God did not create this world



Ozodi Osuji

     All over the world people say that God created the universe. It is taken for granted that this is true until you begin to look at the universe that God created and then wonder whether a powerful God would have created this universe?

    Let us begin this inquiry by looking at the human body. If God is all powerful, would he create people living in bodies. Stop right there and look at your body.

    Your body is a complex machine, all right, but the fact is that it will die, decay, and smell worse than feces. Would a powerful God create this complex nothing called the human body? What would be the point in creating a body that would die, a body that if truth is said people are ashamed of hence hide aspects of it, especially aspects of its functions from the public (they particularly hide their defecating and having sex from public view).

    A powerful God would not have created the human body. Something did, an insane intelligence did. We invented the human body because it is meant to serve a nefarious purpose for us hence it is worthless. We wished to be separated from each other and from the whole (God) and used body to make us seem separated from each other and from God.

    I am in my body, and you are in your body, and, therefore, we believe that we cannot know each other and know God. Body was designed to be used to hide who we are from each other and from God hence it has a devious purpose.

      We invented body in a   fit of insanity to serve the insane function of enabling us to seem separated and more powerful than each other and the whole self, God.

     Because its purpose is to seem separated from God, its purpose is sinful; the sinful must die, the wage of sin is death, the good book says; so, our bodies must die. Our bodies must die for us to recover the awareness of our true self, unified spirit self.

     However, we can put our bodies to a holy, that is, unifying purpose if we use it to love all of us in bodies; when that which we designed to sin with is used to love with, it becomes holy, useful.


     What exactly is the human body made of? It is made of sixty-four elements but primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, sulfur, phosphor and others.

    Those elements are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons.

    Neutrons and protons are composed of quarks.

    Quarks are packets of light, photons; electrons were made directly from light, photons.

    When our bodies die, they decompose to the elements that they are made of and those decompose to the particles of the atom and those decay to photons.

    Our bodies are made from physical light and eventually will decay back to physical light. Physical light was projected out by spiritual light.


     Every material thing in our universe is made of the various elements. There are about 118 elements on Chemistry’s periodic table, from the lightest element, hydrogen to the heaviest element, uranium.

     Trees are made of the same elements that make the human body.

    The earth is made of the various elements, from its surface crust, followed by the mantle, then the outer core of molten iron and the core solid iron.

    The atmosphere is composed of elements, mostly nitrogen, oxygen and argon and carbon dioxide and traces of other elements.

    Stars are mostly clumps of hydrogen gas in whose core heat and pressure force hydrogen to fuse into helium and generate heat and light.

    When hydrogen is in less supply inside stars, stars begin fusing other elements until they get to iron (#26 on chemistry’s periodic table, it has twenty-six electrons, twenty-six protons and twenty-six neutrons)) and expand in size and explode in hot supernova; all elements beyond iron are formed in supernova.

     From the elements spilled into space during the death of massive stars, supernova, medium sized stars like our sun and its planets, asteroids and comets orbiting it are formed.

     Stars, like everything else in the universe, are made of elements which are made of particles, and which are made of light.

      Everything in the physical universe is made from the original light that exploded during the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago. One particle of light became infinite particles of light; those particles of light combined to quarks, then quarks combined to protons and neutrons; light directly combined to elections.

      Light also formed anti matter; matter and anti-matter attacked each other but did not annihilate all of matter; thus, the universe of matter is allowed to exist.

     (There are functional particles such as gluons and pions, and types of particles such as leptons and bosons but they too are made from light; light also performs the functions of the four forces of nature, strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity).

      The universe began with a particle of physical light, light was used to form particles of the atom and those were used to form elements of matter.

      The universe of matter is expanding and at some point, galaxies would be too far from each other so that those stars would lose heat and decay back to elements and elements decay to particles and everything decays back to light; light would decay to nothingness from which we conjured it out during the Big Bang.

      The physical universe would end in either cold nothingness, Big Chill, or will contract and collapse back to itself, Big Crunch, and from there another big bang occurs and a new universe rebound from it.


     If we can study and understand the universe, we made it, for we cannot understand what we did not make. If this statement seems a mere assertion, then think about it.

    How come is it that we can study the universe? It is because we are part of an underlying intelligence that folks call God.

     Where did the original light that initiated the universe come from? Did it come out of nothing and nowhere, or did it come from something?

    In our experience, nothing comes from nothing. Something projected out the physical light that formed this physical universe, that something is the underlying spiritual light, aka universal intelligence that we are parts of.

    Look at the seeming empty vacuum-space around you; virtual particles and anti-particles occasionally come out from that seeming empty space; those virtual particles and anti-particles attack and annihilate each other and return to light (may be some are not eliminated and contribute to the quantity of matter in the universe?).

