Human nature is insane

This essay is a summary of my philosophy. If you like what you read, then follow it up by reading my books on the subject, especially “Connected Lives.”



Ozodi Osuji

       Insanity, called psychosis by psychiatrists, is characterized by the presence of enduring delusions and hallucinations.

    Delusion is belief in what is not true as true and thinking and behaving as if it is true. Hallucination is manifested in any of the five senses, such as hearing voices (auditory hallucination) that no one else is speaking, seeing people and things (visual hallucination) that are not there; smelling things (olfactory) that are not there, feeling like things are crawling on one’s skin (tactile hallucination) when nothing is crawling on one’s skin and so on.

     The insane person believes what is not true as true and hears voices that no one speaks and or sees what is not there.

      Psychiatry considers certain mental disorders as psychosis, such as schizophrenia, mania, depression, delusion disorder and so on. Those are specific mental disorders. However, all human beings are psychotic and insane. How so?

      The universe of galaxies, stars, planets, space, time and matter we see is not there; the people we see around us talking to us are not there. What is the proof that the universe is not there?

      The universe was invented by an intelligent but insane God; properly speaking, the son of God, who is our collective identity; the infinite us, parts of God are the one son of God, the insane God that made this insane universe. In our insanity we denied our unified spirit self and decided to live as separated selves; since we are eternally unified, we cannot separate from each other but can only dream separation.

       The universe is a product of our belief system. We want to see it as there and our wish produced it. We see the universe of space, time and matter, people, animals, trees, stars, planets that are not there as there and see ourselves walking around in that universe as if, in fact, it is there. We see a universe that is not there and believe that we see people that are not there, as there; therefore, we are insane, psychotic.

      The universe of space, time and matter is a dream in our minds. We wish it to be there and believe that it is there and see it and seem to live in it.

       The universe is a projection of our thinking, our wishes. If our thinking, aka minds did not wish it and project it out, the universe would not be there.

      When you die the universe is no longer there for you, for it had been there when you were alive as a dream in your mind. That does not mean that when you die you no longer see anything.

     Upon your physical death, if you still wish for separation from your real self, unified spirit self, aka the union of God and his sons as one shared self and one shared mind, you will keep on seeing a separated universe., albeit in a different form.

     When you die you would see another separated universe of space and time, one where galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals, people are still there, a universe that still looks like our present universe but all the things in it are made of light; you will see a universe of light forms, whereas in our present universe you see a universe of dense forms.

      Our present universe is also made of light but disguised light. All the matter and energy in our universe are made from light.

     Matter, elements, atoms, particles of atoms (electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks etc.) are all made from light and are light compacted, light bunched together to make them have mass and solid form.

    If you recall from cosmology and astrophysics, 13.8 billion years ago, out of nowhere and nothing a point of light came out. That singularity shattered into particles of light.

      The particles of light, photons, immediately began to recombine. They bunched into electrons and then combined into quarks and quarks combined to form protons and neutrons. Neutrons and protons were combined into nuclei.

      In effect, matter was formed. The same forces that formed matter formed anti-matter (protons and anti-protons, neutrons and anti-neutrons, electrons and anti-electrons).

       Matter and anti-matter were supposed to attack and annihilate each other and return to light, radiation, but when they attacked each other somehow some matter remained.

      That matter then sped off at what is called inflationary speed, speed greater than the speed of light. Light travels at 186, 282 miles per second. The inflationary speed of the early universe prevented matter from collapsing back to itself and returning to radiation, light and aborting the incipient universe.

       The early universe remained in plasma state, which is unattached nuclei and electrons and trapped light. 400, 000 years later, nuclei captured electrons and atoms were formed, mostly hydrogen and helium atoms.

      For millions of years the universe was a sea of hydrogen atoms. Thereafter, something happened, and   the cloud of hydrogen was separated into clumps and on each clump, gravity acted on and, in its core, hydrogen fused to helium and stars were formed. Stars are clumps of hydrogen in whose core hydrogen fuses, nucleosynthesis, to helium and produce light and heat.

      That light and heat travel from inside the star and eventually reach its surface and escape and we see it as light, stars.

