Here is my truth


Ozodi Osuji

      Many persons do not tell you their truth, what they believe is the nature of reality and that they live. Instead, they take refuge in what other people say is the truth. They are an encyclopedia of information on the truth but when you ask them what they believe in, they wriggle out of that question. They know that to publicly state one’s truth is to live it for a truth that is not lived is not the truth.

     Nigerian politicians, for example, refuse to commit to ideological politics (see below) and call themselves pragmatic and that gives them excuse to be corrupt, to be bandits stealing the people’s moneys. They do not know that there are people who embrace a political ideology as the truth on how society should be governed and commit their lives and behaviors to actualizing it.

     My metaphysical truth is that there is one God and that we are all sons of that God. My God is spirit though not a person; he is the idea of the whole and we are the ideas of the parts of that one whole self. The whole is in the part and the parts are in the whole and all of them share oneself with one mind.

     Somehow, we now manage to see ourselves as separated from the whole and live individuated, self-centered lives. If we see other people as not parts of us, we do not care for them, and they do not care for us. We live in conflict and war with other people and live out our tragic existence on earth.

    Those who recognized our shared oneself and one mind know that whatever they do affect all people, so they try to serve public good. In pursuing social interests, they are useful to all people. They tend to find peace and joy from doing so.

    I find peace and joy from knowing that you and I are oneself and that whatever I do to you I do to me and since I want to be loved by all people, I love you.

    In love I find connectedness and peace. This is my stance on life. What is yours?


Do you believe in accidents? I wrote the above vignette around 1 AM this morning. A while ago (9: AM), I went to Facebook, and it has a memory from two years ago; then I wrote what I wrote this morning! How did my mind remember what I said two years ago on the same subject? I do not know. Life continues to mystify me. That is all that I can say.

The usual political ideologies are Conservativism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and if you add economic ideologies then add Capitalism, Mercantilism and Corporatism. Most people operate from somewhere in this political continuum; some more to the left, some more to the right and some in the middle of the political spectrum; centrists tend to rule most human polities. Just know where you are operating from and make sure that it is what you believe to be the truth on how society ought to be governed. If you just do what you must do to survive you are a fake and not relevant to evolution, except as a chaff; you are like thieving Nigerian politicians, those stand for nothing.

 Briefly, the conservative conserves what is good in his people’s culture and traditions, in the West he tends to be nationalistic and capitalistic; he wants limited government to avoid tyranny by big government.

The liberal in the USA wants to use the power of government to redistribute wealth and help the poor, he is otherwise a conservative.

The socialist tends to believe in using democratic, electoral politics to elect socialists to public offices, those who believe in sharing wealth, they tend to tax the rich maximally and use government to generate the money to give all people publicly paid education at all levels and health insurance for all. (I am a social democrat; I mix capitalism and socialism.)

The communist believes in collective ownership of property and means of production.

The fascist wants to serve his country by all means necessary; he tends to be xenophobic and hates foreigners and those who do not look like him.

The corporatist tends to want government and private enterprise to work together for the greater good of the country.

The mercantilist tends to indulge in protecting his country’s industries via maximum tariffs, custom duties on imported goods.

For details on political ideologies read my book, The Political Economy of Nigeria.

Ozodi Osuji

October 24, 2021

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