Gnosticism is the most correct religion




Ozodi Osuji

      Look at the human body and what do you see? You see an exquisite and marvelous machine. Only an intelligent being could have constructed the marvelous and beautiful machine called the human body, and animals’ bodies and plants.

     This exquisite body is destined to die, rot and return to the chemical elements that it is composed of (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, there are 64 elements in the human body) and those decay to  the particles of  the atom that they are made of (electrons, protons and neutrons) and those decay to  the photons (particles of light ) that they are made of.

    What really seems to exist is light; light transformed itself to quarks and to the particles of the atom and elements and elements were used to construct our bodies and to construct everything else in the universe.

      Our bodies, animals’ bodies, plants, mountains, planets and stars, everything is made of light (in disguised forms).

     The physical light with which our bodies are made came out of nothing and nowhere during the big bang explosion, 13.8 billion years ago.

      That which came out of nothing and nowhere is nothing and nowhere and does not exist. That is, physical light does not exist and matter that was constructed from it does not exist.

     Our bodies do not exist yet to us they seem to exist. Matter, space and time do not exist, yet they are in our awareness seem to exist.

     Human bodies walk around in space, time and matter that do not exist; they live in a universe that does not exist. The whole universe is an illusion, a magical show where what does not exist seems to exist.

      Something must exist, what is it? What exists is our spirit selves, our souls. There is spirit; spirit is unified spirit self; it is one and yet infinite in numbers (just as one particle of light is also infinite particles of light; that one particle of light came out of nowhere during the big bang and multiplied itself to infinite particles of light and used those to construct stars, planets, plants and animals, us included).

     There is one spirit and it multiplied itself into infinite spirits. Those spirits are unified; in their union they are called God and his sons.

    Each of us is a part of that unified spirit, is the son of God. God is one spirit that has infinite spirit sons in him.

      There is no space and gap between God and his sons, the whole and its parts. God is in each of his sons and each of his sons is in God and in his siblings.

     What God created, his sons, are eternal. God and his infinite sons are eternal, immortal, permanent and changeless; they remain forever and ever as they are, one shared self with one shared mind.


     Gnosticism is direct knowledge of God’s existence; agnosticism is not having knowledge of God’s existence; theism is belief in God without knowing that he exists; atheism is belief that God does not exist; both theism and atheism are not based on facts, both are belief systems. Gnosticism is not based on belief but on direct experience of God, knowledge derived from experience that Hinduism calls Samadhi, Buddhism calls Nirvana and Zen calls Satori and Christian mysticism calls the mystical union of God and his sons as one shared self. The God experience gives the person a firm knowledge that God does not only exist but is the only thing that exists and all else is illusions. Plotinus, a third century Roman Gnostic, made this point in his book, Enneads.

     According to Greek Gnosticism, God created everything. Thereafter, one of God’s creations, variously called Demiurge, Lucifer, Yahweh (the Jewish, Old Testament Christian God) did not like the fact that God created him and wanted to create God, create his self and create other sons of God. He and those sons of God that he convinced to follow him left God and his heaven and came to our world to establish his own kingdom.

    In effect, our universe was created by a rebellious and evil son of God, a pathologically narcissistic God that asks us to constantly obey and praise him or else he killed us (the Old Testament God used to do that; do something that he does not like, you make him angry and he destroyed you, as in Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt, the deluge of rain and Noah’s ark  and the destruction of the world.)

     Classic Gnosticism says that God is light and that our world is darkness (light and darkness, in this case, literal and metaphoric; metaphorically, light meaning love, darkness meaning hate). The goal of Gnosticism is to get people to return to light, return to love and return to God. God is construed as the state of union of everything, so we return to the awareness of union when we return to God.

    What Gnosticism was attempting to teach is that there is oneself, God, and that he created all of us, and that some of his sons decided that they did not like been created by God and wanted to create their own selves and a universe of their own liking and making. The sons of God, as it were, went to sleep and in their sleep projected out a new universe, the universe of space, time and matter and in time seem to be living in bodies in that universe.

     Hinduism puts it this way: God, called Brahman has many parts, called Atman; Brahman and Atman are one shared self. Atman, us, cast maya on his self and went to sleep and in his sleep dream our world of separation, multiplicities, the world of opposites, good and bad, light and darkness. In the dream, Atman forgets his unified identify and now sees his self as a separated self, in Sanskrit called Ahankara, an ego separated self.

     Helen Schucman, a professor of Psychology, in her book, A course in miracles gave the world a poetic rendition of Gnosticism; her book is written in blank Shakespearean verse; its poetry sometimes is difficult to understand but she articulated the truth experienced by God realized persons. Much of my Scientific Gnosticism is based on Dr. Schucman’s book; I added the element of physics and chemistry; instead of merely saying that we are light, as she said, I explained what light is and how light became our bodies.

     The sons of God and their father are united; the sons of God wanted to experience separation from their father and from each other.