       The early stars were ridiculously huge and massive in size. They lived for a few million years and exhausted their hydrogen and synthesized other elements and when the synthesis got to iron, they enlarged in size and eventually exploded in supernova.

      In the explosion elements higher than Iron were formed and spread into space as nebular. Eventually, the now ninety-two formed elements, some formed inside stars, others during supernova, congregated to form medium stars like our sun and its planets, comets and asteroids.

      Over time comets laden with water struck hot planet earth and cooled it down. The earth is now covered by 70% water.

       In the waters on planet earth, the various elements, especially carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, sulfur, phosphor and so on combined and the resulting molecules were the basis for biological organisms.

       Plants and animals’ bodies were formed in the waters on planet earth. Those plants and animals formed from single cells; the single cells combined into many cells until they formed multicellular organisms and those evolved to more complex animals until evolution reached what we now call the human body.

      About 100, 000 years ago, human bodies in their present forms were formed in Africa. From Africa they spread to Eurasia and thereafter to Australia and the Americas.

      The various seeming accidents that occurred to produce what is now called human beings occurred as if they were designed to occur and are called the anthropic principle. These include such occurrences as anti-matter not annihilating matter, inflation, the separation of hydrogen into clumps so that gravity acted on them to form stars that eventually produce the heat and light that make biological existence possible on earth.

      Here we are, animal creatures with the ability to think and study and understand our universe, homo sapiens, intelligent animals.

     Both the universe of dense matter and the universe of light forms are made from light and are dreams in our minds and are not objectively outside us, as we believe that they are. How do I know that the world of light forms exists?

      I have had experiences that took me to the world of light forms and from those know that that world exists; it is still not real; it is as illusory as our earth is. The only real world is the world of unified spirit; that is permanent, eternal, and changeless.

     At night you sleep and see a universe that looks like the universe you see in the day, you see you walking around in space, time and matter and when you wake up in the morning that universe is gone, it was a dream universe.

       Our day universe is also a dream universe; the night dream is a solo dream, you did all the dreaming; our day world is a collective dream, all of us, with our one shared mind and one shared wish to separate from eternal union, dream it together.

     When you die you no longer see our present universe but since the wish that called it forth is still in you, the desire to live as the opposite of your real self, our real self is unified spirit self, and you want to live as a separated ego self in form, then you will see another universe of space, time and matter, albeit that the things in it are in light forms.

       And from that universe of light forms you progress to returning to our real self. Our real self is formless, it does not have space, time and matter, it is one unified spirit self, with one mind; within that oneself are infinite selves and infinite minds but they all know themselves to be one shared self and one shared mind.

     In eternity, aka heaven, unified spirit self, there is no you and I, you and non-you, you and other people, no subject and object, just one self, hence you do not see other people as outside you but know them to be part of your oneself with infinite units in it, one mind with infinite units of minds in it.  

      Every person you see on planet earth and in our universe of space, time and matter is psychotic, insane because he or she sees a universe that is not there and believes that it is there. All people on earth, all animals, all things on earth are psychotic; they are all deluded for they believe what is not there to be there and hallucinate for they see and hear voices of people and things that are not there.


    Within the general psychosis that is planet earth, there are three types of psychotics. There is what is called normal persons, neurotics and psychotics.

      Normal persons have internalized their group delusions and hallucinations and are now what we might call normal psychotics.

     There are the neurotics. The neurotic as a child did not like normal psychosis and rejected it and its people and used his imagination to invent what seems to him a better, ideal and perfect people and perfect world; alas, his inventions are still people walking around in bodies, space and time hence separated from unified self hence are still psychotic.

    The neurotic invented his own individualistic psychosis whereas the normal person lives in group psychosis, group insanity; the neurotic, fortunately, does not believe his inventions to be true; he doubts the truth of his inventions, his desired ideal and perfect self and perfect world; he has one foot in normal psychosis and one foot in individual psychosis.

     Those that psychiatry call psychotics, such as schizophrenics, manic-depressed persons, deluded persons believe in their replacement grandiose selves, their replaced people and world and function as if their imaginary perfect selves and imaginary world, still in space and time, is real; they live in their own self-created fantasy world hence we call them insane.


