God Experience


Ozodi Osuji

      Do you want to experience God? You are always inside God and is experiencing God all the time; God is life and if you are alive, you are in God’s life.

      God is the whole self, and you are part of that whole self (aka Holy Self). Wholeness includes everything so you are always part of God’s wholeness.

     The reason you say that you want to experience God is probably because you feel like you are apart from God.

      You cannot be apart from God. What seems to have happened is that while you are in God, right now, you wished to be apart from him.

     God created you as part of his unified spirit self. You resented that he created you and wanted to create God, create yourself and create other sons of God. Obviously, once created by God, you cannot create him or create you or create other people.

     The wish for self-creation was so strong in you that, as it were, while still in God you cast a magical spell over your spiritual eyes and went to sleep and no longer experience the unified spirit of heaven; instead, you invented physical light and used it to form energy and matter and used them to form stars, planets, trees, animals and your body.

      You put you in a body and now have physical eyes and with it see you and other sons of God in physical bodies. You no longer see you and people as God created them, formless unified spirits, but instead see you and people as in physical bodies living in space and time. There is now space and time between you and people.

      God is perfect equality and sameness. We formed the opposite of God’s world so in our world people appear unequal and not the same. In the physical universe we made some people appear more powerful than others; some people appear weak. We place ourselves in groups and in different skin colors.

     In the temporal universe, white folks are made to seem superior to Asian and African persons. Asians are catching up and taking over the world; black people are still down and looked on as inferior, but their time to seem superior to other races are going to come.

      All the children of God in space and time alternate their roles, sometimes they lead and at other times they are followers, right now white folks lead and black folks are followers; that situation will, in a couple hundred years, be exchanged.

      In the meantime, we on earth seem to live in body and have space and gap between us and other people. Each of us pursues what seems to him his self-interests, with the cooperation of other people but if needs be at the expense of other persons.

     Because we often seek what is good for us at the expense of other people’s good, we live in social conflict and sometimes shoot at each other at wars. This is the nature of life on earth, conflicts and wars; if people see themselves as separated selves in bodies they will live in conflict with other people and occasionally go to wars with each other.

    They also live in personal conflicts, the conflict between their real selves, the sons of God, and their false earthly selves, the ego separated selves; to be human is to live in personal conflict and social conflict.

      God is formless; he is the formless idea of the whole self; each of us is the formless idea of a part of that whole self.

       God, in anthropomorphic language, is the father and we are the sons of God. A father needs sons to be a father and sons need a father to be sons; so, we are in symbiotic relationship where we need each other to be complete. Without us God is incomplete and without God we are incomplete.

       God knows that his whole self-includes all his sons; but now the sons of God in their seeming separated selves think that they do not include other selves and do not include God. They currently have the delusion of having individuality.

      God is perfect harmony of the whole and its parts hence lives in perfect peace and joy; God lives in bliss; the sons of God while awake in God also live in harmony, peace and joy, in bliss.

      In their separated state in body, the sons of God, now human egos, feel unhappy and seek to replicate heaven’s bliss from seeking physical pleasures; they seek bliss from food, wine, drugs and sex.

     You may have all the tasty food and all the sex you want but the fact is that those exercise your body, not your mind, so they do not give you bliss, they give you a minute or two of fleeting pleasure followed by pain, just as food, alcohol and drugs give us fleeting sense of having power and wealth.

      If you want to obtain God’s bliss you have to seek it in God; that is, you must let go of separated self and return to unified spirit self and in union with God and his creation know perfect peace and joy.


      Those who have experienced oneness with God by giving up all desire for ego separated self can choose to return to the awareness of their selves as in bodies and in bodies to do what I am doing here, teach about love. Buddhism calls such persons Buddha realized but are now Boddhisatva.

     Some such persons live in God, unified state hence in bliss most of the time but occasionally manifest in bodies as people to help teach people spiritual lessons.

      Some of the people you see in your world live in spirit and come to you to help you understand God. Such persons live in God’s eternal unified reality but occasionally take on human form, visit folks on earth, and interact with them and those people would not know that they are interacting with nonphysical beings.

