Forgiveness versus correcting our evil behaviors


Ozodi Osuji

     If you read the Bible’s four gospels, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, covering the teachings of a Jewish man called Joshua Ben Joseph, whom the Greeks called Jesus Christ, you have no choice but to conclude that he primarily taught forgiveness admixed with love.

    The man asked his followers to forgive each other and forgive the world. The only prayer he taught his followers, the Our Lord’s prayer, is forgiveness: Father, forgive us our sins because we have first forgiven those who sinned against us. Mathew 6: 9-15

     In the sermon on the mount, he told people to not only forgive but to not seek vengeance; when a thief asks for your jacket give him your entire clothes, when a person slaps one of your cheeks, turn the other for him to slap, too. Mathew 5: 1-48

     He told a story of a man on his way to worship God and remembered that another person wronged him and said that he must first go home and forgive him if he wants God to forgive him his own sins. Mathew 18:22

      In the adulterer’s parable, a woman was caught in adultery and the people accused her of sin and wanted to stone her to death, as the laws of Moses required them to do; Jesus asked them to forgive her for none of us has not sinned. Luke 7: 48

     Finally, they crucified him and before he died, he asked his father to forgive those who crucified him because they know not what they are doing. He forgave his killers. He walked his talk of forgiveness. Luke 23:34

   Jesus taught forgiveness of those who wronged us; for one thing, people cannot even wrong us but in as much as we believe that they wronged us; we should not bear grievances and seek vengeance. Mathew 6: 15

    How many times should we forgive those who wronged us, Peter asked, he said that we must forgive seventy times seventy times, which is infinitely. Mathew 18:22

     Jesus, in effect, said that under no circumstances should we not forgive our so-called enemies for, as the children of God’s one family, we should have no enemies. Mark 11:25

     Helen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles, reiterated the teaching of Jesus on forgiveness. In this book, supposedly channeled from Jesus by Professor Helen Schucman, Jesus insists that we forgive all sin, for there is no sin (to sin is to separate from God but we did not separate from God hence have not sinned; we remain as God created us, unified with him hence sinless, guiltless, innocent, holy, and sanctified).

    In this book, Jesus went further to say that the empirical universe and the events in it are a dream. The world we see with our physical eyes does not exist; it is a dream in our unified mind. All the evil we see done in the world is done in a dream and what is done in a dream has not been done.

     Because the evils of this world have not taken place, we must forgive them all. Adolf Hitler, in pursuit of white supremacy fantasy, killed or caused to be killed over fifty million people; he did that in a dream, and has not done so in real life, so we must forgive him.

     Europeans enslaved Africans and subsequently made life hellish for them in the Americas and all over the world (as we speak, neocolonialism is robbing Africa’s wealth), but the old boy asks Africans to forgive white folks for they enslaved and or exploited black folks in a dream and what is done in a dream has not been done.

      On September 11, 2001, some Muslim Arabs flew planes into the World Trade Towers at New York City and killed several thousand innocent people; America’s egos desire to punish Muslims for that crime, but the Old Boy asks them to forgive them.

     Any which way you look at it, the old boy is asking folks to forgive. A person discriminates against you, denies you a job that you are qualified for and give it to an unqualified person, you are to forgive him for he did what he did in a dream and what is done in a dream has not taken place, he has not discriminated against you in truth.

    All the evils of this world have not taken place, except in a dream. A dream is not real. The physical universe is a dream and does not exist; one should not sweat a dream; one should let it go.

      However, if you choose to see the dream as real it would seem real to you. If white folks discriminate against you, you can see it as real and feel angry at them and in self-defense attack them and fight with them. In which case, you have made life difficult for you and them; but you can choose to forgive the incidence, overlook it and the entire world and live in peace.

      The physical world does not exist except as in a dream, so overlook it, forgive it. If you truly overlook it, you will do what Jesus allegedly did, overcome the world. You would see the world disappear from your awareness and you experience our real home, heaven, which is said to be nonphysical, a union of formless beings who are oneself with one mind.

     Our earthly speech and language evolved to enable separated people to communicate to each other and, therefore, cannot help us to understand unified heaven where all are one. So, we are not supposed to try to understand heaven, for it transcends the categories of this separated world, a world of opposites, dualities, polarities nd multiplicities.


     According to Schucman’s Jesus, the only way to escape from this world is to forgive it, that is, to overlook it; if you take it as real and try to improve it you are caught in it and stay in it, in hell.