     Where did those virtual particles come from, nothing? They come from where we do not yet understand.

     There is an underlying quantum field from which virtual particles and our universe came from, but we have not yet understood it. I assume that things come from a ground of unknown things.



     I posit that there is an underlying ground of intelligence that we have not yet understood. That universal intelligence is like a wave of light, unknown light, so we can call it spiritual light.

     The wave of spiritual light, like the wave of physical light has particles of light in it. Wave and particles are the same but perform distinct functions, as needs be (as demonstrated by the double slit experiments, beginning from Thomas Young in 1803 to Louis Broglie in 1924).

    The underlying wave of spiritual light is what folks call God, and the particles of that light are us. The particles of universal intelligence formed our universe; that is, we formed the physical universe, we did so by using our knowledge of universal intelligence.

     We invented the physical universe to use it to seem separated from the joined universal intelligence and from each of us.

    In its natural state, spiritual light, aka universal intelligence is eternally joined; we wanted to experience separated selves and evolved a separated physical universe of space, time and matter and kept it evolving and when it seemed able to support intelligence in it, we manifested in bodies.

     We currently manifest in bodies that we know are temporary and would die and decay back to physical light.

    However, we know that our root is spiritual light that lives forever and does not die, so we play with physical light and its manifestations as our bodies and other physical phenomena.


     We made our bodies, deny that we made them and project responsibility for making them to what we call God.

    It is now time that we accepted the fact that we made this physical universe and stopped denying what we did and projecting responsibility for our actions to what we call God.

     The God construed by religions does not exist. What there is, is universal intelligence, aka spiritual light, and we are parts of it.

     With the universal intelligence in us we formulated this physical universe.

     Perhaps, having placed us in bodies that are vulnerable and would die, we feel guilty for what we did to ourselves and seek a bogyman that we call God to blame for what we did.

     However, we can call the underlying intelligence, wave of spiritual light that we are part of, God, if we accept that we invented atoms, elements and molecules of matter and used them to form our bodies and everything in the physical universe.

     The individual alone is not that powerful to invent this universe but collectively we are powerful and invented the universe.

     We collectively contribute to our understanding of the physical universe because we collectively made it.

     In time we will fully understand the physical universe and devise technology to travel to all parts of it. When our galaxy dies, we will go to other galaxies and when the entire universe dies, we will go to other universes; that way the show continues.

     Alternatively, we stop the show, stop dreaming that we are separated parts and accept that we are unified spirit self and do what the mystics of the world ask us to do, stop all desire to be separated parts in body and keep quiet and wake up in a formless unified spirit world that folks call heaven (there are way stations before waking up in formless unified spirit, such as seeing ourselves in light forms in a world of light forms).

     There is no such thing as death; when our physical bodies die (that is, return to physical light) our spiritual light, the sparks of intelligence in us, continue existing as parts of universal intelligence, universal light that folks call the sons of God.


      Science as an enterprise does not ask why questions but ask how questions. It stays out of intellectual controversy by limiting itself to describing phenomena as it sees it. That is fine. But, recently, some scientists, filled with hubris, venture into providing ontological answers; that is, they do what we specifically forbade them from doing.

      In as much as science ventures into providing answers as to why the universe exists and why people exist, we might as well point it to the right direction.

    It is better that science limits itself to providing description of the universe and not trying to answer the question of why the universe exists.

     In this paper, I posited a reason the physical universe exists. We are part of the unseen spiritual universe, spiritual light, universal intelligence, we are formless unified spirit self. Some parts of that unified spirit self, that unified wave of spiritual light wished to be separated from each other and cannot do so and went to sleep and in their sleep dream our universe.

    This is the thesis of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism and other religions. Make of this view what you like but there is something that you cannot do; you are not allowed to tell us that merely describing the empirical universe is tantamount to knowing why it exists.

   Science does not know why the universe exists. It takes a different kind of mind to understand why we exist as loving and at the same time evil creations.


  • The ideas in this piece were expressed in poetic form by Dr Helen Schucman, in her fascinating poem, A course in miracles (1976), published by the Foundation for Inner Peace, Mill Valley, California.
  •  Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the wave of light is greater than each particle of light, God is greater than his son; therefore, we can pray to God and ask him to guide us.
  • I am agnostic but find inner peace by meditating; during meditation I allow my separated ego self to die; I disappear into a realm that transcends our separated consciousness; I do not know what to call it other than say that it is total intelligence; if you like, you can call it  God and his heaven; it has no name, for to name something is to limit it. Universal intelligence, God is limitless.

Ozodi Osuji

January 27, 2022

You can reach Dr Osuji at (907) 310-8176, or ozodiosuji@gmail.com

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