      When people are in unified spirit state, aka God, they have total worth, importance and power to invent universes (they do invent universes to play with, we invented our present universe to dream in it). When they wish to separate from their shared oneself and shared one mind and are born on earth the first thing, they feel is sense of separation and they must invent replacement separated self-concepts and self-images.

       The self-concept and self-image say that one is separated from other people, animals and trees and the entire universe.

       In that sense of separation, one feels incomplete hence feel unimportant and powerless. One then resolves to give one self-importance and power. Thus, all over the world people and animals seek self-conferred importance and power. They want their separated ego selves to be important and powerful.

      On earth, people want other separated selves, illusory selves, to see their egos and bodies, illusions as important and powerful. They will attack and even destroy you if you do not see them as important and powerful.

       Try treating your neighbor as if he or she does not have worth and importance; if you do, you remind him of his existential worthlessness in ego and body and to prove to his self that he has worth and importance he would verbally attack you and eventually physically attack and kill you.

       By killing you he has removed from his world that person who does not affirm his deluded self-importance.

      Human beings feel total sense of unimportance and wear masks of importance and significance, and you must treat them as if they have worth, significance and importance, as if they have dignity, and respect them, to have good relationship with them.

       If people manifest on earth, live in the delusion that they are no longer part of unified spirit self and are separated egos in bodies they must feel worthless, unimportant, and powerless and seek it on ego terms.

      Thus, you see white folks who feel worthless, and unimportant in their egos and bodies (their bodies will die and become food for worms hence have no worth, their egos will disappear when they die) pretending to have worth and power over black folks.

     You see black folks doing the same thing that white folks are doing, in their own way; in their inner cities, where white folks shoved black folks to live in, black folks want their fellow black folks to treat them as especially important persons, or else they feel angry at them.

      In Nigeria and Africa, the people feel worthless, and seek imaginary importance, and delude themselves into thinking that they have them by lugging empty titles around, such as chief, doctor and professor.

      To be human, that is, to be a separated ego self is to live as the opposite of our real self. Our real self is unified spirit self.

     In our real selves, unified spirit self we have total worth and power; if you like, in God we have total magnificence.

     In separated selves in bodies, space and time we no longer have that unified worth and seek separated worth and power, illusions; real worth and power lies in unified spirit self.


      Looking at the world around you, what do you see? You see children born in pain and people living in pain and suffering diseases and poverty; people are often sick, age and die. Who has eyes to see has not asked whether a loving God could create this place of sorrows as our world?

      Only a wicked and evil God would create our world!

      If you look at the universe scientifically you see that there is really no purpose to people’s living. They are born with a powerful desire to live, and they do whatever they could to live. They do meaningless works to make a living to survive, then later they die.

     The world in which people live is filled with natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, draughts and plagues of bacteria, and pandemics of virus and other diseases that kill them.

     The universe is expanding; in a few trillion years the galaxies would be so separated from each other that the stars would experience extreme cold and die from heat loss. The stars and planets would break up into their component ninety-two elements and those would break up into protons, neutrons and electrons and those would decay to quarks and light; thus, the universe that began in extreme heat dies in a Big Chill, a cold death (or, may be, at a certain point in its expansion, it would stop expanding and contract and return to  the original singularity in which it began, and this Big Crunch would result in another explosion and another universe rebounds from the old one).

      What sane person would create this universe? It does not make sense. In society people are filled with hatred for each other and those easily lead to war, and they experience orgies of mutual killing. When they are not killing themselves, they are capturing and enslaving themselves or exploiting the less powerful in their hellish states.

     Africans, until recently, were enslaved in the USA. The USA to the present is structured as the evilest society known to man, capitalism. The few have all the money and the many live from paycheck to paycheck as wage slaves and a little medical issue they are wiped out and live in their cars and thereafter are homeless.

      Talk about giving the people publicly paid health care, as they have done in Europe, or publicly paying the school fees of all young people through college, the evil possessed minds called economists at the University of Chicago, School of Economics, tell us that that would wide out the economy. Yet, the country spends almost a trillion dollars annually on the military, money that could have been used to provide all people with health care and public education.