      If you want to get out of hell, overlook hell, all of it and do not try to see any part of it as real for to like a bit of hell is to admire all of hell; this is what Jesus taught in A course in miracles; that teaching tallies with what the man supposedly taught two thousand years ago.


     In my experience, if you do something wrong to me, say, discriminate against me, I can choose to forgive you, overlook you. But that does not make you stop discriminating against me or against other people.

     The racist would keep on discriminating against black people even if a black person forgives him. Therefore, the rational part of my mind asks: what is the use of forgiving the racist, evil, if he keeps engaging in the same racism, repeatedly?

     Thus, to me, forgiving the racist is more like giving him permission to keep on being racist.

     If you look at white racists, they are developmentally no more than seven years old; they are idiot children.

     If they are adults, they would do unto other people as they want done to them. We all want to be loved and cared for; therefore, we must love and care for all people.

     This mature view is found in all religions, in Christianity, Buddhism (I know those for sure). The fact that racists insist on racism, on doing unto other people what they do not want done to them, hate them, means that they are developmentally arrested at an age appropriate for seven-year-old children.

     Take a good look at a white American racist, regardless of his age and position in society, he is no more than seven years old. He is not an adult.

     Therefore, if you forgive him, overlook his racism you are not doing him a favor. You are reinforcing his arrested development. You are enabling him to be emotionally retarded, to remain a child. We need to get people to become adults.

     For the racist to become an adult he must be taught to overcome his racism and treat all people the same and see all people as equal. Therefore, racism is to be corrected, not forgiven.


      Jesus forgave his murderers two thousand years ago; people are still murdering people. So, I say that forgiveness is not enough. We must correct our evils.

      I personally will shoot you to death if you do certain things. For example, if you rape children under age 16, I will not hesitate in shooting you to death; if you kill people, I will not lose sleep from shooting you to death. I have no problem with capital punishment. I do not believe that anyone who has killed somebody has a right to be on earth.

      If there is God, in the afterlife, let God decide what to do with a murderer; on earth, I decide that he be put down so that he does not go about murdering people. This is my philosophy, and I am not going to change it regardless of what Jesus said on the subject.

      A course in miracles would say that in fighting criminals I am making what criminals did real; I could choose to see them as unreal; it would say that I made criminality real because I identify with body and ego and is afraid of someone destroying my body and ego; if I do not see me as a separated ego and body I would not make it real and what other people did to it would not concern me. True. However, the fact is that in this world, in the dream, I live as ego and body; I do not want anyone to destroy my ego and body just as I will not destroy any one’s ego and body; I do not deny the obvious, that we live as egos and bodies.


      Jesus and his Holy Spirit ought to spend more time getting people to not be evil in the first place. If you are not evil, then, there would be nothing to forgive.

     I teach people to love one another so that very few people engage in hatred hence we have only a few persons to forgive.

     We should not allow a world where folks do evil to each other and then somehow see us as doing the right thing by forgiving them; we must prevent evil, to have less evil to forgive.


     If you tell me that evil began with our separation from God, that 13.8 billion years ago, we separated from God, or seem to have done so but have not really done so, via the big bang, and that the world has been a nightmare since then, I say, okay, can we stop it?

      Why doesn’t God stop the existence of the physical universe, and prevent human evil? It is because, he knows that it is only a dream, right?

     Why not stop us from dreaming?

      A course in miracles says that it would not be nice for God to stop us from dreaming and gave the puerile analogy that if you stop the dreamer from dreaming, awaken him in the middle of a dream that you terrorize his mind. That is fine, the terror he would feel is momentary and thereafter he realizes that it was only a dream.

      I am saying that if the world is a dream that that is the more reason to stop it. I do not see why it must be prolonged.

     And after that one dreams some more in the world of light forms, paradise, real world, happy dream, gate of heaven before we all return to heaven. If both worlds are delusional for in both we see and believe what are not there, albeit in one more purified, as there, if we are in forms, we are insane, so, why not stop both insane worlds of forms and have us return to the formless world of God, right now and become sane.


      Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit have a right to teach their gospel of forgiveness, it is not a gospel that I share.

      My own gospel is the gospel of correcting evil. Let us not tolerate evil, let us correct evil in us and in other people.

     I know that my mind does think of evil. I am capable of Hitlerian level evil. I am from a warrior family. My Igbo, African ancestors were always at war killing people. Death is not a big deal for me.

