Gems from A course in miracles


Thought forms

This expression is used to say that our thinking gives form to things, people, and the universe we see.

Thinking and its results in forms are simultaneous.

I am vulnerable if I defend myself; if I defend myself, I am attacked; if I do not defend myself, I am not attacked.

Christ is your replacement self; he replaces the ego, separated self that you made to replace the son of God (who is your real self).

You have been avoiding yourself since the beginning of time (14 billion years ago); you have been hiding as the ego, separated self in body; you have been protecting the ego, false self you made; now, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ ask you to  stop hiding your real self and live as it; you are hiding yourself in darkness; you must now come out and live in the light, life and love.

The real cause of your anger is that you denied yourself; in self-denial, you attacked your real self; you attacked yourself by identifying with a nonexistent and meaningless false self, the ego, separated self. You are angry because you denied your real self and the real world of God and now see a meaningless, ego, separated world that is our physical universe. A meaningless, non-existent world makes one angry.


 You deny that you denied your real self and thus attacked your real self; instead, you project the cause of your anger to the people you see in your world who frustrate your goal of becoming the grandiose ego that you made for you and want to become.

 The pursuit of the ego, small or big, is your one problem; you must stop seeking to become the ego, false self to regain the awareness of the self that God created you as, a formless self, the son of God, a part of our one unified spirit self with its one unified spirit mind.

 (Editorializing, I say that Africans and black folks deny their real selves, the sons of God by identifying with their substitute ego, separated selves in bodies; thus, they attacked themselves; they then project their self-attack to white folks and believe that white folks denied their worth and attacked them and use that ego defense mechanism to justify being angry at white folks, blaming them, seeing themselves as white folks victims, seeing white folks as responsible for their failures in the extant world; all these are their ego games.)

All that you fear does not exist. Nobody and no world exist outside your mind to attack and harm you; the universe is in your mind; if you feel attacked and harmed you projected those who harm you in your dream of separation and death.

These ideas are found in lessons 19-23 of the workbook of A course in miracles (I took the liberty of not only extrapolating from the lessons but using the ideas to generalize to all people. The Course is designed as an instrument for the individual to do mind searching and changing whatever makes him not live from his real self, what makes him live in conflict, lack of peace and happiness).

Ozodi Osuji

October 15, 2022

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