    To accomplish their goal, they deliberately made themselves go to sleep and, in their sleep, dream our universe of space, time and matter and put themselves in bodies made of matter and are walking around in that dream universe.

     (In another universe they make their bodies of pure light; but in their true state they are formless unified spirit.)

      The universe is made to seem real to them but at some point, they realize that it does not exist and then do what they must do to wake up from the sleep-dream.

     In our time, the sons of God invent science, technology, and gnostic religions and those who apply them correctly wake up from the dream.


     What went wrong is that whereas Gnosticism (which is the same as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen) instead of staying in the world and studying the world, studying  matter, space and time, as our current scientists do, embarked on an escapist mission of leaving the world; they developed elaborate religious rituals to help people meditate and in their meditation escape from the world. They, thus, stopped trying to pay attention to understanding, on its terms, the world they live in. Hinduism escaped from this world hence left Hindus’ poor.

     The world does not need to be escaped from, it needs to be studied and understood; after we have understood it, since it does not exist, we wake up from it, wake up in God, wake up to our truth, unified spirit self.

     Until we have studied it, and had the technology to play with it, and go to all parts of the universe we must not leave the physical universe.

      In time (that does not exist) we shall have the science and technology to go to other planets, other star systems, galaxies and eventually tunnel our ways to other universes (I personally know about three universes, our present matter-based universe, the universe of light forms, and the universe of formless spirits, aka God and his heaven).

    My function is to present a science-based Gnosticism and insist that we study science and technology and stay in this world to understand the world instead of escaping from it. We must not leave this world until we have completely understood it and made the most of it.

     We must construct a political and economic system that serves all humanity’s best interests, not an exploitative one. The ideal political economy is a combination of capitalism and socialism, an economy that pays for all people’s schooling, from kindergarten through universities (while allowing private schools), and provides all people with publicly paid health care (and allow for private health care); and a political system that is social democratic, officials elected every five years to serve the people, not be their masters.


     Helen Schucman’s A course in miracles defines being on earth as insanity; to her, we are deluded for we believe a world that does not exist as existing, and we hallucinate because we see people that are not there as there.

     Our present consciousness is separation-based consciousness hence insane; the correct consciousness is unified consciousness which we on earth, in the world of separation have no clue what it is.

     We must tune out our present separated consciousness, as folks do in meditation, make our minds not think with ego separated categories and stay quiet and the type of thinking, unified thinking and unified consciousness that is done jointly with all of us and with God, hence is creative, dawns on our minds. But if we have our current separated consciousness, we cannot know heaven and we are not creative, we are inventive, we invent a world of illusions but do not create the permanent world we create with our unified mind in God.

   Joined consciousness, connected consciousness, unified consciousness is sanity, and we currently live in the opposite of that sanity, we have separated consciousness hence are insane.

     Obviously, this manner of defining mental health is different from the way ego-based psychiatrists define mental disorder. To mental health professionals, one is deluded if one’s understanding of reality is not within the mainstream of how other people understand reality; one is hallucinating if one sees what other people do not see.

      There are people, neurotics, who see our world and do not like it and use imaginations to come up with ideal forms of what exists and try to bring the ideals into being; they so identify with their ego ideals that if you do not see them as such they feel belittled and angry at you, and if you reject their ideal worlds they feel offended and feel angry at you.

     For now, the point made is that Gnosticism, ala A course in miracles, defines our world as insane whereas psychiatry being ego-based sees behavior as sane if most people behave as such and believe it as real.

     Neurotics are people who have a tough time accepting our present reality as good enough and want to recreate themselves and our world into what seems to them ideal forms of them, impossibility.

      Classical Gnosticism sees our world as darkness and sees God and his heaven as light and wants to take people out of the world of darkness to God’s world of light, hence does not adapt to our world and escapes from it.

      Gnosticism, from the perspective of the ego that wants to be at home in this world, escapes from our world that it sees as not good into the world of God that it sees as light and good.

     Given Gnosticism’s negation of our world and escape into another world, the world of normal egos did not like it and persecuted it; the emergent and triumphant Catholic Church, the bastion of the ego’s version of Christianity, drove Gnosticism out of Europe and into the underground.

     One must choose whether to be a gnostic and escape from our world or be an egotist and affirm our world.

     I choose to combine both Gnosticism’s negation of the ego and choose the ego and its world; I am gnostic but also choose to study the world of illusions that I see instead of running away from that world; I play with the illusory world without taking it seriously.

     My rationale for trying to combine two contradictory orders of reality is that the physical universe will exist for many more millions of years, even billions of years, and  people will continue to adapt to it on ego terms, so I cannot afford to run away from that world and go live in the spiritual world; I must stay and study the world and make it pleasant for human beings to live in.


There are many excellent books on Gnosticism; Bernard Simon’s book, The Essence of the Gnostics is a good summary of Gnosticism; Helen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles is an informative read; if you want to understand Scientific Gnosticism you may want to read any of my many books on that subject (my book, “Connected lives” is an informative read).

Ozodi Osuji February 13, 2022

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