     When white Americans first discriminated against me, I contemplated killing the discriminator. When a white policer officer inappropriately stopped me and gave me a ticket, I contemplated killing him. His death, to me, would be like the removal of a nuisance. He may see his white self as important, to me what makes a person important is just behavior, not skin color, the racist white police officer is less than a mosquito in my perception.

     Anyone who is evil, white or black, in my book, is less than a mosquito, so, swatting that person to death is like swatting a mosquito sucking your blood to death.

     Racists are like mosquito blood suckers; they are plague unto humanity; their death is good riddance.

     But upon further contemplation, I decided to write and use my writing to develop the mentally retarded racist, help him learn loving behaviors. I have written tons of literature on how we can love each other and correct our occasional evil behaviors towards one another.

     In my writings, I propound a philosophy; I say that I do not see any sense in the Jesus’ philosophy of forgiveness and that to me correction of our evil behaviors is better.

     If we are going to live on earth, we must strive to make our behaviors loving. The idea of seeing the earth as a dream and awakening from the dream by forgiving it makes sense only if if I wake up all people wake up, but that is not the case, for, Jesus woke up two thousand years ago and the rest of us are still sleeping and dreaming. So, please let us not talk forgiveness and instead talk correction.


     In A course in miracles, Helen Schucman puts into her Jesus’    mouth the idea that we think and live from our left, ego minds and that left to us to correct our behaviors that we would do so from the left, wrong ego minds. She said that we must leave correction to our right minds, the part of our minds that we are not conscious of, the part that the Holy Spirit oversees.

     The Holy Spirit, God in the temporal universe, she said, is in God and knows what God and his love is but sees us in the world, knows our past, present and future;  the Holy Spirit, Helen says, has complete information and can make the judgment on how best to correct evil, so we should allow him to be in charge of correcting our evil behaviors and not try to correct them by left, ego minds, our earthly selves.

      Our ego minds, Helen says, have, at best, incomplete and partial information, the ego does not know the past and future, therefore, we, as egos, should not try to correct evil from the same evil mind that made that evil. This sounds cute.

       The fact is that I am not aware of the Holy Spirit. I can conceptualize him as my higher self, the part of me that is part of what I call whole self, aka God. He does not talk to me.

     Despite Helen’s ranting that if we ask him that he would talk to us, he has not talked to me. Therefore, I will not wait for him to correct the evil that I do and see other people do, I will use my best judgement to correct my and our evil behaviors; I teach all of us to love each other.


    The Biblical Jesus and A course in miracles Jesus appear to have an all or nothing approach to thinking and behaviors; Jesus behaves like what my psychological mentor, Alfred Adler, calls neurosis. It is either his way or the highway. He believes that only his way is right and that other ways are wrong. He is very uncompromising on the issue of forgiveness.

     Jesus clearly asks his followers to forgive all evil, not that there are any Christians who forgive people.

      As a college student, I used to love reading Fredrick Nietzsche and Arthur Schopenhauer talking about the Christian God and Christians. White Americans call themselves evangelical Christians, do you consider them lovers or Satan incarnated?

    Only the devil could do what these haters do, they hate a whole race and pretend to be loving people; only Satanic souls would vote for Donald Trump, a clear narcissistic, anti-social, sociopathic and psychopathic person, every word that comes out of that child’s mouth is a lie.

      America’s so-called Christians are as childish and hateful as their evil leader, Donald Trump. I am not even going to touch them with a pole; clinically, many of these folks have delusion disorder, grandiose types; they are paranoid characters who fancy themselves superior to black people; no human being is superior to others.


      I was raised a Catholic Christian but rejected it, nevertheless, I am drawn to Christians and do go to Church whenever I want to. At a Christian church I heard about A course in miracles and bought the book and read all 1300 pages of it. Somehow, it seems true but something in it annoyed me.

     At some point, I became furious at Jesus for propounding a philosophy that enabled racist idiots to exist. I resolved that if ever I see Jesus that I would whoop his idiot buttocks. I was incredibly angry at the man.

      Thereafter, I had visions of the man. I would be in my room, and the man appeared to me, in person, his body made of pure light.

      I told him exactly what I said in this essay, and he said that my perception is fine. He said that there are many ways to get to God and that his way is one and that my insistence on improving this world instead of running away from it is also fine.