      I had that experience during my first few months in Alaska. I was driving in the cold of winter, around midnight and my car slid off the iced road into a ditch with the back wheels in the air and the front wheels prevented from tumbling over because they rested on a stump of tree. I was in fear and said my prayer and prepared myself to die.

      I saw a middle-aged white man by the side of my car; he asked me to put one leg on the neutral and the other on the break and for me to wait for him to wave at me and then I should remove the leg on the break and that he would pull me out. I did as he said, and the man connected his humongous truck to my car with a chain.

   The man began backing up and gave me the agreed signal and I removed my foot from the brake, and he pulled my car out.

    I got out of my car walking to where I assumed his truck is to tell him thank you: neither he nor his truck was there!

     What happened here? A man manifested and helped pull me out of a ditch and disappeared? I do not believe it!

      As I look back at my life, I note that similar helps had happened to me all my life, but I did not pay attention to them.

       The relevant point is that there are spirits in our midst; some people call them angels, some people call them spirit guides, call them what you like, the Holy Spirit helps us in sundry ways; unfortunately, some of the spirits are not so good and can do us disservice.

     We are all spirits in God; those of us on earth sought separation and used our divine mind to invent the universe of space, time and matter and used matter to form bodies for us and now seem to live in bodies.

       At no point do we live in bodies; we just seem to do so. The physical universe is a mirage, it seems real, but it is an illusion, it does not exist.

      You do not live in body, and I do not live in body, but we all seem to live in body. We seem to live in body because we desire to do so and defend our bodies with food, medications, clothes, and shelters and it all seems real.

      Body, food, medications, clothes and shelters are all illusions, so we are not defending body by eating food etc.


     Where we see us in bodies and see the physical universe is blank, empty space; there is no physical world; our minds are blank when we are thinking about the universe and working in it.

      The physical universe is a dream in our minds. Dreams are not real; when you wake up from dreams you realize that the world you had seen as real was not there. This is literal, where you see your body, my body and all people’s bodies and the physical universe is nothing.

     We are psychotic and hallucinating, seeing what is not there, and hearing voices that nobody speak. We are deluded because we wanted the world to exist and see it when, in fact, it is not there. Humorous, eh?

     When you have God experience and see the universe disappear and you experience you in unified spirit, a place where there is no you and not you, subject and object, inside and outside, just oneself, God, that is simultaneously, all of us, you would understand what I am talking about and laugh.

     Where you had thought that you lived in pain and sorrow and was crying, now you know that you only had a nightmarish dream where you saw the son of God, you, living in body and seem to be suffering and eventually die and become united with the soil.

     When you understand reality, all that you can do is laugh, the world is a place of dreams, a thing of laughter.

     This does not mean that you should not adapt to our present empirical world. You ought to study science, technology and business and make a healthy living in this world but while doing so realize that you are having a happy dream.

     The empirical world you see as outside you is inside you; it is in your mind; everything is in your mind. The universe arose as a desire in our minds and is made to seem real, but it is still in our minds.

      Since it came about in the mind, it is improved in the mind. Change your self-concept, from one of seeing you as separated from God and other sons of God to one of seeing you as united with God and all his sons.

      Follow that up with love for God and all sons of God. Do what you can in the seeming exterior world but with the recognition that the universe does not exist outside you and your resolution to love all, you would find that you live peacefully and happily in this world of ours.

      With this piece I end this year of sharing metaphysical ideas on God with folks. I have done my part. You can always buy and read my books.

      Some of the ideas in this essay are written in poetic form in Helen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles, published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.


As I was typing the last paragraph of this essay, the classical radio station in my Anchorage, Alaska neighborhood began playing George Philipp Telemann’s 1723 Water Music, Orchestral Suite C Major (led by Jordi Savali and Le concert des Nations; Telemann is one of my beloved classical musicians). That tells me that I just did something right for the world. Classical music is the joy of my life; when I do something particularly nice an excellent piece begins playing on my radio (this, of course, is superstition but a harmless one). If you do not believe in God, try listening to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Hayden and the other immortals of classical music…they are folks trying to reach their creator through what they are good at, making music (I try to reach God through writing metaphysics).

Ozodi Osuji

December 30, 2021

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