but, at the same time, I tend to judge Africans harshly with the parameters of science and technology and find them not good enough and give them the impression that I do not respect them. I respect them as I respect all people but something in me cannot and refuse to accept any behavior that is not based on what I call the scientific culture (indeed, I devoted quite a bit of time trying to establish a science-based religion, not the primitive extant religions).

     Now you have some understanding of the controversial and contrarian character called Ozodi Osuji, a fighter for Africans who nevertheless gives the impression of not being for them.


     You have ideas about what concepts mean and behave in accordance with them; you can change those ideas, and have different concepts, and behave differently; similarly, you have perceptions, what things mean to you, and can change them and behave differently.

     Concepts and perceptions are not given but made by people and can be unmade and changed. What is given to us is our lives; we do not understand the origin of our lives, so we say that God created us, or say that the universe produced our lives and leave it at that.

Ozodi Osuji August 17, 2022

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