God created us and we created the ego


Ozodi Osuji

     On earth, empirical observation shows us a seeming external world, the social and physical environment, doing all kinds of things to us that we do not consciously like done to us. We are compelled to believe that we are helpless victims to whom the material universe does things, against our wills,

     The question is whether, in fact, we are passive victims to whom terrible things happen or whether we choose to experience what happens to us.

    Science says that the universe and chance determine us. However, a deeper part of us says that we play roles in our lives.

     Helen Schucman (1976), in her book, A course in miracles, says that God created us by extending his one unified self to each of us. God created us and made us parts of him. She says that God is creative and gave us his creative powers. With God’s creative powers we chose to recreate ourselves. We misused God’s creative power in us by creating our physical universe of space, time and matter and creating our bodies and ego separated selves.

     God created the sons of God, us; the sons of God created their egos and bodies.


     One must make up one’s mind whether one is the victim of the world or the creator of one’s life on earth (according to Schuman, the earth is a place we came to seem to create ourselves and do create our false ego, separated selves but in eternity God created us).

     It would seem like the external environment created me. In childhood (age one to twelve) I found my body problematic; it was and still is irritable and pained; I tried to overcome that problem, my traumatized body, by escaping from my body; the way that I did it was to do everything very fast so as to get them done quickly and go rest my irritated and pained body; at school I wrote very fast and can  hardly read my own handwriting; I wrote very fast to get the writing quickly done, and go rest my pained hands and ached body.

    I used my mind to construct a powerful ideal self that I wanted to become. The powerful ideal self was designed to enable me to banish my bodily issues. I embarked on chasing after that imaginary all-powerful self. Since that self is not real, and I know it, I was trying to become a deluded self. I was trying to make me deluded and paranoid.

     Delusion disorder and paranoia is when one posits a desired imaginary big self and believes that one is it when, in fact, one is not such person. For example, you can be poor and believe yourself a billionaire or average in intelligence and believe yourself as intelligent as Albert Einstein.

     If one chases after a false, big self-one is neurotic (a normal person who has problematic behaviors); if one believes the false, ideal self to be truly who one is one is psychotic (one is mentally ill).

     Both the neurotic and psychotic are trying to live from a false self. Both must give up trying to live from the false self and live from the real self.


     The real self is the self that God created us as; that self-manifests in body; in body it feels the limitations and pains of the body and invents the false, ideal self and tries to become it. One is not the false, ideal self.

     Helen Schucman’s spirituality says that I chose my ego and body; my ego says that my ego and my body happened to me against my will hence I am a victim and ought to feel angry at other people and the world for giving me the problems caused by my ego and body; that is, I ought to live in anger, fear, paranoia, and depression.

     But if I chose my body and ego and everything that happens to me, who am I going to be angry at? Those I chose to attack me? All that I need to do is choose differently.


      On earth, other people do attack one’s body and ego; for example, racist whites do attack Black folks’ egos and bodies and kill some Black folks.

     (Last week, an eighteen-year-old white person, Payton Gendron, walked into a black grocery store in Buffalo, New York, and gunned down ten Black folks and wounded another three.)

      The earth is a place we came to mutually attack each other. We came to be on earth by attacking oneness, God, heaven, and trying to split it into its infinite parts and each part going his way and living as a separated self; thus, on earth, we do attack each other.

      But those attacks happen in a dream setting not in reality; we remain as God created us, unified with him and with each other, but in our present consciousness we seem divided into separated fragments. Our identity on earth is that we are separated egos living in bodies.

    The ego and body are not who we are, people do not attack our real self. Payton Gendron did not attack and kill ten Black folks’ real selves. Gendron’s false self, his ego in body, attacked and killed the false selves of ten Black people. One dream figure killed ten dream figures. No real selves were killed. Therefore, one ought to not be angry at what happened at Buffalo. One should forgive the dream figure called Payton and love his non dream real self, the son of God in him.

    One ought to live as the real self, which is love, and love all people regardless of one’s perception that people attacked one’s ego and body.

      What other people did to one is done by their false selves and bodies; they did what they did to one’s false ego and   body. It is our dream ego selves that do what we see done to each of us on earth; dream selves are not real, so no one has really done anything good or bad to our real selves.

    The universe of space, time and matter is unreal, is an illusion; no one is doing anything in the unreal and illusory universe of space, time and matter.


     If one does not defend one’s ego and body one has effectively denied the reality of one’s ego and body state; one has denied the reality of the universe of space, time and matter; in so doing one returns to the awareness of God’s formless, unified reality and live in peace and joy.

     The ego and body require constant defense to seem real in our awareness; what needs defense is not real, is a dream figure. The real does not need defense to be real.

    The real self is formless spirit and, as such, it cannot be attacked and is not defensive; the real -self lives forever in the eternal unified spirit state called God and lives in peace.

     The ego and its science tell us that the universe accidentally came out of nowhere and does everything it does by chance; it says that the universe produced us by chance and does things to us by chance; that is, we are the products of chance.

      I accept that we, you, and I, create our earthly reality but that our real selves, the sons of God, were created by God. We remain forever as God created us, unified with him and each other, but while in that eternal state of union we dream that we are separated from him and from each other. Attacks and defenses are our means of affirming our seeming separated selves.

     God created us and imbued us with his creative ability; in pursuit of power to create ourselves, we misused that creativity and used it to create our material universe of space, time and matter and our individual egos and bodies.

      I created my problematic body and consequent ego type (my personality); I and other people created whatever has happened to me on earth; there are no accidents in our lives; we did to us whatever we are experiencing on earth; we are not victims determined by the universe and other people.

    One created one’s earthly wealth or poverty; if one is poor one can change it and use one’s mind to create wealth for one.


      The human mind is like a bull in a China shop, it runs amok breaking the chinaware in the shop. One must tame the mind; that is, one must refine one’s thinking.

     On earth, our thinking is ego based; ego-based thinking is done with concepts; concepts are not the truth of what they conceptualize; they are symbols for things, they are metaphors, not the truth of things; we see seeming external things with our five senses hence do not see them correctly; we color whatever we see with our myopic lenses, we do not know what the truth of anything we see is, so it is necessary to keep quiet and not take the conceptual ideas that we call the truth as the truth.

     I do not know what the truth is; whenever I talk, I am mostly making noise; it is better not to make noise than to do so. All words and speech are symbols of the separated world hence are not true


     I will love all people regardless of their race and gender. The next question is, what is love? Love means the eternal connectedness of all things as one thing. Since all people are part of my one self, I must see all people as my siblings.

    I will keep my mind quiet most of the time and only think or talk when it is necessary.

I will meditate every day, to see if I will experience the mystical union of the son and his father, aka Samadhi, Nirvana, and Satori.

Ozodi Osuji

May 23, 2022

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