     Americans call themselves Christians, even though Jesus Christ told his followers to love and care for each other, as symbolized in the parable of the Good Samaritan, Americans would not care for their sick by giving them health care.

       And the callousness that takes place in the USA is taking place, in different forms, all over the world.

      Nor is nature itself benign. In nature nuclear fusion is taking place inside stars (hydrogen is fused to helium to produce heat and light) and soon people will be doing it; they already do nuclear fission, break the strong nuclear force holding protons and neutrons in atoms nuclei and release radiation with which they kill people or provide electricity for their cities.

     Nature has the means to wipe people out and people learn those means and do it. Can a benign God have created this world? No, only an insane and heartless God could have created our physical universe.


     We are the insane God that created this insane universe. In our natural home, unified spirit state, all of us share oneself and one mind and are not in matter or bodies but are pure spirit. We decided to separate from each other.

     That decision caused the big bang to occur to provide us with a separated world so that we can live in a separated world with separated selves.

      We projected out physical light and it split its wave into photons and photons united into quarks, and quarks to protons and neutrons, and some light formed electrons.

      Protons and neutrons were immediately housed in nuclei and held there by the strong nuclear force (the weak nuclear force does decay the strong nuclei force).

     In time nuclei captured electrons and atoms were formed (electromagnetic force hold electrons close to nuclei and made them cycle nuclei).

     Thereafter, the universe was for millions of years filled with hydrogen atoms (and some helium atoms). The ocean of hydrogen separated into parts, for the universe is a place of separation, not union.

     Gravity acted on each clump of hydrogen and pressed it inwards until pressure and heat forced it to fuse to helium and stars were ignited.

      Stars fuse hydrogen to helium and live for billions of years then run out of hydrogen and explode in supernova. Their outer layers are spilled into the space around them and their inner cores collapse into either black hole (where not even light can escape from their events horizons) or neutron stars (that orbit at incredible rate).

      Medium sized stars are formed from the debris from exploded huge stars. Our sun and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) and comets and asteroids were formed from exploded massive stars, four and half billion years ago. Our sun has enough hydrogen and will live for another five billion years and then explode and die.


    Years ago, I observed Igbos and saw how each of them is seeking worth and importance in his ego and body. The Igbo wants you to see him as having worth, as special and superior to other people. He is motivated to accomplish remarkable things by his desire for worth and power. He is arrogant and proud. He looks down on those who he sees as not as achievement orientated as he is. If you are poor, he has total contempt for you. He respects and admires achievers, wealthy and powerful people (even if they are idiots, many of them admire the narcissistic king, Donald Trump, just because he is allegedly wealthy and is a powerful ego, the president of the USA).

      Because of their arrogance and tendency to be insolent and look down on their neighbors, their neighbors tend to hate them. Occasionally, their neighbors attack and kill some of them to remind them that they are not invincible, that they are mere egos in bodies, mere animals that a directed bullet kills and makes his body rot.

      You would think that they learn from their history of been intermittently killed by their neighbors. Of course not. They are human beings and, as such, must seek worth and importance on ego terms and must be tempted to look down on other egos in bodies and those hate and attack them.

     The earth is a place where egos look down on other egos hence generate social conflict and wars; the world is a place of war, not peace.

      What Igbos are doing other Nigerians, Africans and human beings in general are doing; this is because all human beings live in ego, separated selves and bodies and, as such, have no intrinsic worth and significance and seek importance, significance and power on the terms of their ego separated selves. They would never succeed.

     Even if you are the president of the world and all people obey your whims, and you have trillions of dollars, you are still going to die and your body eaten by worms, decay and smell like feces and return to matter, elements, atoms, particles and to light.


      You wish for ego separated self and dream it and house it in body and defend it with food, clothes, medication, houses and psychological defenses and keep it in existence.

     If you did not wish for the ego, separated self and did not defend it, you would see it disappear and you experience you as part of one unified self with infinite units in it, all of them the same self.

     The unified self is life, God; it is eternal permanent and changeless.


      We all separated from the whole, unified self and live in a dream of separated self and because all of us do this, what we are doing is called normalcy.