     All paths, he said, eventually lead us to God. He made it clear that his path is not my path and that I must follow my path and that it would resonate with some people just as his path resonates with some persons (he tends to appeal to those who want to see God as a person and worship him, in Hindu categories, Bhakta yoga).

      Astrophysics tells us that our planet will exist for another two billion years; thereafter, the sun begins its death and dying process; it will have less hydrogen to fuse to helium and begin the fusion of other elements and when it gets to iron, since iron does not fuse, become hotter and swell up.

     The increased heat of the sun would dry all liquid on earth and make it no longer habitable for biological organisms. Thus, we could be here for two billion years so we might as well make the earth a pleasant place where folks love each other.

      I am not talking what Karen Horney called neurotic idealism where we posit idealistic wishes, fantasy, and pursue them; I am talking about realizable goals, such as giving all children on earth publicly paid education through university or technical education and providing public healthcare to all people; having capitalism moderated by rational aspects of socialism so that the world can be a pleasant place, not a place where a few have all the money and the many are poor, as in the hellish, drugs addled  country called capitalist USA.

   Let Jesus follow his path and let me follow my path of improving the dream in the here and now, not escaping from it and returning to the way station, the world of light forms and ultimately to our home, formless selves all sharing one formless self and one formless mind.


      This essay is written in response to Gary Renard’s books, The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, and The Lifetimes when Jesus and Buddha knew each other.

      As I said in an essay that I wrote two days ago, Mr. Renard’s books show astonishing understanding of A course in miracles. His interpretation of it is in accord with Kenneth Wapnick’s interpretation, radical forgiveness.

     I had the opportunity to communicate with Wapnick before he died in 2014 and told him what I said in his essay, that I believe that whereas forgiveness is probably able to enable folks to overlook this world and experience what Christian mystics call the union of the father and the son as one shared self,  that that behavior is escapist; it is kind of like Hinduism asking people to sit cross legged and meditate, going through Moksha to experience Samadhi and live in the bliss of heaven. This is a negation of the earth.

      You can escape to heaven, but the rest of humankind are still on earth; I want to make India a modern country where all people have three good meals a day, not a mere metaphysical haven where a few escapes into bliss and the rest live in the obscene poverty of India.

       Gary Renard understood A course in miracles and represent it well in his books, but the philosophy he and his books are teaching are repulsive to me.

   As I see it, the earth has enough material resources to enable every child born on it to have the pleasant upbringing of Princes William and Harry Windsor; we must do that before we leave this world.

    Gary, I must hand it to you. You are an excellent salesperson. The title of your book, the Disappearance of the Universe, gave me the impression that you had experienced Samadhi, Nirvana and Satori and witnessed the physical universe disappear and you know yourself as one with God. But, instead of that happening, the last chapter of your book told the reader that in your next lifetime on earth you would reincarnate as Thomas, the apostle and that during that lifetime you would become God realized.

     Pursah, the 32-year-old woman (and her boyfriend, Arten), who came to talk to you, said that she came from your future when you were God realized; that is, she is you in the next lifetime on earth when you would be a female.

     Who would argue with that claim since it can neither be proved or unproved? What needs to be said is that I suspect that you seem a businessperson who has understood A course in miracles and use its ideas to author seeming novels that are in accord with what A course in miracles and the stubborn and obstinate Wapnick teach.

     Wapnick, as I told him in person, was like a medieval pope; he wanted his interpretation of the course to be the only accepted one. He went after whoever he believed mis-understood the course; he took persons to court, especially the Endeavor Academy and its self-proclaimed master teacher.

      A federal judge eventually ruled that the book was shared with the public before Wapnick and company copyrighted it hence is in the public domain and every person has the right to interpret it the way they want to, not Kenneth’s dogmatic, Valentinian, Gnostic interpretation of it.

      I told Kenneth, in a telephone conversation, that he behaves like a thought dictator who wants to censure other points of views on A course in miracles. He said that he forgave me; he made the term forgiveness a kind of talisman.

      I told him that I do not need his forgiveness and that what I need is the truth, not forgiveness.

    I demanded from Kenneth to see Helen’s handwritten notes of the Course before they were published and he refused to let me see them, saying that they contained personal material on her, Bill Thetford and other persons.

     When what is called the Urtext of the course came out, I laid my hands on it and liked its free-wheeling writing style, not the contrived and convoluted, Shakespearean blank verse, Iambic Pentameter, style of the published course.


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Ozodi Osuji

January 9, 2022

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