God did not permit Jesus to be crucified on the cross


Ozodi Osuji

     I got up this morning thinking about the idea that the reason Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross was to make amends for God’s sons’ sins.

     How can a loving God allow one of his innocent sons to be crucified so that his anger at them for disobeying him by eating the fruit he asked them not to eat in the Garden of Eden, and because of their other sins, be appeased?

     Is God not supposed to be a loving hence forgiving God, and, if so, why would he insist on the death of a son because of the sins of other sons?

      I thought about it for a while and concluded that this story is not true. A loving father, God would not have wanted one of his sons to be gruesomely murdered to pay for humankind’s sins. And if such a God existed, he is not worth any one’s attention, he ought to be spit on his face. No, there is no such God.

     If there is no such God then the story of Jesus sacrificing his life for our sins must be made up, is a make belief story; it is a metaphor standing for something else. If it is a metaphor, what does it symbolize?

      Jesus Christ probably was a son of God who realized that the sons of God on earth are afraid of the death of their egos and bodies. He had had experiences that convinced him that death is not real. Therefore, he allowed the Jews and Romans to arrest and kill his ego  and body and he resurrected from death and showed his resurrected body to his followers, to teach them not to be afraid but to live the truth even if it means risking harm from the rulers of this world; the rulers of this world prefer for people to be docile and allow themselves to be told what to do, even if what they are told to do is wrong. 

     The ego and the body it lives in are nothing, that I know for sure. Still, God must not require people to die; people must be allowed to live in egos and bodies for as long as they want to until they learn that they are nothing and have no worth and voluntarily stop coming back to this world to live as egos bodies.

    I believe that God did not require one of his sons, Jesus, to die for our sins; if, in fact, Jesus did die on the cross and resurrected from death it was to demonstrate that death is not final, not because a blood thirsty God required him to do so.

     Jesus voluntarily agreed to sacrifice his ego and body and resurrect in a better ego and body, Christ self and body of light, both of which are eternal, until he and all of us finally give up our desire for specialness and separation, and awaken in formless, unified spirit self.

     What do you think?

Ozodi Osuji

July 18, 2022

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