     Normalcy is delusion disorder, and hallucination that all people participate in. Individual psychosis, delusion and hallucination, is when you seek individual power and importance beyond the group level of it.


     The world is delusional for it is a dream of separation from union; if union is the truth, reality, then separation, space, time and matter are not real, but they are believed hence we are deluded.

     Perceiving the world as not good enough some persons seek an idealized form of the separated self and its world of space, time and matter meaning that one is still within the delusion system but now has a personal delusion, not group delusion. This is neurosis or psychosis.

      If you do not seek personal delusion, then you give up on the world and return to the world of union hence sanity.

     Within the deluded world you can seek mild delusion by doing what does not overly emphasize personal desires for worth, importance and power.

     If you love and forgive all people you live in mild delusion and mild hallucination of living in space, time and hearing people speaking; if you have no desire for a big self and you retain a small self, and you play with the small self you retain, but as long as you have a separated self, big or small, you are deluded for it does not exist.


      Republicans are of many brands, fascists, nationalists, racists, white supremacists, all of them deluded folks.

      Democrats are equally deluded, for they, too, live in separated egos and in space and time but tend to be naïve and not pay attention to republicans aggressively deluded psychosis.

      Members of both political         parties are deluded and psychotic; overlook them and seek mild sanity in love in union with all people.


      American politics, Igbo politics, Nigerian politics, African politics, European politics, Russian and Chinese politics are all the activities of normal insane persons; they are deluded and are hallucinating persons hence do not make sense to pure reason and the desire for perfection, to the idealistic mind.

     Politics cannot make sense because people are deluded and the world is a system of hallucination; we see people who are not there engaged in political activities, so one must give up on trying to make people and their political and social activities rational, for they are not going to be so.

     You can overlook politics and other social activities and love the people, that is, forgive the world and love the dreamers despite their crazy dreams but you cannot make their dream rational and sane, for it is the opposite of rationality and sanity.

     Sanity lies in union, whereas people on earth are in separation hence insane. If you choose to overlook separation, and activities done in space and time then you teach love without the illusion that people are going to become loving, they cannot, for as long as they are separated in a world of space and time, they will be unloving hence insane.


     We eat food to maintain our bodies and must kill and eat other animals and plant life to obtain our food; we must take medications, wear clothes and live in houses to maintain our bodies. If we did not do any of those things our bodies would die. In the severe winter of Alaska if you were not properly bundled up in clothes and live in heated houses, you would die in a day.

     We must avoid things like fire or else we are burned to death. In our cities we must have fire departments to protect us from fire, police to protect us from those who want to destroy our bodies, military to protect us from foreigners who want to take our lands, hospitals to heal our bodies, food producers to maintain our bodies with the food they produce or else we sicken and die, governments to protect us from each other’s hostilities and from dangers from the environment.

      Simply put, if we live in bodies, we must do a whole host of negative things to stay alive. If we did not live in bodies but lived as pure spirit, we would not have to do all these negative things that we do to maintain our bodies.

      Given the troubles living in bodies cause us, why did the universe take all the trouble to make sure that we live in bodies? The universe is a mischievous thing if it could have us live in bodiless spirit hence have no issues with efforts to protect our bodies, yet it placed us in bodies and make us struggle to survive in bodies and fear the death of our bodies as our death.

    Then there is the quest for sex. Sex is animalistic and ought to not be pursued yet it is the only means for reproduction we have. Would a rational God have sex the best way to reproduce people? I do not think so. The only use that sex has is that it makes two people feel united and people need that sense of union until they figure out a way to attain spiritual union with all creation and its creator.

      Only an evil God would have his sons live in bodies, bodies that would eventually die and return to the light they are made from.

     Why not leave us to live as light and avoid all the problems involved in transforming light to matter and using matter to construct our bodies?

      Only an evil God invented our universe and our bodies; we are that evil God; the real God is loving and have us live in spirits not bodies; it is us who placed us in bodies; we did so to use bodies, plus space and time, to give us a sense of boundaries from each other hence guarantee the delusion of us living as separated selves, the delusion that brought us to live in  the physical universe.


