Human beings are a mystery


Ozodi Osuji

     There seems something in human beings that tries to understand their selves and their world. People are those creatures that strive to understand their world.

      If people were only body, would they strive to understand themselves and their world? The human body is like the bodies of animals yet to the best of our knowledge animals do not struggle to understand themselves and their world, they just exist. If people are just animals how come, they try to understand their world?

    If people are more than animals, what is it in them that tries to understand their world? Some say that the mixtures of the sixty-four elements in people’s bodies (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphor, iron, copper, sodium, and so on) resulted in their brains having the ability to ask questions and strive to understand the universe. That is, intelligence is epiphenomenal not due to some mysterious spirit operating in people.

      It is true that the moment we posit spirit we unnecessarily mystify people and while doing so have not understood what spirit is.

      What is spirit and how can we demonstrate that it exists? If you posit God, what exactly is God and where is the proof that he exists?

     I have no knowledge of the existence of spirit or God, so, to me, they are hypothetical. I am agnostic and have been so from childhood. I would like to believe in God but something in me cannot believe in lies. Intellectual integrity disposes me to accept only what I know that there is proof of. I do not rule out the existence of God, I just do not have concrete evidence that he exists or does not exist. I wish that I could be like theists and believe that God exists, or like atheists and believe that God does not exist. I am not in the business of beliefs, both theists and atheists are believers, but in the business of seeking facts.

      All that I can say is that looking at my body, and at your body, I see animals’ bodies, but I do not leave it at that; I marvel at how this animal body produces the type of thinking that human beings do. Human beings, I must say, seem mysterious to me.

     I wish that I could crack that mystery without embracing religious mumbo jumbo explanations. I wish that there could be a spiritual science that uses the scientific method to explain spiritual matters, if they do, in fact, exist.


Mother Theresa of Calcutta, India, devoted her life to doing the social service that Jesus Christ asked his followers to do. To all appearances she was a Christian nun. However, in her diaries, she confessed that she is agnostic.

I am currently reading Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). He, too, wished that there is a spiritual science that could use the scientific method to study what he feels is in people, spirit, that so far is clouded with religious mumbo jumbo. See

Rudolf Steiner – Wikipedia

Ozodi Osuji

December 11, 2021

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