How does a God realized person live?


Ozodi Osuji

     All of us are always in God, heaven, which is always in formless unified spirit; in it we live in perfect harmony with each other and in peace and joy. We know that ourselves and minds are joined and are one. We have no wish to separate from God or from each other.

     While in that perfect self, as God created us, we wished for separation and see ourselves in a dream set on earth and see ourselves in separated egos in bodies (entered through seeming birth, growing up, aging, and dying, all illusions that have not taken place).

    In God realization one suddenly experience our universe of space, time and matter, the universe of separation and multiplicity disappear from one’s awareness, and one enters the world of unified spirit; there is only one self and one mind and one knows ones self to be part of that self and mind; there is no one and other people, no subject and object, no seer and seen, all share oneself so there are no other persons to be seen or talked to; one knows oneself to be one with all people and experiences perfect peace and joy and knows that  life in spirit is eternal, permanent and changeless. Hindus call this experience Samadhi, Buddhists call it Nirvana, Zen calls it Satori, Catholicism calls it the union of the son with his father, A course in miracles calls it Holy Instant. Upon experiencing it one is enlightened to one’s real self, is illuminated to one’s sonship in God. Thereafter, one is a world teacher of God and lives in peace, what Hindus call Ananda.

     Now one accepts that one is always in heaven, in formlessness, in unified spirit and not in body. As a spirit one lives in bliss and does not need food for one has no physical body to nourish with food. One does not live in body and, as such, does not need food, medications, clothes, and shelter; one is a formless spirit but can appear to people in form, in clothes because people live in the illusion of bodies and clothes and cannot see one if one is not in body and is not dressed in clothes. (One can talk to them without them appearing in body but that would scare most people for they would think that they are hearing voices hence are insane.)

     One chooses to every now and then to appear in body, either of dense matter or light form to relate to people who have the illusion that they are bodies, but one does not have that illusion. After the interaction with people in the illusion that they are bodies and that they live on earth, one simply reverts to the awareness that one is in formless heaven.

     One lives in formless heaven appearing only occasionally on earth. One only manifest on earth consciously and then withdraws from it. That was what Jesus did, appear to his disciples when he wanted to teach them and then walks away and disappears into awareness of his real self, in his father and his father in him, in formlessness, live as pure idea, consciousness.

    Since one is no longer attached to ego and body and is not in body but still wants to do something in the egos and bodies world, one uses one’s mind to give one’s self what one needs to do that work, not for one’s ego glory (which is not glory) but to help other people to eventually realize that they are spirit and return when they want to.

      If one needs money, one simply asks for it and gets it (it would, for example, appear in one’s bank account, put in there by people). One then uses that money to do what one needs to do in the ego’s world (such as publish books, establish a school of spirituality and support people under one’s earthly care).

     Please notice that whereas Jesus lived like this, it was not how Hindu so-called God realized people lived; those still lived in bodies, ate food, defecated and occasionally closed their eyes and meditated and claimed to be in heaven. They were not God realized; only Krishna was a God realized person in Hinduism; like Jesus, Krishna appeared wherever he wanted to appear, for he was acting with the power of God in him, as Jesus did. Gautama Buddha was an advanced teacher of God, more like an enlightened philosopher. Most Hindu so-called God realized persons were fake.

     A true God realized person does not live in body; he lives in spirit but appears in body, anywhere on earth that he needs to do his work; he does not die for he knows that death is an illusion.

     A course in miracles, in the Teachers Manual, has a section on how a teacher of God spends his day; it says that he does only what the Holy Spirit asks him to do; he does not plan for the future and waits and does only what the Holy Spirit asks him to do (this approach over concretizes the Holy Spirit and makes him another person; the Holy Spirit is one’s right mind, it is one’s thinking done with God; whatever one thinks with God is thought with the Holy Spirit; the ego is one’s left mind, thoughts done under the auspices of the desire to separate from God).

     The book was talking about an advanced teacher of God, not a God realized person like Jesus or Krishna.

    The book said that God realization can be experienced for a few minutes but that one cannot be in that state for too long since it is not compatible with life in body; if one is in that state for too long, one’s body drops off and one dies.

      In God realization one has left this world and is now in conscious union with God. He can choose to stay in God or choose to return to his earthly body to do some work with it, as noted above.

     Such people do not live in body but appear in body only when necessary. Their bodies do not die, they use their minds to transfigure their bodies to light forms (as Jesus did when he was with two old prophets and looked, along with them, like pure light).

     One can choose to return to formless state in God and stay there permanently, like the Prodigal son returning home to his father, ending his journey without a distance, a journey away from his real self, a journey to separation that has not occurred.

Ozodi Osuji May 26, 2022

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