       All the things’ people on earth do is motivated by their insanity, their existential psychoses. They are unified spirit self who now see themselves in the delusion that they are separated selves and therefore are insane.

      Everything that people do is insane. Their politics is insane and must intermittently break down and they go to war and kill themselves.

      Watch American politics. It is the politics of insane persons. They have divided themselves to Republican egos and liberal egos; those two parties do not agree on anything; in a few years they will be shooting at each other, killing millions of their people, destroying the capitalist deluded empire they built.

       Like all ego-based empires, the USA will self-destroy in a war. All ego separated selves must fight and die from war; their so-called peace lasts only for a few years, not more than hundred years, before they indulge in their habitual orgy of self-annihilation.

      And it does not matter that they kill themselves, for their ego selves are fantasy, illusory selves; killing each other’s egos and bodies is activities in a dream; dream activities have not taken place. Nothing is done on earth, in the dream; the earth is blank; what we see done in it has not been done.

     People’s real selves remain eternal, permanent and changeless in unified spirit self. Their dream separated selves must fight and destroy each other for that is the nature of the dream, the illusion that what is one can have an opposite, separated selves. The dream came into being when the sons of God attacked each other and attacked God, in a dream, to seem separated from each other and from the whole self, God; they use mutual attacks to keep their selves in the dream of separation from each other.

      People are psychotic; psychotics must periodically destroy themselves. If people are on earth, live in space, time and matter they will behave psychotically, hate and periodically kill themselves. That is the human condition, you cannot change it, there is no cure for the human existential psychosis.

     At best people can turn their attention back to their real selves. They can overlook the world of space, time and matter and separated selves in bodies and love the dreamers, love the sons of God that manifest in egos and bodies.

      When you overlook people’s egos and bodies and what they do with their egos and bodies, of course, they can destroy you, as they killed Jesus when he did not defend his ego and body; but he returned to the awareness of his self in light form and thereafter to the awareness of his real self as a formless part of formless unified spirit self, aka God.

      The thesis of this essay is true; make of its truth what you like; truth stands alone and does not need your agreement to be true.

      To adapt to this insane world, you must show people how to adapt to their insane world, teach them to have strong egos and excellent job skills and compete, produce goods and services that other separated selves desire and buy.

      Have goods and or services that you supply, and other separated selves will demand it and use it to adapt to their world.

      If you want to live outside the illusion of space, time and matter, and give up your separated ego self, well, you cannot adapt to the psychotic world.

      You can do what enlightened and illuminated persons throughout human history do, live as if you are not a separated ego self, and model living as a unified self while still in space time; that is, be partially a unified self, for if you are completely a unified self in your awareness you would not see you in the world of separation, you would be only aware of life in unified spirit self.

      You can do what teachers of union, teachers of love, teachers of God, such as Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ did, live and teach how to return to the awareness of unified spirit self; you can combine secular and spiritual psychology.

     As for the world itself, it will remain as it is, psychotic; you must give up the delusion that you can change a world that is designed to be the opposite of union and make it unified; the world must remain a separated place of space, time and matter, a place of psychotics and folks who kill themselves in pursuit of grandiose egos.

      Occasionally, a person recognizes the insanity of the separated universe and exits from it by returning to union. There is no mass exit from the universe yet.

      The universe will exist for trillions of years until each person chooses to return to the awareness of his real self, unified spirit self, hence heal his insanity of believing in separated self; you can teach sanity, that is, teach union, but you cannot make any person embrace union, sanity.

     Each person voluntarily came to earth to live as a separated self-housed in body and is the one to choose when he lets go of his ego separated self and return to the awareness of his true self, unified self.

      You can make the choice to return to union for you, but you do not have the ability or right to make that choice for other people.

     Give up the delusion that it is up to you to heal other people; to heal is to return to union; only the individual can heal his self by choosing to let go of separation and differences and return to the awareness of sameness and union of all creation and its creator as one shared self with one shared mind.


       The philosophy, religion, or whatever you choose to call it, articulated in this essay is that only an insane and evil God invented this physical universe of space, time and matter and invented human beings living as egos housed in bodies.

