How do our minds produce our dreams?


8:30 PM

December 1, 2021

Ozodi Osuji

     In this dream, I was in our living room with my ex-wife (Janis) and my cousin, Fabian and other visitors. I was holding Janis from behind, with her buttocks on my groin. Fabian shook his head indicating that that is inappropriate behavior when there are other people in the room. I walked the visitors to the door, and they left, and I returned to the living room and Janis was sitting on the floor, playing solitary cards (as she usually did when she was alone). I woke up.


      Yesterday and this morning I thought about Janis and wrote how her decision to separate from God, be an ego and body and eventually not to love meant that she felt guilty and projected her guilt to her body and died from it, died an egotist. I said that she is a very fragile woman who needed to be loved but that I was not mature enough to give her mature love and thus she felt unloved  and embarked on what she felt was vengeance towards me; I acknowledged that I contributed to her death; the woman who asked her to come to California and told her to be vicious, like a mad dog, towards me, helped kill her; thereafter, the woman wanted to take her house and use it for her egotistical religion’s meeting place.

     We contribute to each other’s welfare and death; no one is an island.


      It is my mind that produced this dream. I shaped everything in the dream to suit my thinking about Janis; the dream reflected my desires.

     Each of us produces his nightly dreams.

     However, our day world, also a dream, is produced by all of us; the universe is our collective dream.

     The part of our minds that produce our solo dreams at night and our collective dreams during the day we have no understanding of; we call it unconscious mind or collective unconscious mind but those are not understanding but merely naming what have no understanding of how it works.

     The part of us that dream is a powerful part of us; just think that alone that part of our minds produce our nightly and day worlds.

      There are many things that we have not understood about us. For my part, I believe that the part of us that do both our nightly solo dreams and our day collective dreams are the sons of God in us.

      The sons of God are extension of God and have the power of God hence they can use that power to do their dreaming, dreaming that produce our universe at night and in the daytime, what we cannot consciously do.

     Our real selves, the sons of God, wished to separate from God and could not do so; while still part of God, as it were, they went to sleep and dream our collective day world and the individual’s solo nightly dreams.

     On earth we are not aware of how that part of our minds do their dreaming. I certainly do not know how my mind produce my nightly dreams and help produce our daydreams. We are the sleeping and dreaming sons of God.

     What are called spirit mediums like Helen Schucman (the writer of A course in miracles) and Jane Roberts (the writer of Seth Speaks) shut down their day consciousness and gain access to our collective unconscious minds and from there write the stuff they write, which are also a kind of dream, metaphors of the truth but not the truth; they are poems to be interpreted by us for our own good or damnation.

     Occasionally, a sleeping son of God, such as Gautama Buddha and Joshua Ben Joseph, wake up from the dream and regain the powers of the son of God in them, powers rooted not in their selves but in God.

     The son can do nothing without the power of God in him.

Ozodi Osuji

9: 00 PM

December 1, 2021

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