      The essay says that the universe, people living as ego in bodies, ought to not have been invented and ought to not exist. The ego and its world are a mistake, a mistake to be undone. According to the ego, this is a negative philosophy but according to our real self, Christ, this is a positive philosophy.

        The ego and its intellectuals will judge this essay a negative philosophy and religion and instead say that the world is a beautiful place. They tell us to just look at the opportunity the world offers people to do science and technology and live in material abundance and then die and are cremated or become food for worms.

      Despite the defenses of the ego, by ego intellectuals, the fact is that the world is not a beautiful place, only an insane ego would look at the madhouse and slaughterhouse called our world and call it beautiful.

       Beautiful or not, here it is, and it is going to be here, for, at least, two billion years. People will live on planet earth for another two billion years.

     Thereafter, the sun would start running short of hydrogen and begin fusing other elements, such as carbon and when the fusion process, nucleosynthesis, reaches iron it swells up and explodes.

     Our sun will explode in about five billion years but in about two billion years it would start increasing its heat and dry the waters on planet earth and the earth becomes uninhabitable.

       In two billion years people would have the science and technology to easily go to exoplanets, not only in our Milky Way Galaxy but to the other two hundred billion galaxies.

       Indeed, before the universe dies in a cold death people would have the science and technology to tunnel their ways, through worm holes, to other universes; there are infinite universes (infinite dream states).

       Be those seeming ego hope as they are, the fact is that that which is born to die is not a positive thing, so our lives are negative although we must make the best of them by studying science, and developing technology, and using those to make our meaningless lives as pleasant as is possible.

      One is not advocating escaping from this universe; there is no place to escape to where there is no death.

      However, with love and forgiveness, upon our physical death, we will live in the world of light forms where there is no death; and from there we return to our formless unified home, aka heaven, God, where there is eternity and perfect peace and happiness.

      Where is our separated world of dense forms, separated world of light forms and formless unified world, aka heaven? They are not outside us.

      The three worlds are in our minds; they represent our thinking and beliefs. You are in the world that your thinking produces.

      See you as separated from all people and things, and you see you on earth; see you as separated from all people and things but love them all and you see you in the world of light forms; know you as a part of formless unified selves and you experience oneness, heaven and know perfect peace and joy.

     If you are reading this essay, you see you as separated from unified self hence is in a place of insanity, the earth.

     The goal of the essay is to help us turn towards union, love, hence regain sanity, for sanity lies in formless unified state (the world of light forms is still insane but has better insanity than the total insanity of the world of dense forms on earth).

      Sanity lies only in unified spirit, aka God and his heaven, our real self and real home. God is love. The sane person loves his self, other selves and his creator, God.

     The insane person does not love his self and other persons and their creator, God. Because he does not love all persons, he is perpetually afraid that they are out to harm and kill him hence he is always ego defended and defended militarily, as are most people in our extant world.

     What are people in our world today but people who live in fear and are cowards who instead of loving and nurturing each other spend most of their money to preparing for war and eventually killing themselves.

      The world is composed of cowards and is ruled by criminal gangs who understand only how to gin up conflicts and wars to maintain their power and rule over the people.

     I will conclude this treatise by saying that we ought to love one another. There is no condition for love. People deserve to be loved regardless of what they did to one; love for all people is love for oneself. One must love all people to love oneself and under no circumstances should one be angry and hate people. Love is who we are, and we must love to be our true self.

      If you see the suffering and pain under which people live their issues with their bodies, the only logical response to them is to love them and in doing so reduce their burden and reduce one’s own burden of living in ego and body.

      Finally, the essay has a mental health perspective on people; only a person who studied aspects of mental health, such as Helen Schucman, could write A course in miracles hence influence my psychological thinking. The essay may not be easy for non-mental health professionals to understand but with patience everyone can grasp what it says.


       Over many years, I studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism, African religions and Christianity, Plotinus’ Enneads and Helen Schucman’s A course in miracles. These studies led me to do my own thinking on the nature of reality. The studies influenced me. Nevertheless, the philosophy articulated in this essay is what makes sense to me; I do not use other people’s views to rationalize my approach to living.

Ozodi Osuji

December 23, 2021

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